Lil Wayne TI Future tour

Lil Wayne has ignored pleas from his friends and family to enter drug rehab after suffering recurrent seizures last week.

The 30-year-old rapper instead announced a grueling 40-city 'America's Most Wanted Tour' with rappers T.I. and Future.

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Jada Pinkett Smith

Unlike rapper Nicki Minaj, who earlier perpetrated a fraud by sitting on a motorcycle with a visible kickstand, actress Jada Pinkett-Smith really does ride motorcycles. But in a post on her Facebook page on Saturday, the 41-year-old mother-of-two says she's giving up her beloved motorcycle for good.

"I am saying good bye to my "Lil Beast". I'm only sticking to my three-wheelers from now on, but it sure has been fun. She's been good to me," Jada wrote.


Alicia Keys And Swiss Beatz

Pop singer Alicia Keys and her music producer husband Swiss Beatz enjoy a beautiful sunny day in Miami, Florida, on Monday. Alicia and Swizz were spotted holding hands as they left rehearsal for her upcoming concert. Both Alicia and Swizz have endorsement contracts with athletic footwear company Reebok.


Barack Obama and Miss Israel

Earlier, I told you about President Barack Obama's plans to dine with the first black Miss Israel during his extended trip to Israel last week.

White House officials confirmed that Mr. Obama "insisted" upon inviting the beautiful Yityish Aynaw, 22, to a gala dinner hosted by Shimon Peres, Israel's president.

Judging from the above photo, Mr. Obama looked absolutely smitten when he laid eyes on the tall, raving beauty for the first time. Mrs. Obama -- who vacationed separately from her husband last month -- didn't make the trip to Israel.

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Beyonce and a kid

Casino singer Beyonce was seen carrying a child like a sack of potatoes in NYC recently. Her Stans say the child is her daughter Blue Ivy, but that can't possibly be Blue who was born just a year ago. The toddler Bey is carrying looks like she's at least 2 or 3 years old. But why is she carrying the kid like that?

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Nicki Minaj rides motorcycle

That post title is a little misleading. It seems that rapper Nicki Minaj isn't riding the bike; she's merely sitting on a motionless motorcycle (see the kickstand on the ground holding the cycle up). This falls in line with the Nicki Minaj who tends to fabricate or lie about all aspects of her life -- from her age to her butt shots to the length of her real hair. Nicki lies obsessively to make her real life seem more interesting than it really is. She is obviously an unhappy woman.

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Keri Hilson

Embattled singer/songwriter Keri Hilson walked the red carpet before performing at Pure Nightclub inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, on Sunday (Mar 24). The Atlanta native blasted her followers on for harassing her after Beyonce blacklisted her throughout the industry. Hilson's career took a nosedive when studio technicians and producers who are loyal to Bey refused to work with her. Her official DJ (DJ Mars) says she's a sweetheart and a joy to work with. Hopefully things will turn around for her.
Photo: AdMedia / Splash News

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stock image

Exactly 30 years after the virus that causes AIDS decimated the gay population in major cities, a new gay scourge has emerged.

New York health officials are warning gay men of a new strain of bacterial meningitis that is spread primarily through intimate contact with men who meet in bars, public restrooms and parks to engage in unsafe sex.

Health officials are calling the new strain of meningitis "absolutely terrifying."

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