Not So Blind Item: Downlow Female Celebrity

Not So Blind Item

*Reposted from December 2007*

This is one of Myra Pinache’s infamous Blind Items. I’m usually good at guessing some of these Blind Items but this one has me stumped. I have NO clue who this Blind Item could be about.

This black female celebrity is very famous but she continues to make bad choices in regards to her personal life. The pain from her failed romances led her to embark on a very downlow relationship (for two years) with a black actress (who has only appeared in a few films).

This actress seems to be in love with our famous female but the love is not reciprocated. Our female celebrity only uses her (for affection) when a failed romance with a man goes awry.

Sadly, the little known actress has become like a sick puppy around the famous female. Their discreet relationship now resembles that of a domanitrix and slave. She jumps at her commands and she does all the house work and cooking. She’s become a flunky and lackey.

And, when our famous female gets tired of her, she kicks her to the curb without warning and tells her not [to] call. Then, like clockwork, when our famous female has another failed romance, she lets the actress back into her life.

Our famous female is so desperate to find a husband, she attends all the industry events with the big hollywood players and all the sporting events.

Despite her good looks, many of these men date interracially exclusively and this leaves her out in the cold. When a man does hook up with her, the relationship always seems to end after a few months.

Hints: It’s “not” Gabrielle Union, Halle Berry or Beyonce and the little known actress is not known outside of the black community. (Source: Panache Report)


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