Transsexual Actress Threatens to Merk Husband’s Mistress

transsexual actress threatens husband's mistress

A transsexual actress who gained notoriety for her small role in Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘The Dictator’ was arrested for threatening her husband’s mistress, the NY Post reports.

Victoria Beltran, 34, found out that her husband, Brett Bergmann, was cheating on her when she searched through his credit card receipts and found a $500 charge for spa services.

Beltran called the Trump SoHo spa and was told that Bergmann booked appointments there with his co-worker Katarzyna Sakowicz. That’s when police say Beltran began calling Sakowicz on her job and harassing her.

“I will kill you and get you fired,” Beltran said in one call, according to court documents. “I will f**k you up,” she said in another call.

“I’m more a woman than she’ll ever be!” said Beltran, who underwent sex reassignment surgery at age 15.

Bergmann and Sakowicz work as mental-health professionals at Rikers Island prison, where rapper Lil Wayne was incarcerated in 2010.

Sakowicz provided audio of phone calls and text messages to police.

“Just mark my words when it all comes back to you and the s–t hits the fan in your relationship with him you’re going to remember me,” Beltran said in one call. “He can lie to you all he wants.”

“He’s a cheater, he’s a liar, he’s a user, he’s a cheap… bastard,” Beltran said about Bergmann, who is divorcing her.

According to the NY Post, Bergmann told his mistress that he learned Beltran was a tranny after Beltran broke the news about his sex change during filming of ‘The Dictator.

“She was worried that, being in ‘The Dictator,’ it was going to get out that she had a sex change as a teenager,” Sakowicz told The Post. “She sat him down, I’m not sure when, but that’s when he said he was done with the relationship.”

But Beltran swears Bergmann knew of the sex change long before the movie came out.

“He knew the whole time,” Beltran told the Post. “Brett never had a problem with my past.”

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