Celebs Out & About: Ciara, Sandra Bullock, Cassie Ventura

Ciara Harris

Songbird Ciara is all smiles as she carries her puppy like a baby at LAX Airport in Los Angeles earlier this week. CiCi is wearing Givenchy hi-top checkerboard sneakers from the Fall 2013 Footwear Collection, and a grey ‘Opening Ceremony’ Varsity letterman jacket with contrasting black & white leather sleeves. She accessorized her outfit with a black beanie and a pair of vintage steampunk sunglasses. Ciara is sexy when she dresses down.
Photo: Campos/X17online.com

Ciara Harris

‘Gravity’ actress Sandra Bullock was seen picking up her 4-year-old son Louis Bardo-Bullock from school. Sandra’s movie Gravity is still the #1 film in the country.
Photo: Amo- Lek/X17online.com

Cassie Ventura

Sean Combs’ concubine Cassie Ventura and a girlfriend were spotted heading to dinner at Hakkasan Chinese Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA. It must be leather season.
Photo: Maciel/X17online.com


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  1. 1
    The Master Beta :D says:

    That dogs face :lol:

    Sandra put lil Louis big butt down ion know why it irks me seeing people carry big kids but whatevs he aint mine

  2. 2
    Ty says:

    :love: Louis and his :wtf: looks

    That’s all :coffee:

  3. 3
    The Master Beta :D says:

    I like Cassie’s jacket and shoes

  4. 4
    VDot says:

    Louis still aint got time for nobody’s chit. :heart: him

    I like Cassies jacket and shoes.

  5. 5
    VDot says:

    :thinking: I wonder if those are the leather jogging pants Kanye was talmabout

  6. 6
    Salliemae's Boosh says:

    All I want for Xmas is for Cassie to let that haristyle go :cuss:

  7. 7
  8. 8
    OutsidetheBox says:

    Cassie looks cute.

  9. 9
    Salliemae's Boosh says:

    :hi: everyone

  10. 10
  11. 11
    Miany says:

    its a man on divorce court right now…
    dude walked straight outta 1984 and into the courthouse :dead:
    dude lookin like the lost Jodeci member

  12. 12
    Brownskin Cutie (Carrington's E-boo) says:

    Louis is too cute

  13. 13

    Y’all remember the aunt I have that is only 18y/o I was telling y’all about? :D

  14. 14

    DTTS did you see my font this morning about the homie being DONE!? :eek:


  15. 15
    Miapluck says:

    Strong hands and chiseled face…lovely :yes:

  16. 16
    Zoe B. says:

    The Louis side eye :love:

  17. 17
    Miany says:

    :facepalm: LAAAAAWD 1982 done used bout 53 words…but he got it out. He done told the chick “see I like my women thick and when we met you was there but sometimes….. you tend to go a lil past thick :casket:

  18. 18
    OutsidetheBox says:

    .. you tend to go a lil past thick :casket:

    Keeping it too real :dead:

  19. 19
    luVn_liFe... says:

    Its ALWAYS leather season for those weridos

    Sandrita uVe been posting alot of pics on bullock :tea:

  20. 20
    See.Sea.H.Pound.Her...Pound Her Ass Good. Bang!Bang!Bang! :sheep: says:

    13.Y’all remember the aunt I have that is only 18y/o I was telling y’all about?

    No. I must have missed that. I had no clue you were Hispanic :kona:

  21. 21
    luVn_liFe... says:


    I just ate about 10 soft gooey chocolate chip cookies and some ie cream


  22. 22
    Miany says:

    @otb :lol: I was like dude just stop right thurr…. his chik like sooooo TITNS (thick is the new sexy) chilee they was just a mess… I think they just came on the show to ‘get on’ cuz they both entertainers who do hurrr in Atlanta
    @Razzle….Ion remember this aunt but tell me more
    @Luvn… I think Ms. Bullock is one of Sandra Rose’s faves…she always posts on her and rarely shades her.

  23. 23
    luVn_liFe... says:

    @Luvn… I think Ms. Bullock is one of Sandra Rose’s faves…she always posts on her and rarely shades her.
    MHH Hmm

  24. 24
    MSHospitality says:

    C-error – is that a peen print I see?!?

    by :buttshake: Pop that Razzle Dazzle Dazzle! :buttshake: Shake that Razzle Dazzle Dazzle! on Oct 17, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    I’m mad I scrolled back up to see!! :haha:

  25. 25

    Bren- I am not Hispanic :lol: I am yelluh so I may have some in my blood, but I claim nigruh on everything I have to fill out :lol:

    She was adopted when I was a kid. :lol:

  26. 26
    Miany says:

    luVn_liFe… says:
    I just ate about 10 soft gooey chocolate chip cookies and some ie cream
    ^^ :shocked: 10 though??!!!! 10 :whip:
    :hug: me personally??…i woulda ate the whole box so I’m proud of ya. Now go work them cookies off… I know you go hard in the G Y M

  27. 27
    Anna says:

    Miany says:
    @Luvn… I think Ms. Bullock is one of Sandra Rose’s faves…she always posts on her and rarely shades her.
    They share the same name.

  28. 28
    luVn_liFe... says:

    The former Real Housewives of New York City star is still losing out to Queen Latifah — who has swept the ratings at #1 for three weeks in a row
    Of course skeletor is,people are pissd with her for the way she has treated her husband during divorce proceedings as well as dating some1 and trying to keep Brynn from her EX.
    they gonna learn tuhDAY

  29. 29
    luVn_liFe... says:

    …i woulda ate the whole box so I’m proud of ya.
    :rofl: Thats Y u my girl!
    thinKing of the extra mile I have to run tomorrow is upsetting me

  30. 30
    Afiya says:

    Why C-Error look like she got a pkg in her pants :blink:

  31. 31


    Ok remember how she couldn’t leave the state b/c she was under investigation for stealing money from mcdonald’s? Ok Well that prevented her from moving to Michigan to be her BF’s ride or die wifey (who she met on Facebook and he ill a wrapper/righter/prudooser)

    So he came to her in like, June or July I think. Well last night me and my sissy were catching up and they became the topic. I was telling her how he was a live in b/f and she’s the one working buying food and weed and ish while he off somewhere wrappin

    She gets off work and posts a status like “goin home to be with my family” with him tagged… and her relationship status is married…

    So I write “when y’all get married?”

    He replied “When I get suchated financhully..”


    So I go on his page and it said “Education- I Got My GED”

    I said Oh word? Suchated? Situated? You have a job?

  32. 32
    Afiya says:

    :smack: LAWD, can somebody/anybody get Sandra a brush for that babys head…and why she got his big azz on her hip? :smh:

    And them leather pants AGAIN…good grief Charlie :nono:

  33. 33
    Miany says:

    :danban1: I’m always #TeamLatifah
    Never really liked Bethanny..neva watched her lil reality show…I heard she USED her ex and tossed him to the side.. she wont neva be great treatin folk like that :tea:

  34. 34
    Miany says:

    :lol: well razzle at least you know they wont be gettin married…that ninja aint gone EVER get a gig. lmaaaao
    what family tho??? they got kids?

  35. 35
    Ty says:

    @ Afiya is that why Auntie called her sexy :shrug:

  36. 36

    @Miany/Bren- I wish I had of screen shot everything but his ol cry baby ass deleted everything when ish escalated. :wail:

    Anyway When I was interrogating him Sissy and I were actually on the phone being funny b/c we were being #messy.

    I he said he starts work next week at this factory and so I said to save up his money.

    When I corrected him on “suchated” Sissy liked my comment, then wrote LOL

    Here’s when shyt got real…

    He asked what she was laughing at then inboxed her questioning her (she’s a stud so my guess is he thought she was some high yelluh nigguh)

    That’s when the aunt chimed in She said she don’t know and it would be between 2016-2020 and then she corrected him on questioning her family and acting like it’s a problem disrespecting her :rofl:

    Then they go back and forth while sissy and I are cackling on the phone and here I go..
    “So why the wait on the marriage? Getting married don’t cost that much at the court house unless you live in florida… ”

    He said something about her wanting to get a ring no less than 1K.
    And they go back and forth…

  37. 37
    gypsyeyes says:

    Hey yall, who dat getting suchated and shyt?

    Ummm, Sandra prolly gotta hold Lois so that he won’t attack the paps cause he look like he don’t play the radio!I’m pretty sure it’s a safety thing when she knows that the paps are around.

  38. 38
    gypsyeyes says:

    No less than 1K though. I can’t with your preemie aunt!

  39. 39


    As they go back and forth he writes out this half assed apology explaining why he questioned sissy and back tracks on ish and then My aunt was like On LIFE I’M OVER IT!

    Sissy goes- Chill cuh it’s not that deep :lol: and the aunt is all huffing and puffing on FB

    Then I go- “So y’all not gone get married?” :blink: *snickers*

    She was like I am done Razz!

    I say Well, man that sucks. Don’t go to bed angry at each other. Don’t go to bed #hangry either.

    That shyt sent sissy over the edge.

  40. 40
    See.Sea.H.Pound.Her...Pound Her Ass Good. Bang!Bang!Bang! :sheep: says:


    You know what tho R. And I don’t envy folks often. However Id be lying if I didn’t admit sometimes I wish I could live the simple life. Buying food and weed :ashamed: Forever pursuing a higher education :ashamed: It. Just. Seems. Easier than the path I’ve chosen. Damn I hate random drug tests :mad: :lol: To be able to smoke a blunt then split a pakg if thin mints with Luvie :love:

  41. 41

    MIA- she was talking about disrespecting my sissy which would be her cousin. They have no kids.

  42. 42
  43. 43
    Afiya says:


    DAMN :smack: NOW WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT…sounds like your on to something…she ain’t completely no gul yet!:thinking: HMMM, Sandra…you churgin’ on us huh You like ‘em cute in the face and mannish below the waist :winky: got it!

    :hug: @Sandra j/k :hahaha:

  44. 44

    GYPS! :rofl: she is rotten and ain’t nobody did it but her momma! :lol:

    So, I go to refresh b/c I see someone else wrote something and I see all his comments are gone and i’m like :blink: :wtf: happened here?

    She calls him out and writes this whole status- “fukk a nigguh I can feed my self clothe myself and smoke weed myself ION need no nigguh for nothing..” and some other ish..

    I wish I had of screen shot that ish b/c she just deleted that :rofl:

    When she wrote that I said :blink:


    Her latest update is: “No Matter What We Always Gone Be Together Period. :heart:

  45. 45
    luVn_liFe... says:

    MsB2u Why u rolling ur EYEs?

    @RAZZ, hilarious, #hangry either. :rofl: U aint bout nuffin!! :hahaha:

    BREN :crying1: lemmeLONE, I had to feed my inner fat girl :(
    I neva ProfeSSed to be Perfect,or fine like . . (9whoever)
    NOR A Rose Scowler

    Im just me. I like to eat;btw thin mints are my FAVE :eek:

  46. 46

    Bren- I wish I had a life that simple too. living with the moms and live in b/f come in when I please… :phew:

  47. 47
    luVn_liFe... says:

    I wonder how TRENDSEtter is doing, an OlSkOOL, angieGIRL :|

  48. 48
  49. 49
    Miany says:

    :rofl: sorry Razz your cousin’s brain is all smooth no ridges… her boyfriends too :lol:

  50. 50

    MIANY me and my sissy were in tears.. then she goes and posts a BitStrip of us “hatching a devious plan” and puts “HAHAHA FSE!” and I didn’t know what fse meant, so she put me as scratching my head :lol:

  51. 51
  52. 52
    Miany says:

    :hi: bye razzle… they done abandoned me too.. THANKS ROSES!

  53. 53
    MzTisch says:

    luVn_liFe… says:

    I wonder how TRENDSEtter is doing, an OlSkOOL, angieGIRL

    Trend from Chicago, right?

  54. 54
    See.Sea.H.Pound.Her...Pound Her Ass Good. Bang!Bang!Bang! :sheep: says:

    I am out! especially since everyone else seems to have left.

    Bye Ashy :bye:

    Oh, hey there Mimi :tea:

  55. 55
    MzTisch says:

    Watching the Catfish reunion…….

    The black girl from Oakland that faked being gay and was using the other girl for money (who was homeless) is on and she blew UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Leggings or jeggins are not for everyone and they are in red. She looks so sloppy.

  56. 56
    Miany says:

    @Mztisch… :happy: to see u cuz I’m here all night…like until at least 11 Ion even watch catfish but Ima say… thats cuz god dont like ugly @Bren :happy: you right here with me….stay ur lil ashy self riiiiiiiight here

  57. 57
    Miany says:

    ION WATCH THE NEWS MUCH… :wtf: is all this bout Obama care system glitches?
    I get the need to sign up but if the system aint workin can’t folk just come back when it’s working?
    Shiii talking bout folk confused, what’s so confusing? It’s broke… come back when it’s working… aint there more pressing news?
    Am I missing something?

  58. 58
    The Pearl! says:

    :hi: and, um :newpost:

  59. 59
    Jdore says:

    I love Sandra’s lil boy but can he PLEASE walk on his own :crying:

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