Photo of the Day: Nas

While strolling the streets of NY, old skool rapper Nas ran into a young boy with the same close shaven haircut as his. Nas uploaded this touching photo to his Instagram account along with this caption: "In the streets of NY... I ran into a kid with the same hair cut as me."


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    • MsOnederful

      To cute and precious!

    • Aryanna

      Aww how cute. Nas is sexy :-)

    • luVn_liFe…

      Moring ROSES!! :wave:

      NASTY NAS!! :heart:

      YES SIRrrrrrrrr

    • Sandra Rose

      Good morning :waves:


      You're up early. :D

    • Milky

      :wave: mornin all. Nas could get it.

    • tintin1979

      this is too cute.

    • BostonBabe

      LOL @ old school rapper. I love me some Nas Though!!! Good morning all

    • San


    • MissTaken

      Bad is that dude! I respect and like him. Good Morning All :hi: I hope everyone had a great weekend.

    • MissTaken

      Um how did my phone change Nas to Bad? Illuminati I tell ya

    • Milky

      :wave: good morning
      Luvn :kiss:

    • NaijaGal

      Morning Folks :waves:

      MILKY :kiss:

      LUV N :happy:

      MISSTAKEN, MSONE, SAN et al :hug:

    • MsOnederful

      :waves: Early bird catches the worm :)! :waves: Milky, taken, san, boston, Tintin, luvn, Aryanna and Naija

    • MsOnederful

      :waves: AUNTIE

    • Milky

      Naija hey ma how u doin today? How was ur weekend? :hug:

    • NaijaGal

      MILKy - my weekend was cool...spent money I didn't basically a typical weekend :lol: yours?

    • Milky


    • The Pearl!

      Good morning, e'ryone. Ahhh...I must be really thirsty for a little good news cuz this pic touched me! :)

    • Aryanna

      Im late but.. GOOD MORNING SANDRA! :-)

    • talkingwithtami

      Nas is a cutie and when I met him here in Atlanta he was very nice! :tea:

    • Leslie

      I love Nas! He is so handsome and a great artist!