Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings MVP running back Adrian Peterson played in Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, after his 2-year-old son died of brain injuries suffered in a brutal beating last week in South Dakota.

The child was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend, Joseph Patterson, who is being held on $750,000 bond.

Adrian Peterson tugged at heart strings by claiming he was only playing for his son — the boy he never met.

Many questioned Peterson’s heartless behavior after he notified his coaches of his plans to play in Sunday’s game — while his son was on life support.

“I was set on it,” he said before his son died on Friday. “I just look at things and I don’t ask people to understand my mindset and how I think.”

Adrian Peterson

It seems the Vikings didn’t need Peterson in Sunday’s line up after all. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for another TD in the Panthers’ 35-10 drubbing of the Vikings, who fell to 1-4. Peterson ran for just 62 yards in the Vikings’ losing effort.

When asked after the game if he’d ever spent time with his “secret” son before Friday, Peterson snapped “Can we focus on football? I’m not really trying to get into details on that.”

And in case the media still didn’t understand his mindset, Peterson added: “We just got blown out by [25] points. So let’s focus on football and what the Minnesota Vikings can do to get better.”

No one should be surprised at the callousness of a professional athlete who values the minutes he spends on a football field over the precious minutes he allowed to pass by before meeting his son.

For 3 months Peterson knew he had a “secret” son. Yet not once did he bother to visit the child until the boy was brain dead and on life support in a Sioux Falls, S.D. hospital.

Peterson learned he had a son when the boy’s mother, Ashley Doohen, flipped through her Rolodex to determine who the boy’s father could be, after her ex-boyfriend’s paternity test came back negative.

You created this monster by conditioning him to believe that his only value as a man is to churn out yardage and to put numbers on a scoreboard.

And now you make excuses for him, similar to the excuses you made for a certain R&B singer who urinated on a teenage girl before having sex with her.

Peterson and the Vikings weren’t the only Losers on Sunday.

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    • countrytexasgal

      Good write up Sandra. Happy Monday.

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    • lovezoe

      :coffee: I knew Folks were going to shade him for that

    • Milky

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    • Milky

      He didnt have any type of connection. Even if he had met him a few months ago. :kona:

    • Cubarican

      Good morning all!
      I wonder why it took two years to figure out he is the father? If she slept with a NFL player and didn’t know for sure who the dad was, I would think she would have tested him asapedly.

    • KayCeiSoul

      He should be shaded. That was heartless…just as heartless and cold as him never meeting a 2 year old son he helped create.

      I can’t stand a nothing azz nucca. Money don’t make you. Character does.

    • lovezoe

      Oh I have no problem with him being shaded, I just knew it was gone happen. I read he found out only less than a month ago. Sucks all around.

    • LSLH d/b/a Amber Rose’s Scalp

      Well said Sandra!

      Adrian is narcissistic. He had three whole ‘monts’ to visit that boy and he didn’t because he didn’t care to. He was able to fly in when he was brain dead but not when he was healthy. Smh.

    • aaron

      In fairness to Adrian, he was probably just wrapping his head around the fact he recently learned he had a two-year-old. Many guys would have gone through hell and high water to keep this out of the media – ask Jay Z about it. He acknowledged him although his mother named some other guy as the father initially. I feel really bad for the little boy. I pray his is in a much better place.

    • AlluringlySweet

      Him not knowing this child is not an excuse. There were people who didn’t know this nor have never met him but were saddened and deeply hurt by his situation. It was simple compassion and empathy. Seems it would be worse because he didn’t know the child and now never will. But when you put YOU over and beyond all else it’s understandable. Him and his behavior is contemptable. Sorry basturd.

    • KayCeiSoul

      :cosign: Aaron. My heart goes out to the Mom. I cannot imagine.

      Lovezoe, I wasn’t coming for you sugarboogar. :hug:

      It just angers me that some men don’t have the spark in their azz to check for theirs. Boy I tell ya…a mother’s love is something ELSE. :yes:

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    • Bird

      Go Panthers!!!

      This story needs to go away and fast. They need to stop asking Adrian about this child that he made outside of his relationship that he didn’t even know existed until a couple of months ago. Of course he has no connection to the child. He’s probably happy he has one less child support check to cut. It’s crystal clear that his forever fiance is happy with her insensitive Twitter comments about the situation. The story is just all scandal. All of the parents are scandalous including the man the child is named after who had to be sued for child support. The more we talk about it the more it’s going to be all about the scandal and not about the child.

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    • BeautifullBee

      Thank you! PERFECT write up. He has been a total a**hole throughout this entire tragedy. I was attacked on Twitter for saying the same thing by a bunch of male groupies. Adrian is a clown and he needs to be called out.

    • A.J.

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      Not too shabby, hope you are well.

      MsB whats the biz babe?

    • Smonae

      There is nothing wrong with Peterson playing in Sunday’s game. If you’ll notice in most cases when a player no matter what sport, if something tragic happens they will play.

      Sports is an outlet, what was he supposed to do sit home & go crazy over something he has no control over.

      Now they rest of the story about him not being in the kids life, shame on him, he has to live with that :no:

    • Ni ni

      I dont care if he didnt know this child was his. Its obvious he only cares for himself. Its evident iIf its true that he has kids by all these women, he only cares for self nasty low down bastid

    • MsB2u

      Ni ni says:

      I dont care if he didnt know this child was his. Its obvious he only cares for himself. Its evident iIf its true that he has kids by all these women, he only cares for self nasty low down bastid
      October 14, 2013 at 9:39 am
      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

    • sassyshe

      Damn Sandra going in this morning but im with you Auntie. I snapped on my sis on Friday when she said she felt sorry for him, im like no I feel sorry for the baby who lost his life. Dude knew he had a child as he had knocked up home girl same time he did fiance as apparently the mother was his in town side piece. He was happy that when he was proven to be the dad 3 mos ago, homegirl was happy to accept the checks and be quiet about it

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    • SuthernBelle4

      Hey ya’ll,
      I hope everyone has a good Monday. All the adults, from Adrian, to the mommy, to that raggedy ass cockroach who killed that precious baby are to blame. Its so disappointing that innocence was lost cause someone wanted to get their rocks off, someone was to ratchet to know who the papi be, and the last person was just a horrible individual. Praying for that baby.
      In other news even though Pat McCrory still cutting up side ways, my Panthers won!!

    • BeautifullBee

      Good Morning Smonae ! :hi:

    • nwokeith

      Apparently some of you didn’t see the pre-game shows, in which all of AP’s personal losses( brothers) , he took it to the field. That’s his way of dealing with it. Always check the backstory.

    • dani818

      The whole story is sad but people have their own way of dealing with grief, I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way.

    • rwilliams4782

      Its a sad situation… I see he praises his other son Adrian Jr on social media. I think he just found out about this son but it gives no excuse on his son being beat to death by an animal. I just don’t like how AP is taking this situation as publicity and not mourning the death of his son… but then again how can you mourn for someone you don’t know.

    • luVn_liFe…

      Dig a little more sleuths, AP had four kids, Now 3 :tea:

    • luVn_liFe…

      You created this monster by conditioning him to believe that his only value as a man is to churn out yardage and to put numbers on a scoreboard.
      Why should he “CARE” in your words Sandra; he’a only on this earth to Multiply and Provide??

    • Sincerity7

      :pray: So sad to hear about the passing of this baby. Too bad that Adrian didn’t take the time to build a relationship whenever he found out about his paternity. He was going to get judged either way: if would have went to the hospital, people would say he was being fake since that would have been the first time meeting the boy and if he didn’t go, they would say he was heartless. That’s Adrian’s life and the regrets he’s going to have to live with.


      Love this post! :handclap:

      And it’s true, many parents condition their sons to be the next great Bo jackson but never teach them how to be men off the field. They fear failure in sports because they believe that’s their only “meal ticket”. An education to gain a good job is always a saftey net when you’re not the next multi-millionare entertainer or you’re prone to be on the “injury” list.