Wendy Williams Signs Copies of Her New Book in Atlanta

Wendy Williams at Barnes & Noble in Atlanta

Talk show Diva Wendy Williams is currently on a book tour to promote her latest book titled, “Ask Wendy: Straight Up Advice for All the Drama In Your Life” (Morrow, $25.99). Hundreds of fans flocked to the Barnes and Nobles bookstore in Atlanta on Friday to meet the former radio shock jock. Wendy signed so many autographs that she ran out of books!

Wendy Williams and Slimm

Over 200 of Wendy’s books flew off the shelves yesterday. When the books ran out, Wendy signed book covers that will go on the books that were ordered by her many fans Yesterday. Also stopping by to meet the talk queen were Omar “Slimm” White (Vivica A. Fox‘s ex), pictured above, and reality TV star Walter Jackson (Real Housewives of Atlanta), pictured below with Wendy.

Slimm was kind enough to ask Wendy to sign a book cover for me (since all the books were gone by the time he got there). Wendy was accompanied on the book tour by her husband, Kevin, above left, who watched over her like a hawk every time a man approached.

Wendy must be doing something right to keep her man so attentive! Maybe Wendy reveals her secret in her book?

Walter Jackson and Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams at Barnes & Noble in Atlanta

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    13 Responses to “Wendy Williams Signs Copies of Her New Book in Atlanta”

    1. 1
      LSLH says:

      I :love: Wendy

      Thanks for the post Sandra!

    2. 2
      LSLH says:

      I adore Slimm.

    3. 3
      A.J. says:

      Oh Sandra..it must be nice to have people like Slimm picking up signed books for you. I need to pick up your book! :wink:

    4. 4
      iscream says:

      Look at Wendy Husband looking like her body guard Kevin “Hood Hef” Hunter. :lol:

      Why was Walter there? Did he hear Kenya was going to show up.

      Good crowd Wendy. Wonder how Steve feels about this book and if this is the reason why you haven’t been invited to the second installment of Think like a man.

    5. 5
      A.J. says:

      Look at Kevin Hunter. All I get from him is drug dealer. :snort:

    6. 6
      A.J. says:

      the second installment of Think like a man.
      Lord please say it aint so. :no:

    7. 7
    8. 8
      San says:

      Called protect ur bread winner :tea:

    9. 9
      luVn_liFe... says:

      lOOk at KEv lOOking Super Thirsty back there :eek:
      Wendy done blew up now he’s watching her like a hawk.
      U just go WENDy,Glad for her!!

      WALters lOOking . . :think: he done really SliMMed up,what gives

    10. 10
      sassyshe says:

      Happy for Wendy. You know Kev keeping a close eye on that, that’s his money maker. Remember he grabbed her up after she finished :snort: , dusted her off and helped to put her on radio. Now that she’s making that TV money, Kev has no intention of no (in the words of Princess Rih) desert thirsty negro come grab her up

    11. 11
      MetroAtlMrs says:

      I don’t remember Wendy looking this good EVER. I wish her much success.

    12. 12
      Afiya says:

      Her husband looks like he guarding the money tree…oh wait he is… :hahaha:

    13. 13
      msmello30 says:

      I love Wendy Williams!!! Hi you doin? :hi:

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