Fan slaps Beyonce's Butt

Like most hot to trot women, cocktail lounge singer Beyonce believes that the way she dresses has no bearing on how she is perceived by men.

Ask any real man if he prefers leering at scantily dressed women or fully dressed women, and if he is honest, he will say he ogles the women who are dressed like sluts. That doesn’t mean sluts deserve to be raped, but it doesn’t help that they make themselves look like an easy target for men with ulterior motives.

Beyonce learned that lesson the hard way during her Mrs. Carter Show world tour in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday night, when a male fan reached up and grabbed a handful of her sequined butt.

Beyonce Slapped and Hair Pulled at Concert

The Daily Mail UK reports that Beyonce was outraged when the overexcited fan slapped that arse.

In film footage uploaded to by a fellow concert-goer, Beyonce can be heard shrieking: “I will have you escorted out right now, alright?”

This isn’t the first time that a fan got their monies worth by manhandling Beyonce.

In April, a fan in Serbia almost snatched Beyonce’s lacefront wig off her head as she waded through the audience with bodyguards. Luckily her wig glue held fast.

Beyonce will need better security when her tour pulls into Duluth, GA, just north of Atlanta, on July 12.

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