Black Friday mayhem

Black Friday mayhem


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    These are they same people who are complaining about not being able to pay their mortgage or rent or even healthcare running out for cheap tv…

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    Sandra Rose says:

    I avoid Black Friday sales because they are not real sales, per se. The stores have the same sales prices throughout the year. It’s a scam.

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    IsThisThingOn... says:

    :no: no words… just :facepalm:

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    sassyshe says:

    People are idiots. Cyber monday and the week prior to Christmas are the cheapest. Like are you that dumb to do 1-5 or get fined for a piece of electronic the store paid 10 dollars for

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    FuturedocDonte says:

    I messed around and went to Babys R Us to try to get some more bottles and blankets :smack: maaaaan :no:

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    sassyshe says:

    Sandra are you going to post on teyanna getting fired coutesy of rihanna stans

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    Sandra Rose says:

    sassyshe says:

    Sandra are you going to post on teyanna getting fired coutesy of rihanna stans

    I didn’t know Teyanna Taylor had a job. :shrug:

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    KayCeiSoul says:

    I just want to know WHY the man who got mushed over his big screen neglected to formulate a plan to get his t.v. home without walking it?!

    I am honest. I don’t steal. But I am certain that I would have robbed him myself if I’da seen him on that heel-toe express with that big screen. :yes:

    Me: *S’Cuse me Sir…S’Cuse me…*

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    KayCeiSoul says:


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    LSLH says:

    Sandra, do you and your mom celebrate Thanksgiving, since you’re from across the pond?

  11. 11
    Sandra Rose says:

    I’m in Florida. I have family coming over in a few. I’ll try and post later. :)

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    IsThisThingOn... says:

    Enjoy your time with your family, Sandra!

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    KayCeiSoul says:

    running out for cheap tv…


    You ain’t ee’em lyin’ Dawn! Seems like JuneBug and Marcus is putting those tv’s together right there in the warehouse of Target, Wal-Mart, etc…
    All the folks I know who has bought them as of late have had major issues.

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    KayCeiSoul says:

    Awww shewt! Enjoy that good weather and family time Auntie.

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    Pretty Brown Eyes says:

    More importantly can we get a post on exactly what job Teyana Taylor has to get fired from???

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    sassyshe says:

    Sandra her addidas deal that most of GOOD music artist got. She was boasting about it since September as they were to be released today but after she posted Rih pics the stans started a petition and addidas canned her

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    sassyshe says:

    Oh happy thanksgiving all. Sandra have fun with your fam

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    FuturedocDonte says:

    i’m still on the evelyn lozada post. The ink wont dry on them divorce papers before she hopped on another po-go stick :eek:

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    IsThisThingOn... says:

    sassyshe says:

    Oh happy thanksgiving all.


    Thank you; same to you.

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    prima_donna2163 says:

    Thanksgiving is a time for family…those deals will be around. Trust, stores are trying to get rid if their stuff, it’s not like it won’t go in sale for Christmas….

    re: Teyana Taylor, if she was that relevant they would haven’t dropped her. Pros n cons.

    Happy holidays Luvs!

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    KayCeiSoul says:

    but after she posted Rih pics the stans started a petition and addidas canned her.


    She could have actually been great….fit body…some talent…Superbowl face…

    Yes – she could have been nice for Adidas. But nooooo. She had to let the pressure of what another bish does get to her. You have to truly accept success when it comes, and that means putting all things childish/immature aside and being about staying consistent and relevant.

    Karma. :coffee:

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    KayCeiSoul says:

    Carrington says:

    I’d really like to talk to the guys who marry, or make babies with a known groupie. Like, how low is your self esteem that you decided to make a baby with someone who is clearly in it for the coin.


    Hey Carrington babes! Happy After-Thanksgiving!

    You are going to be talking to A LOT of these dumb bastids, because they are SO bleached when it comes to choosing what is best for their lives rather than choosing what looks good to their eyes.

    It is a sad state of affairs. They’ll be looking for a nice, decent, good girl when they are on the brink of broke though.

    Unfortunately the heaux’s stay winning. :coffee:

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    rwilliams4782 says:

    Idk when people will realize they aren’t getting any deals.. The true sales are always a week prior to thanksgiving. You are truly paying the price you’re supposed to anyway. I was so unbothered and unmoved yesterday. I didn’t go anywhere. I ate a salad and drank some wine and called it a night.

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    rwilliams4782 says:

    Adidas/Reebok will drop you if you sneeze wrong. I’m sure she got a few coins from them. I see a great future for her. Shes still young.

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    datsmdubya2u says:

    Black Friday A.K.A Peasant Brawl

    The 1% find this very entertaining= Poor Folk fighting over boots..HILARIOUS!!!

    UP Next! The Real Hunger Games!!!! Hosted by Ryan Seacrest!

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    Ni ni says:

    I dont come out the house black friday if I can help it. Anywhoo, I do believe the baby for evelyn will ensure her lifestyle for the next 18 yrs. But she better draw up some kind of contract. These ballers want the pretty mixed looking babies but they will take custody quick nowadays and she will be broke once again.

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    AlluringlySweet says:

    This is utter foolishness. The 1% aren’t the only ones laughing at these nuts…I die laughing too. It’s almost like watching a mini purge.

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    I went to Wal-Mart this morning and went right to the self check out with no problem :yahoo: got hella DVDs for 1.96 :danban:

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    It’s to cold to be standing outside,… And I rather pay a few dollars more to avoid standing in someone’s line, I’m not a penny pincher. So ,.. Yeah. I’m to lazy to deal this

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    Sunkissed404 says:

    Somebody let me know when White Friday is…I’m not here for all the Tom Foolery.

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    FuturedocDonte says:

    I just read that Marissa Alexander was released on Bail and was home in time for thanksgiving :yahoo:

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    MsB2u says:


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    ashiiddd! wont ever catch me out in that madness :nono:

    i’d be in jail frfr :tea:

    plus the whole thing is just ridiculous to me :shrug:

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    FuturedocDonte says:

    I just read that Marissa Alexander was released on Bail and was home in time for thanksgiving

    :nun: wont HE do it?!?! :woohoo: <—church shoutin


    i've listened to "It Won't Stop" by Seven Streeter 1254854484155 times today :crying:

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    PumpkinsMama says:

    FAY! FAY! :kiss: Why you so nervous? :huh:

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    Ni ni says:

    I had no idea another House Party movie was made. Of course they had to whiten it up with a white wanna be down rapper as one of the stars with a fake hood accent. Meanwhile the black rapper appears to be obsessing over the nonblack girl as the love interest… I cant watch no more.

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    PumpkinsMama says:

    I will Fay :pray: :nun: :hug:

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