Rapper T.I. is an Independent Artist

Rapper TI independent artist again

After 10 years and seven albums with Atlantic Records, rap mogul T.I.P. is once again an independent artist. T.I. began his illustrious career as a successful independent artist before signing his first record contract with LaFace Records back in the day. He is now on his own again and feeling fine after a deal with Sony Records fell through.

Rapper TI independent artist again

From MTV News:

The Grand Hustle boss completed his obligation to the major with last year’s Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head and for now, he’s just enjoying the success he’s having with his current single with Lil Wayne before moving on to the next one.

“I got a record out now, me and Wayne,’ Wit Me,’ doing numbers every week, increasing on iTunes, increasing on Billboard top 100, so … I’m just continuing to push. Right now I’m an independent artist,” he told MTV News about the dynamic duo’s rising one-off banger. The song, which comes with a fast cars, hot women and cop-evading video directed by Phillyflyboy comes just as the pair are planning to hit the road together for a summer amphitheater tour?.

“It’s a lot of work, man, it’s a lot of resources to be dedicated to it,” T.I. said of being back in control of his destiny. “But at the end of the day I think it’s worth it. It put me back into mind of where we were after ‘I’m Serious,’ where we had to put our own funds and resources into [2003’s] Trap Muzik … I think that led to a beautiful situation … and I think right now we’re just working to reach another beautiful situation.”

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      I Run New York says:

      Happy 4th everyone! :) Hope everyone’s enjoying good food and weather.

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      Unshakable says:

      @NY – Happy 4th of July!

      @topic – I appreciate how hard both Tip and Tiny work at their craft and also how they pass on the value of hard work to their tribe.

      Many kids nowadays have this gross sense of entitlement; they think the world owes them something. Newsflash: You’re wrong; this world don’t owe you nathin!

      @roses – Although today people are bbq’g, playin cards, drinkin/smokin, and whatnot, please take time to really reflect on the meaning of Independence Day.

      Remember our nation’s teachers, police officers, firefighters, and our service members and take time to say/show thanks for their daily sacrifices. Love you all and be safe!

    3. 3
      LadyT says:

      I believe Tip was independent AFTER he left LaFace. Thats when he did all the Grand Hustle mixtapes. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the mixtapes. There where quite a few of em. This means people weren’t offering him the right amount of $$ if he’s goinf back independent

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      LSLH says:

      Happy Independence Day!

      Hope everyone is doing well.

      Hey Sandra Mae!

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      libra80sbaby says:

      I’on curr about this :kona:

    6. 6
      Sandra Rose says:

      Happy July 4th :waves:

      I Run New York
      …and all my lurkers

    7. 7
      OutsidetheBox says:

      I think this should light another spark in him. We bout to get some more great Rap muRsic! :thankyou:

    8. 8
      nybrn2 says:

      Love TI!!!!

    9. 9
      MetroAtlMrs says:

      @ LadyT the name of the Grand Hustle mixtapes were In The Streets Volume 1,2,3 etc…I used to be a huge T.I. fan especially when I was in HS and college…now not so much.

    10. 10
      MetroAtlMrs says:

      I like his shirt and his shoes BTW…

    11. 11
      ZimboChick says:

      Why is he always flashing money?

    12. 12
      anw_rootbeer says:

      Tip a tv reality star now…ain’t no1 checking for the music. Sorry! HAPPY 4th, back to work tomorrow for me

    13. 13
      Lady_L says:

      ZimboChick says:

      Why is he always flashing money?

      Yes he is…..didn’t Sandra make a comment on here before about how some celebs always feel the need to flash their wealth to others? I think it’s tacky….personally

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