Chris Brown

Chris Brown is spiraling out of control again. Who knows what set him off this time around.

To hear his girlfriend Rihanna tell it, Brown should be happy to have her back in his life. He should be floating on cloud 9 instead of grabbing his crotch and flipping the bird at the paparazzi, who are just trying to feed their families.

Judging from this and other recent incidents, it seems that Rihanna's presence in Brown's life is causing more chaos than calm. It's just a matter of time before this ticking time bomb explodes.

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Jada Pinkett-Smith and children

Jada Pinkett-Smith used her social network account to explore the question "Are we bullying our young artists?"

Smith, 41, is the mother of two highly visible young artists, Jaden Smith, 14, a rapper, and Willow Smith, 12, a former singer who retired to just be a kid.

"Is it okay to continually attack and criticize a famous 19 year old who is simply trying to build a life, exercise his talents while figuring out what manhood and fame is all about," says, referring to Justin Beiber, who cancelled a concert after his bizarre behavior was criticized in the media last week.

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Ariane Sonya

Loyal reader Ariane Sonya writes:

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Natisha Hillard and Christopher Bour

An Indiana mother sold her own infant to a man to make a child pr0n, NBC News reports.

Natisha Hillard, 24, was arrested after she sold her 18-month-old infant daughter to 39-year-old Christopher Bour for the purpose of making child pr0n.

Police say Hillard, who met Bour in an online dating chat room, was fully aware of Bour's intentions when she agreed to the illegal transaction.

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Kim Kardashian vampire blood facial

Shameless attention-seeker Kim Kardashian gives herself something called a "vampire filler blood facial" during an upcoming episode of her reality TV show. Kim's reality show is tanking in the ratings thanks to other reality shows with much better content.

So, with cameras trailing her, Kardashian visits a clinic which specializes in the so-called vampire blood facial procedure.

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Oscar Pistorius

A family friend describes Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius as a "broken man" who is on the verge of suicide.

"He has no confidence in his tone of voice and he is almost like someone that is walking around in circles and doesn't know where he is going," Mike Azzie told the BBC in an upcoming documentary.

"I would say that, just speaking to him, he is a broken man. I would go as far as to say that he could be on the verge of suicide. It really worries me," said Azzie in the upcoming BBC documentary, Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened?

Azzie said the double amputee has been forced to sell off his prized possessions to pay for his spiraling legal fees.

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Comments Off on Morning Glory: MzAnitra

Morning Glory MzAnitra

Loyal reader MzAnitra writes:

I have now been modeling for 9 years in Jacksonville, Fl. I am experienced in runway, high fashion and print work. Currently I am trying to expand my skills in reaching out to major agencies and acting companies. I have done major fashion shows such as Bronner Bros in Atlanta to the Ultimate Runway show in Florida. I just need that one person to recognize my gift so I can finally experience my dream as a supermodel.

Ladies, submit your photos: If you think you have what it takes to be considered for a Morning Glory post, email your best studio quality photos and bikini shots to sandra @ (remove spaces).

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Shemar Moore shirtless in Miami

These photos of Shemar Moore frolicking on the beach in Miami with a LSLH female should put an end to speculation that Shemar bats for the other team. The hunky actor was seen cuddling and kissing the curvaceous beauty on the white sands of South Beach in Miami on Thursday. Moore is the star of TV's 'Criminal Minds'.

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little boy Vogues

Obviously this little boy is heavily influenced by the gays in his environment. Which confirms my theory that gays were influenced by homosexuals or bisexuals in their immediate environment in early childhood. The Vogue dance originated in the underground Runway battles at the Ballroom scenes in gay clubs and went mainstream thanks to pop singer Madonna's hit song "Vogue", which was released in 1990.

Would you allow your little boy to 'Vogue'? If yes, why? If no, why not?

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Bob Whitfield and Sheree Whitfield

Former Atlanta falcons player Bob Whitfield is back in the news. Whitfield and his ex-wife, Sheree Whitfield, will appear on an upcoming episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life.

Whitfield, who recently moved back to Atlanta from Los Angeles and is reportedly living with his mother, has been juggling women on both coasts, including Sheree and another woman in California named Teshia (pictured left).

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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was "rushed" to a hospital "in tears" Tuesday night after she experienced "abdominal pains," Fox News reports.

Kardashian, 32, is supposedly "4 months pregnant" with bestie Kanye West's "baby". Kardashian feared she was having a "miscarriage" after returning home from a trip to Paris for Fashion week.

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Terrence Davidson and Nicki Minaj

You may have heard that rapper Nicki Minaj fired her entire Glam squad for making her look like a hot mess these last couple of years. Well, Terrence Davidson, Nicki's wig maker, decided to come forward and clear the air in a letter to his fans (yes, he has fans).

Terrence'e letter reads more like an online resume than clearing the air. He's basically putting the word out that his questionable wig-making skills are available for the right price. But after seeing the disastrous wigs on Nicki, he probably won't get too many job offers.

Maybe Beyonce needs a wig maker who specializes in circus or sideshow style wigs?

Read Terrence's letter after the break.

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Kim Jong Un

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un renewed his threats to launch a "pre-emptive nuclear attack" on American soil. Such an attack would result in the catastrophic loss of life along the West coast. The radiation poisoning from the nuclear fallout would linger in the air for hundreds of miles for many years.

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Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada PinkettOn Tuesday, actress, wife and mother Jada Pinkett-Smith wrote an eyebrow raising post on her Facebook page.

She wrote about 3 of her female friends, women in their 40s, who confided in her that their "last resort for companionship" is with another woman.

Jada seems to be laying the groundwork for what many believe will be a personal revelation.

Mrs. Smith has been the subject of lesbian rumors for years. She has steadfastly denied the rumors. But today something changed.

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Charges dropped against pimp Pimping charges were dropped against a Brooklyn man who was accused of forcing a 17-year-old girl into a life of prostitution in 2011, the NY Post reports.

The NY Post reports Robert Pannell, 36, was cleared of all charges of pimping and sex trafficking after prosecutors were alerted to an online ad offering the woman's services in exchange for money.

“We discovered a problem with the credibility of the witness and brought it to the attention of the court,” said Brooklyn District Attorney spokesman Jerry Schmetterer.

“She’s still in business,” said defense attorney David Jacobs. “[Pannell] was very happy this morning when I told him the good news, that [his accuser] was a total liar.”

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Gay couple kicked out of mall for kissing

A gay couple is making the rounds of talk shows after they were kicked out of a California mall for kissing and holding hands.

Jose Guzman, right, and Daniel Chesmore, left, say they were asked to leave Westfield Galleria mall in Roseville, Ca, after their public display of affection proved to be too much for a mall security guard.

The mall stands by the security guard who ordered the two men to leave, the NY Daily News reports.

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Troubled rapper DMX explodes during a session with inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant. DMX's emotional issues and hostility towards women are on full display in this upcoming episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life, which airs April 13 on OWN Network.

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Taye Diggs and son

Actor Taye Diggs, 42, unveiled his "Got Milk?" milk campaign ad at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, CA on Tuesday (Mar 5). Taye is featured in the ad with his son, Walker Nathaniel Diggs, 3.
Photo: Daniel Tanner/

Ricky Martin and twins

Latin singer Ricky Martin, 41, and his adopted twin sons, Matteo and Valentino, 3, enjoyed a day at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (Mar 5). Martin, who came out of the closet in 2010, is raising the boys as a single father.
Photo: INF Photos

Mindless Behavior

3 members of the boy band Mindless Behavior, Prodigy, Ray Ray and Princeton were spotted leaving the BBC Radio 1 building in Central London, England earlier today. Member Roc Royal is not pictured. Mindless Behavior are all 16 now and they are officially Cougar meat.
Photo: Charlie Purvey / Splash News

Halle Berry and Abigail Breslin attend The Call Los Angeles Premiere

Actresses Halle Berry, 46, and Abigail Breslin, 16, were spotted on the red carpet at the LA premier of the movie 'The Call' at the ArcLight Hollywood Cinemas in Los Angeles. Halle, who won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 2001, plays a 9-1-1 operator who takes a call from a panicked teenager who was kidnapped and stuffed in a car trunk. I saw the movie trailer for this flick and Halle's acting skills have not improved at all.
Photo: Peter West/ACE/

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Beyonce working for UPS

Just when we thought Beyonce was taking a break from hogging the spotlight, she posted this photo on her social networking page today. The photo appears to show Beyonce wearing overalls while driving a UPS truck. I checked, and a Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter did not apply for a job at UPS recently.

Just last week, Beyonce posted photos of herself working the night shift on a construction site. Make that money girl.

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