Beyonce and Jay Z in Cuba

Lawmakers are enraged at hip hop stars Beyonce and Jay Z who traveled to Cuba, where they celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary earlier this week.

Beyonce and Jay Z in Cuba

Beyonce and Jay Z seemed blissfully unaware of all the drama raging in Congress. The couple held hands and strolled through Havana streets greeting children and lunching at Cuban cafe’s as if they were visiting dignitaries.

But they are in for a rude awakening if they thought the Cuban government would give them a pass.

“In all likelihood, their hotel rooms were bugged and they were probably escorted or followed around 24 hours a day,” wrote a reporter on the anti-Castro website Babalú.

Beyonce and Jay Z in Cuba

The embargo prohibiting American tourists from traveling to communist Cuba was put in place by then President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

In order for American tourists to bypass the embargo and travel directly to Cuba from the U.S. they must book their trips through a third country, like Mexico or Canada.

But Americans risk a hefty fine from the U.S. Treasury Department, which doesn’t allow Americans to bypass the restrictions and go to Cuba independently.

The 51-year trade embargo against Cuba is still active, effectively blocking all American companies from doing business with Cuba.

Several Miami-area representatives expressed outrage at Beyonce and Jay Z’s trip to Cuba. Miami Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said such trips were part of Cuba’s “indoctrination” of Americans.

Cuba has been ruled by dictator Fidel Castro since 1959. Castro’s brother Raul was named president of Cuba amidst reports of Castro’s failing health.

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    • jazi65

      in the words of fred sanford: “You Big Dummy”

    • AlabamaSky

      I say they get it how they live. Cuz personally :shrug:? Me nuh CYAR lol

    • LSLH

      Why does mama Tina look like Rocky from ‘Mask?’

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Lord this is why it pays to be educated :tea:

    • MsChavo

      Why? Too much control from the government.

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      Congress needs to chill out before I get off my lazy azz and organize a protest against their azzes for oppressing Cuba for all these years. We’re friends with plenty of Communist countries like China, but we want to keep our foot on the neck of little ole Cuba? Kiss by bootay. What’s the real reason they want to stomp on that country? I wish B and Jay had taken me with them as the nanny or something.

    • FuturedocDonte

      Congress need to be worrying about N Korea and not jay z or beyonce :coffee:

    • dabunique

      I knew this would happen …
      Now wil they be fined? because they should, I kno of sum people who were fined after bein caught goin to Cuba jus tryin to get supplies for their families

      Once again if u a Beyonce stan, get educated about what goes down in Cuba before u say stupid stuff like like “People should be allowed to go” China & Cuba two different situations

      Come for me when u have relatives in jail for jus tryin to keep their property, come for me when u have relatives beaten in da streets because they don’t agree with Castro, come for me when u can’t even give ur grandparents their final wishes of bein burried in their homeland becasue of Castro … if u can’t, have several seats

    • AlluringlySweet

      Why is Jay looking at her in the picture like “if you don’t sit yo arse back…you can say some of the stupidest sh*t sometimes”. Honestly, I was waiting to see how long it would take for this to be brought up. I thought we had an embargo against traveling to Cuba but I rememember not too long ago some members of the Congressional Black Caucus went to Cuba for a visit. I know the Repubs knickers were in a bunch about that too.

    • AlluringlySweet

      oops *remember

    • QueenSJ

      They did it for attention, headlines, thirst etc.

      Fame is one hell of a drug.

    • ShoYaRight

      All the money is the world and still flat out ignorant to basic shiet. This reminds me of that time Beyonce was gyrating and pusse popping in a private concert for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The gurl is cute and talented but is as dumb as a door knob. Bless her heart.

    • Yardgirl

      LSLH says:

      Why does mama Tina look like Rocky from ‘Mask?’


      :dead: She sure does!!! :ghost:

      Cuba today is pitiful and the majority of the citizens need help (the majority are poor and black, because most of the whites ran off and now run Miami!!)

    • ShoYaRight

      no tea no shade but is tina ever hanging out with solange alone?

    • Ni ni

      Get educated…these two? Ha! Anywhoo, they are friends with the big chief so I doubt anything will come of this. Oan I think yt folks have had it with the bonnie and clyde duo.

    • cocosilk73

      I guess going to St. Barts got too boring for them as a vacation spot, but why are we surprised that they went to Cuba? It’s not like they are habitual newspaper readers or TV news viewers to know what is going on in the real world beyond what is happening within their own narcissistic lives.

    • Atypical

      Shouldn’t Congress be more concerned with our fugged up economy or the fact they are spending us into oblivion? No? :coffee:

    • OutsidetheBox

      Bey looks cute. You can go to Cuba. :eyeroll: all you need is a sanctioned trip plan.

    • Sandra Rose

      Atypical says:

      Shouldn’t Congress be more concerned with our fugged up economy or the fact they are spending us into oblivion? No? :coffee:

      That’s funny. I asked that same question about Obama who’s more concerned with gay marriage. :coffee:

    • http://n/a n1kk1a

      What the hail is wrong with this chic? I mean what was she thinking?? Oh shyt, I forgot she doesn’t think, her handlers control her. :facepalm:

    • datsmdubya2u

      wow they didn’t think this thru at all huh?

    • datsmdubya2u

      well Jay z is a sports agent now..maybe recruiting baseball players?
      doubt the cuban gubmint will be happy with that..

      Will this reflect on Obama at all?

    • LSLH

      Why does Beyonce look like one of those third world women who fetch water in a basket and bring it back on their head?!

    • Fieryearthchild

      Many often talk about the Oppressed situations in Cuba, most of it is true and most are heard through decades and decades of Groupthink. As a 3rd generation Cuban there is GOOD still there. Opinions we all have them. I will applaud them for giving Assata a place of refuge. History shows the US wanted control of this island for many reasons and not all savory. Many had no problems in trades of the goods and services other there until they could not control it. As for Bey and Jay they may get a fine but oh well, not the end of the world. The US is in bed politically with worse. lol My family we settled in Tampa as most Black Cubans did and I do want to visit the Homeland for personal reasons with my nana who came from there as a little girl. Always look past what is force fed in front of you. There’s the good and bad in everything. Me personally I would pay the fine to go. SN: Bey’s braids… nooooooo

    • Kynedy L

      I have a million other reasons to be upset with Beyonce and this one is not it. If she did go there to be thirsty, well it backfired. Maybe not.
      @dabunique I feel your comment. Went through the same, just here. Nowhere is clean.
      The economy is about to hit the bricks. Check this out. Its a long read but worth it. Remove spaces
      http:/ /pro. stansberry research. com /1303EOASALYN/ LPSIP465/

    • Pointhim Out-Stewart

      i call bs. Are they also offended when descendants of Cuban folk go there to meet their families? And this is how you know we’re in trouble. When Congress can devote nano seconds of energy to what Beyonce’s doing, something’s wrong. Can we revisit why none of the Congress member have children in the military ever? There may be 1, 2 if you’re delirious.

    • Sandra Rose

      @ Bombshell Esq, if you’re lurking, I just read your announcement that you’re expecting TWINS! Congrats! :waves: :pacifier: :pacifier:

    • Who Dat

      For the sheer fact that this story is everywhere means a lil something. Its pure on CNN. Folks not gonna just take time out to make ish up about Bey and Jay. Specially yt folks. Cuba does not want us there. Period. If they did they woulda made it okay for us to travel there decades ago without red tape. Sure you CAN go to Cuba. Why would you want to is my question? There are CUBANS who dont want to go back to Cuba.

      They did this to be able to say “I went to Cuba” when they know good and well hardly anybody is able to say that. IMO.

    • Cubarican

      There are CUBANS who dont want to go back to Cuba.


      That is for sure, and many who would love to get out. The real conditions there aren’t what is on TV. My mother left in the 70s and even then there were ration books for food and you were lucky to have newspaper for toilet paper versus a magazine.I agree that they probably did that just to say they had b/c people don’t go for many reasons. Just a staus thing.

    • therapist1911

      Out of all the things to be outraged about…

      I find it funny that people throw the “education” factor out when it comes to these two celebrities.

      I believe Americans can travel to Cuba although frowned upon and subject to fines. It’s their business, money, and time. Furthermore, where does the money collected go? Do they benefit Cuban Americans in the US?

    • PumpkinsMama

      Happy Sunday Afternoon AUnty, Dubbs and OTB :kiss: Ya’ll know I don’t really do the Carters so I’ll pass on making a comment. But Aunty, ya gurl Kim K showin off her baby bump on instagram. You gonna have to concede on this one. She IS preggo :rofl:

    • missmiami

      so KK babybump looks fake to me. idk :thinking:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :waves: Pumpkin oh yeah that picture seems old, her breast look way bigger then that now :tea: and she looks slimmer. Either way she still a fat azz :lol:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      I said that wrong her breast are huge azz hell now :tea:

    • MissTaken

      I am sure they were aware of the sanctions because they have people for that. But they probably don’t care :shrugs:
      :offtopic: I heard the Ray J song I Hit First. While the lyrics are entertaining the songs is mediocre. The only way he could have made people ignore the thirsty-ness of this song would of been if it was a banger. We all have fell victim to a hot beat before. This :nono: is not it.

    • 69

      So we are sitting around dinner table, and we’re talking about gay marriage.

      my aunt just comes right out and says what’s on her mind…

      I don’t see how one woman could be into another woman. Because even in my old age, honey, there NOTHING like taking a seat on a nice, stiff penis.

      :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

      My family knows no shame :no:

    • Diva

      @69, I like yo Ainney!

    • Milky

      69’s aunt :whistle:..i dont see nuthin wrong wit a little bump n grind.. :hump

    • Milky


    • Diva

      :wave: @wifey

    • Fieryearthchild

      The thing about LIFE even here in America you have people shown in history that left America because of bad experiences never to return. Many want to leave here today. Some joke and others are for real. lol I may share heritage with someone but I cannot speak for them all. No one can. Those who don’t want to go back to Cuba for a visit I judge not, those who may want to go back I judge not. It is always a personal thing why people feel the way they feel. When people keep that in mind when speaking upon experiences, race, sex, religious subjects -opinions should be respected or just be silent on how someone’s feels. This is where your maturity shows. Words have power, glad I don’t speak for everyone Cuban and they don’t speak for me, my family and how others feel. Good post Sandra. The Carters they know how to keep things going- bow down and this. lol -Benita

    • Pointhim Out-Stewart

      I wouldn’t mind leaving the USA for another country, only because I’ve always wanted to live abroad for a few years. I’m working on that now.

    • Fieryearthchild

      @ 42 Share how that goes b/c I wouldn’t mind leaving for a few years too. When I did a month in Paris years ago and discovered the Black In Paris tours I was beyond humbled at the Baldwin, Dumas, Wright tours. If I should ever get to Cuba and Assata Shakur is still living that is the one interview I would want of my top five before I die. lol If you make things happen wherever you want to go fill me in :)

    • datsmdubya2u

      Because even in my old age, honey, there NOTHING like taking a seat on a nice, stiff penis.


      And ain’t nuthin wrong with dat!!!!!!! GO AUNT 69!!!!!!!

      it ain’t ova til it’s ova!

    • Pickachu Tran

      I hate Be :yawn: ce’s hair

    • Pickachu Tran

      Sandra Rose says:

      Atypical says:

      Shouldn’t Congress be more concerned with our fugged up economy or the fact they are spending us into oblivion? No?

      That’s funny. I asked that same question about Obama who’s more concerned with gay marriage

      ^^^^Now I agree with this :yes:

    • MissTaken

      :zzz: Good Morning. I hope everyone has a great Monday. I will font you when I can via phone :ha:

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      Congress should be more concerned about making a budget plan instead of throwing it out before reading it.

      I agree they should be fined and not treated specially either. But this shouldn’t be splattered across the news.

      Goodmorning Loves.

    • lovezoe

      Morning roses! Porscha and Kordell divorce bout to get REAL messy.

    • Miany

      :waves: Good Morning Bedazzled, Miss Taken, Picka…..
      I’m curious to know the real reason American’s can’t freely travel to CUBA. Not just the official reason but, the real reason. :tea:

    • Bootcampgirl

      Good Morning :waves:
      A bish did not want to come to work today, it is supposed to be so niiicccee today…

    • Milky

      Happy Monday :wave:
      razzle dazzle

      :buttshake: <——my fake booty from mexico .. Fabulous.. twirls out to get me some breakfast!

    • Milky

      miany :hug:

    • lovezoe

      We can’t go to Cuba because there is no real money to be made like it is from China.

    • free

      Who Dat says: They did this to be able to say “I went to Cuba” when they know good and well hardly anybody is able to say that. IMO.


      basically. what is that shytpile on the top of her head though?

    • Milky

      :thinking: I wonder if Sandy is going to post about Kim’s babybump pic?

    • Bedazzled His Razzle

      what is that shytpile on the top of her head though?

      Goodmorning to who all that spoke

    • Milky

      <——kenya was getting on my damn nerves with this fan last night. Bish Kray Kray!!

    • NaijaGal

      I’m curious to know the real reason American’s can’t freely travel to CUBA.
      The Bay of Pigs…you ever seen the documentary “Blacks in Latin America”…they covered Cuba and I got some insight into Fidel and he gets my respect…the U.S. is not squeaky clean on chit, see Haiti (you’re Haitian so you know what I’m talking about) :tea:

      Morning Folks :hi:

    • lovezoe


    • Bootcampgirl

      Hey Milky :koolaid:

      @Naija, LOVE THE HAIR :yes: I’m trying to get mine to look that full :wail:

    • Pickachu Tran

      will there be a post about RHOA reunion.

      Pheadra Shaded Kenya for the GAWDS honey :haha:

    • NaijaGal

      BOOT :hug: awww thanks luv

    • Miany

      :hi: Free, Lovezoe, Milky :hug: Bootcamp, bedazzled, Naija
      @Lovezoe.. I just KNOW it don’t got shii to do with human rights violations. When it comes to money, America aint NEVER CARED how folk treat each other.
      @Naija…..Interesting. Makes perfect sense. Basically U.S. butt hurt that Cuba shut em down 52 years ago….I know what time it is with the US/Haiti relationship- That’s EXACTLY why I asked that question. U.S. got folk virtually enslaved in haiti ($.08 an hour is slavery in my book)

    • vipatlstyle

      More power to them! We all share the same world…

    • Aiden Carter

      Who Cares…..We have better things to worried about in the U.S instead of worrying about beyonce n jay z going to cuba… because there other places prolly worse than cuba