Keyshia Cole

Shortly after Beyonce performed what will be the most talked about halftime in Super Bowl history, R&B singer Keyshia Cole took to her Twitter page to dissect the performance of Beyonce’s group mate Michelle Williams.

At first everything seemed normal. Like so many millions of sports fans watching the Super Bowl, Keyshia was swept up in the fever of the moment as Beyonce owned the stage.

keyshia Cole tweet

But then this random tweet popped up on Keyshia’s Twitter account:

keyshia Cole tweet

Minutes later, I received an urgent direct message from an insider informing me that Keyshia’s Twitter account was compromised, and asking me to tell my Twitter followers that Keyshia’s Twitter would be restored momentarily. I did as I was told because Keyshia is my girl and all.

Then this tweet taunting Keyshia’s Haters appeared on Keyshia’s Twitter account… and it was co-signed (or retweeted) by Keyshia’s husband, Daniel Gibson. Confusion reigned as Keyshia’s camp scrambled to confirm that Keyshia’s Twitter was indeed hacked.

keyshia Cole tweet

That tweet was followed by this sobering tweet that drove home the sad reality for Keyshia’s heartbroken fans who wanted to believe her Twitter was hacked:

keyshia Cole tweet

Needless to say, Black Twitter erupted in a firestorm of rage aimed at Keyshia Cole. The backlash caused Twitter to bend and almost break several times. I still don’t know what happened (no one is answering their phones). But hopefully this mess will be cleared up by morning.

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    • Kevin Young

      Sandra, is it really that easy these days? You say offensive stuff, then when people check you about it, all you have to do is say I was hacked? Damn, I need to start voicing my opinion more often on Twitter. I’ll let you know now, “I was Hacked”.

    • Sandra Rose

      Hi Kevin, I was just relaying a message. I don’t know if her page was hacked. Have a good night.

    • Kevin Young

      It wasn’t directed just towards you, others are saying the same thing. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. You never know these days. Anyway, goodnight love.

    • molyfe

      Sandra thats not the only thing she said. She called Michelle Williams a bitch, she told N.. b.. if she did not like it do something about it She also said good night all and your girl is still wack. She defended what she did by saying Michelle shaded her once while she was performing.

    • Michelle Williams Microphone…I’m Always a Problem

      Whether she was hacked or not…She spoke the truth. Kelly popped out looking fierce,,,Michelle popped out and looked like she was about to fall. You couldnt hear her for the most part, she nailed the Charlies angels pose, but was stiff in the single ladies choreography…Same ol same ol from Michelle :shrugs: Keyshia…Or her hacker told the truth,,,I know this is enemy territory,,,But Bey knocked it out the box…I rewound that ish several times…Soon as the black out I rewound some more…Amazing.

      Black twitter need to quit,,,Talkin about Keyshias family,,,Knowing damn well 90 percent of them got a crack head uncle,,,Probably Mother or Father as well,,,Yet,,,,They aint got K.Cole success,,,Im just sayin…Talking about she hatin from the sidelines,,,Yeah,,,And you hatin from the section 8 line :coffee:

    • TPtotalpackage

      She wasn’t hacked. She said it and she had a boat load of nerve to go there. Truth be told Keyshia can’t sing. Ain’t no way around it. For her to judge and hurl an insult like that at another artist is just ludicrous. Even if Keyshia was a talented singer, dancer, performer it still wouldn’t have been okay. The fact that she isn’t adds insult to injury. Say what you what but that’s part of the reason Beyonce is great. What Keyshia did was common. It was pure classless. If she didn’t want to get drug through the mud by knee grow Twitter she shouldn’t have made that common basic chic statement. She had no regard for Michelle’s feelings or the impact that it would have on her when that Tweet made it around the world. She hit below the belt and drug as she deserved.

    • Kevin Young

      But is it really a big deal though? I mean, we are talking about Michelle Williams. KC didn’t say anything about Bey or Kelly.

    • TPtotalpackage

      Keyshia needs not to part her lips to speak ill of ANYBODY.

    • Kevin Young

      Keyshia is no different than anyone else. WE ALL at some point or another talk about or throw shade at someone else. It’s life. If she is that sensitive then she is in the wrong business. The truth of the matter is, Michelle usually sound horrible live. She has never sounded good live…ever.

    • TPtotalpackage

      She is different from everyone else. Her career choice makes her different. If she wanted to sit around on Twitter and be able to say what ever she wants then she should get a regular job. This is precisely why celebrities have handlers and publicist. This is his you burn bridges, lose fans and end up blacklisted. Just ask Keri Hilson.

    • Go-Go Girlie

      Artists should used tact and discretion and should not publicly trash another artist. Some things are better left unsaid.

    • Smonae80

      Damn KC :facepalm:

    • heartland

      KC was messin with the devil’s lettuce and felt like talking sh*t…. tomorrow her people will scramble to fix her mess and the tall tales of hacking will once again resurface. Nothing to see her people, keep it movin….

    • heartland


    • KayCeiSoul

      It is classless to talk about other artists in such a way. Seriously.

      I am trying to think of a sound reason WHY anyone would hack Keyshia’s Twitter JUST to say those things about Michelle…of all people?? I’m sorry but the “hack” thing simply does not settle my heartburn. They gotta come better than that.

      I’d say if she said, own it. :shrugs:

      Admit it was a mixture of the cocktails and some old feelings and own it. Period. Folks can respect that. Hayle, I had my opinion about Bey and her performance my dayum self. Minus the cocktails and old feelings. :coffee:


    • libra80sbaby

      KC said that mess. That I was hacked shit is played out. Don’t throw rocks and then hide your hands. Sounds like a bitter jealous chic to me :coffee:

    • 100% usa made!

      :ha: @ keyshia’s failed attempt convince everyone she was hacked.

    • SugarPieHoneybunn

      so she left her shit open and her mama said michelle was lame?? IJS, is that unbelievable?? I cant leave sh!t open around nobody so why is this unbelievable? I mean if it was some next day sh&t, ok, but right after the fact, Ima throw keysh a bone on this one.

      And seriously, you thank keysh could actually blame FRANKIE fo some misc sh*t and NOT get called on it by FRANKIE. Sh*ttin me dog

    • LittleBigMouth

      Don’t take the bait, she was in total control of that tweet. How can everything be all good one minute and then all of a sudden when she decides to be “real” she was hacked? And I agree, she should have kept the comment to herself. What she said was true :-p but it just looks sloppy to trash a fellow artist.

    • Pickachu Tran

      TPtotalpackage says:

      She is different from everyone else. Her career choice makes her different. If she wanted to sit around on Twitter and be able to say what ever she wants then she should get a regular job. This is precisely why celebrities have handlers and publicist. This is his you burn bridges, lose fans and end up blacklisted. Just ask Keri Hilson.


      :cosign: but keyshia is a certified RAT I expect nothing more from her. RATTISH behavior is in her DNA…she can’t really sing or dance herself so it seems too me her and Michelle are in the same LANE so why throw stones then try back down once then ignant mofos on NEGRO twitta start draggin your azz, folks on Facebook was dragged her azz too over that bs…

      —->keyCo :haha: <—Negro Twitta & Ratchet Facebook

    • KayCeiSoul

      Uhmmm – I hate to sound late, but what is negro Twitter? I have an account but I don’t use it. No time for all that. djm :coffee:

    • Trucie

      I doubt that it was. but I love how these celebs can get away with throwing shade at one another and then blame it on someone hacking their accounts. Besides I don’t think anyone stuntin Keyshia enough to even want to try it. If she did say this, it ain’t a good look considering the flop of her last two albums where Michelle has enjoyed huge success both with the group and without. Artists should not bash each other because you’re all trying to do the same thing which is achieve success and feed your families by doing what you love. Leave petty stuff to the stans and bloggers.

    • bnatural

      Morning folks! :waves:

      Twitter went IN on Mrs. Cole-Gibson, she needs to have a chat with Keri Hilson about checking anyone in or around Beyonce’s camp.

      oh and no one believes her twitter was hacked….she kept spelling Michelle without the “e” too….annoying yet funny

    • QueenSJ

      Hello to all :hi:

      Let the girl say wtf she wants. People say more horrible things on this site quite a bit. Just last week or so, people were dying of laughter at the website dedicated to Michelle’s mishaps and role in the group. I don’t see how this is any different.

      It doesn’t matter that she’s a celeb; if she wants to potentially burn bridges then that’s her choice. :shrug:

    • lexdiamonz

      KC talking about MW can’t sing :dead:

      pot meet kettle :coffee:

    • J Said it!

      Keyshia Cole could sing.. She has a right to voice.. #TeamKC all day!.. Beyonce cant sing.. See we all have Opinions

    • Atypical

      Black Twitter went IN on her last night..I actually said she’s going to say she was hacked so I’m patiently waiting for a statement…I don’t follow her but..her tweets were kinda hood and shadeful..She also hinted that Michelle had talked shi! about her performance before too… :popcorn:

    • GAGIRL87

      0-o I’m all kinds of confused :blink:

    • iyonah

      Good Morning all :waves:

      Hmmm…I don’t think she was hacked, and what’s the big deal about what she said? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • lexdiamonz

      IF she said it OWN it but SHE know dissing the Queen and her loyal subjects (kelly, michelle) IS SUICIDE …. BUT why was KELLY looking GOOD last night BALTIMORE STAND UP!!!! GO RAVENS!!!

    • Rolo

      Morning all!
      What Keyshia said was true but thats the pot calling the kettle black. Keyshia Cole has always sounded a mess to me anyway so she really has no room to talk.

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      Luckily I don’t follow Keyshia so this is the first I’m hearing of this. She stays doing too much so… :shrug:

      Meanwhile, now that they are all friends again I was secretly hoping Latoya Luckett would join them on stage. Then they could get rid of Michell all together.

    • ohpretty1

      “I was hacked.” is so early 2000s 😆

      The sad thing is, this will not result in album sales or higher ratings for her show.

    • DeevaC

      She’s tweeted “by the way The Bitch Michell said some foul shit while I was performing once. But no one recalls …”

    • Starr

      Keysha Cole is irrevelant…it seems like we spend more time talking about what she said on twitter, than her career these days.

      No one thought for a minute that her twitter was hacked…..she spends most of her time on there…what else is she doing.

      Maybe Michelle wasn’t as good as the other girls, but there is a certain level of respect artist should have for each other

    • Starr

      DeevaC says:

      She’s tweeted “by the way The Bitch Michell said some foul **** while I was performing once. But no one recalls …”

      Does she even recall…..

    • Lady_Elle

      Keyshia Cole is a studio singer… can do well in the studio but not so good live.

      Keyshia… Michelle may not have had her best performance yesterday… but she is a broadway actress / performer these days!

      She has done well for herself on Broadway. Performing on a Broadway stage and in an Arena are so different.

      Bey & Kelly have had more opportunity to perform in large arenas… so I can see how it would take Michelle a bit to make changes for her performance!

      A true artist would say nothing negative about another artist. Why not spend your energy on your dysfunctional family!