Steve Harvey questioned

More details are emerging in a strange car keying vandalism case involving one of comedian Steve Harvey's bodyguards, Gossip Extra reports exclusively.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to issue an arrest warrant for Harvey's bodyguard, who is accused of causing keying the car of a young equestrian show participant.

“We are planning on issuing a warrant for the arrest of an associate of Steve Harvey,” PBSO Spokesman Eric Davis told Gossip Extra. He added: “I can’t give out the name now but it appears that he is the only suspect.”

The incident occurred during the Winter Equestrian Festival’s show jumping competition in West Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend. Harvey's 15-year-old daughter Lori was one of the equestrians participating in the event.

Police say the car of an amateur equestrian was keyed so deeply into the metal it could cost upwards of $7,000 to repair. The incident is believed to have started during an argument over a parking spot, according to Gossip Extra.

Witnesses tell police they saw a man matching the bodyguard's description near a late model Ford Fusion in the parking lot.

Deputies caught up with Harvey and his boydguard near the tent where his daughter preparing for her competition.

“Steve just sat in a golf cart and wasn’t talking much,” a source at the stadium tells Gossip Extra. “The deputy talked mostly with the bodyguard.”

Harvey is not considered a suspect.

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      why did that line have to be said? what does it matter who is is an associate of? just put the n*ggas name out there. why put steve's name and not the actual person you have an arrest warrant for?


    • Sandra Rose

      “Steve just sat in a golf cart and wasn’t talking much,” said a source.

      ^^^^ That right there told us all we needed to know. If the accusations were false, Steve would have been very vocal in his denials. :coffee:

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      15yr old Daughter? Is this his step-daughter? If not, this love child would explain his last divorce.

      "... If the accusations were false, Steve would have been very vocal in his denials" ~ Sandra


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      Talk show host, radio show host, family feud host, movie producer, best selling author and yet and still, approving and affiliated with basic dumb nicca shiit. Do better Steve.

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      That right there told us all we needed to know. If the accusations were false, Steve would have been very vocal in his denials.

      February 26, 2013 at 7:12 pm

      /\ I would disagree. Initially when my attorney, who is Jewish sat me down to brief me on as a Black man how to act when the cops are involved...I was perplexed. Truth is, the White mans laws don't apply to us. Whether it's fair or not, we have to play the game. Don't become enraged, irate, don't yell, don't scream, don't make any sudden moves...and if you know damn well you are guilty, don't say a dag on thing. Now for black women as yourself Sandra, it may he different. You can get loud and obscene, cuzz truthfully that's a stereotype that's expected of Black women. Let me react that way, and I'm on the ground with 2 warning shots in the back of my head...Sad but true...RIP to Trayvon...Anyway...So yeah. A good example of what I'm saying is Mekhi Pfifer on Punked...Cops showed up, Mekhi put his hands behind his back in the handcuffed position, and maintained a calm demeanor. Folks may look at that and say he's weak or a punk...No he's smart. My hands are clasped behind my back, I'm not raising my voice...You can't say that my posture was threatening, can't say I was reaching for a gun...How many men have been shot just for pulling up their pants but cops thought they were reaching for a gun? Happened a few months back in Losangeles...Sh#t is real..and Mekhi lives to see another day. Let the attorneys take care of the rest. Filing papers against officers, making sure it stays on there permanent record. That's the only way we can fight the system...As Jennifer from bbwives so eloquently stated...You got to do it like the White folks do it :-D of course the White folks don't know nothing about police harassment and brutality, but apologies for rambling...G-nite :-)

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      Well, it's the TRUTH anyhow... I honestly don't see Steve getting out of pocket with the police over this mess. We all know that he has talked about his temper in the past but things are different now. He has money and like it was mentioned above, he now knows the rules.