Kelly Rowland

R&B Diva Kelly Rowland told her audience at a recent club performance that surviving domestic abuse made her a better woman.

The former Destiny's Child background singer started off her set by saying a quick "f*ck you" to anyone who misunderstood the original intent of her "Dirty Laundry" single.

Kelly then went on to reminisce about the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of Cuda Love, Nelly's former or present road manager.

"I tell you one thing," said Kells, "This situation made me a better person; it made me a better woman; it made me a better sister; it made me a better friend." She then launched into the single, "Dirty Laundry".

Kelly said she discussed "Dirty Laundry" with half sister Beyonce after the song's release. In the lyrics she mentions being jealous of Beyonce for being her father's favorite child.

Beyonce's reaction to the song, according to Kelly, was typical for Beyonce.

"[She] was just like, 'I never left.' Which was so sweet," recalls Kelly. "It was endearing. She heard how real I was and she was just like "I’m so proud of you.'"

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    • daninicole

      Half sister :laugh:

    • GAGIRL87

      I LOVE this record :yes: Awww when she broke down at the end :crying:

    • daninicole

      Okay. Half sister :hahaha:

    • gbellab

      Its always something with Kelly.. does she have a new album coming up?

      1st she was too black...but Tina Creole Knowles told her she was beautiful anyway.

      Then she doesn't have a dad or a mom or a family. who knows.

      Now an ex used to beat her like what 10 years ago?


    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :violin: :rolleyes: the thirst is real :rolleyes:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      I don't buy it :shrugs: but best of luck to her, hope it better than all the other garbage she put out :tea:

    • iAmChan

      not the hair flip on em!

      @ GA, I left sum for you downstairs AND your email

    •!/Birdshu Bird

      Whatever Kelly. You're never going to be a solo superstar honeybunch.

    • Bombshell Esq

      OK this is the LAST time I'mma forgive ya'll for abandoning me in a post!!!! :rules: :cuss:

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      U was too busy dancing to your drunk uncles music with your eyes closed to realize that we left the club!

      @ GA - DEAL!!

    • FayMrsWhipfinityIfYewNassy :whip:

      ok kelly :yawn: :tea:

    • MissTaken

      So I take it y'all are saying this admission is a MANUFACTURED CRISIS :sarcasm:
      I was not there so I won't say it isn't true. I think music and art allows you to express yourself and she did that with this album....Just in time for publicity :tea: Ah but what do I know

    • MissTaken

      I also think the extensive coverage of the song on the Internet, tv and social media has made it seen played out. She really has not commented on it as much as it has been reported, tweeted and conversed about :shrugs:

    • Just Looking

      Better :wtf:

      That's the first. I'm a better woman since that man touched me up. :nono:

      Stronger maybe....well her goal was achieved we chatting about it 2 weeks strong.

    • Just Looking

      :waves: @ Miss Taken :winky:

    • Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally

      well her goal was achieved we chatting about it 2 weeks strong.


    • jeniefrumdabloc

      MissTaken says:

      So I take it y’all are saying this admission is a MANUFACTURED CRISIS

      No one said that :tea: folks just tired of pity parties :coffee: and nah I don't buy the sob story, and goodluck to her on this album, all of her other albums are straight trash with the exception of the songs on the radio, so :coffee:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally says:

      well her goal was achieved we chatting about it 2 weeks strong.

      :yes: :hug:

    • Fieryearthchild

      Thinks to SELF, 'Kelly is Riding this moment til the wheel's fall off'. DA is serious, get in the trenches for other women, children and men who are going through DA situations in more ways than this. Breaking down? Is there a therapist to help you through this moment? How much breaking down is she doing off stage? Album push strategy? Until then SIDE EYE.

    • Just Looking

      :waves: Aunt Sally - :kiss:

    • MissTaken

      @Jenie: Since this is the first I know of she spoke of it I don't see it as a pity party but I can see how one might think that. If he continues to harp on it then I will change my mind. Until then I will give her the benefit of the doubt.
      Just Looking :waves: And everyone else
      I been busy between work and fam
      I will try to come play tomorrow :peace:

    • Just Looking

      Earth and Fire :winky: Post Tramatic Stress Disorder may not happen until much later and maybe releasing the song to the airwaves, has finally stirred up new emotions. :shrug:

    • PumpkinsMama

      Bren :lick: Jen :kiss: Just Hoooooooooking :happy:

    • Anna

      Looking says:

      Better :wtf:

      That’s the first. I’m a better woman since that man touched me up.

      Stronger maybe….well her goal was achieved we chatting about it 2 weeks strong.
      I guess she'll be twice as strong, if it happens again??? :shrugs:

    • Just Looking

      Pumpkin :happy: How have you been? I saw you on the Everest Commerical this morning before I caught the bus to my new job at Family Dollar. I signed up today. :nun:

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    • Ni ni

      I just wish kelly would grow a pair or she will always be a doormat.


      Kelendria Trene Rowland was born on February 11, 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia. She is the daughter of Doris Rowland Garrison and Christopher Lovett. When she was seven, her mother took her and left her father, who was an abusive....which is how she ended up in Houstin.

    • rockstar

      She looks gorgeous in that gif.

    • Lodak

      She [or her people] never picks good songs for herself. It's a shame, that Fantasia track she's on is FIRE!!! This song is some generic R&B.

    • ShoYaRight

      STUNTS & TRICKS!!! Kelly is pulling STUNTS & TRICKS!!!

    • DJ DCeezy

      She sat down da whole time doe?


      Kelly you should NOT sing live!!! Ever!

    • kahmmillion

      *Sigh* :smack: Will there ever be a day this idiot not talk about Bey in her interviews? It is pathetic now. We get it, you know Bey and who really cares!