Adele and Jay Z

Rap mogul Jay Z was dressed to impress at a luncheon to honor Rob Stringer as UJA-Federation Music Visionary of 2013 at The Pierre Hotel in NY on Friday, June 21. Jigga is pictured above with British singer Adele. Also attending the star-studded affair were pop singers John Mayer, John Legend and Neil Diamond, and industry execs Doug Morris, Clive Davis and LA Reid.
Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum

Actors Channing Tatum, left, Jamie Foxx, center and Roland Emmerich, right, attend the Washington DC Premiere of the film 'White House Down' at AMC Georgetown on Friday, June 21, in Washington, DC.
Photo: Larry French/Getty Images

  • TeaIsFinallyHere

    Jamie is giving that guy Roland serious side eye!

  • TeaIsFinallyHere

    Jay-Z is always skinning and grinning in sprite folks face. Yet he has this stern furrowed brow around US. Guess its true what Paul Mooney says about a smilling nigra ala Wayne Brady.

  • FayMrsWhipfinityIfYewNassy :whip:

    Channing is not aging well :no: or maybe it's this pic. that was one fine yt bwoi! :yes:

    Jay looks great here. is Adele losing weight?

  • FayMrsWhipfinityIfYewNassy :whip:

    i have no interest in seeing this movie though. especially when i say Jamie say "stay off my Jordans" or something like that as the president on a preview :no: nah son!

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    I'm proud of Jamie; he has come along way. However, something about him makes me think he has a strange lifestyle outside of the cameras.

    Adele always looks so nice a fresh to me.

    Jayz is that n*gga I want to hate but, I can't because I can't be mad at somebody who is loving life and not worried about haters. He just doesn't give me enough to gossip about but, when the day comes that he does, I'll be all messy about it. lol.

    Channing is getting some weight on him.

  • prima_donna2163

    He's a rap mogul today! :clap:

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    oh and LA Reid looks like he smells like cotton candy.

  • MetroAtlMrs

    Adele looks pretty...Channing is sexy as usual...I think the movie with him and Jamie will be funny.

  • PumpkinsMama

    Fay Fay :kiss: Hey RIF :waves:

    @ RIF Jamie DOES lead a sneaky freaky life. SO THEY say :tea:

    @ Fay Channing is fine :thumbsup: iffin I was gonna "jump the fence" I'd gladly jump right into his pants, er I mean arms
    But him can't act his way outta a paper bag. I think he may have found his niche in action flicks tho :yes:

    @ Aunty the weekend posts :thankyou:

  • ReadingIsFundamental

    Hey pumpkin...

    yeah, Jamie looks like he plays with gerbils and sh*t. ha.

    I'm so glad Sandra does these weekend posts now.. meaning, more than one because I don't have time during the week to font. Much appreciated Sandra

  • Yardgirl

    I HATE the mofo John Mayer!! :vomit: When he made this comment about dating black women: "I don't think I open myself to it. My d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist. I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fu*kin’ David Duke c*ck" he became dead to me! As if anyone of us would want to date his musty looking a-s-s! :cuss:

  • LadyT

    I sure hope Jay called Bey for Adele before or after this pic! Adele stans hard for Beyonce

  • digal704

    No Jay-Z slander? What the what?

  • Sandra Rose

    You're welcome @ ReadingIsFundamental :)

  • 3halos

    I like Adeles braids... but I need to see what it looks like behind.

  • MsChavo

    Hey Channing!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nthabi

    Jay's looking good. Him and Bey are growing on me slowly, just like mold sneaks up on your walls in cold weather.

    Jaime, I like - but something's off!! It just ain't adding up for me about him. I could elaborate, and I will once I know just WHAT is off about him.

    Hey, Auntie! Why you ignoring me on Twitter, though?! Thought we were fam!

    I got nothing else.

  • kahmmillion

    Body Language....Adel looking like she can't stand the drug dealer.

  • Lady_L

    Adele is so beuatiful to me. I am so glad she doesen't feel pressured to be a stick think artist.

  • Jdore

    *singing* I wanna Channing all over his Tatum!