Kate Middleton Fires Her Hair Stylist

Kate Middleton fires hair stylist

London is buzzing about a royal termination ordered by the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, aka Kate. It seems Kate fired her top hair stylist, James Pryce, for committing the ultimate sin.

The National Enquirer reports that Pryce created a fake Facebook page and Twitter account featuring hundreds of pictures of Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton to promote his hair salon.

According to The Enquirer, Kate felt betrayed by her favorite coiffeur. It’s a good thing Kate has more than one hair stylist at her beck and call.

“Richard Ward still cuts Kate’s hair and she has her color done at the salon,” an ex-colleague of Pryce told The Telegraph newspaper.

“Plus, she has her stylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, who blow dries her hair for events, but James has really been pushed out.”

Pryce has declined to comment on the allegations to the newspaper.


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    lovezoe says:

    Taken/ we posted the same thing at the same dang time. :rofl:

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    A.J. says:

    Now Amanda Cook Tucker is the one that needs firing! Kate stay looking a mess like the ole queen of England. :tea:

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:


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    FuturedocDonte says:

    My mama fired her hair stylist after the health dept came up in there and shut the salon down WHILE she was under the hair dryer :coffee:
    :angry: <— my mama

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:

    :lol: Zoe cause this ain’t it. This will not get me through the morning. I’d rather get another Kanye rant post.
    Before you get SMOOSHED :ghost: <SMOOSHED

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:

    Listening to the Webbie interview on Breakfast Club. He does crack me up. When he was on Rickey Smiley he got me with ‘you already knooooow’ :hahaha:

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    A.J. says:

    Before you get SMOOSHED :ghost: <SMOOSHED
    :rofl: that picks me up err'time!!

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    Milky says:

    Good morning all :yawn: im so sleepy, up late preppin for turkey day!

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    lovezoe says:

    Taken- I guess Kanye think because he Kanye Sway won’t rock that jaw. :rofl:

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    A.J. says:

    Milky :kiss: hey lady

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:

    Zoe. One day Kanye is going to yell at the wrong person and they are going to :box: beat him to sleep. He keeps saying he is from Chicago to people. Ok. People get beat in every zip code :lol:

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    lovezoe says:

    Who you telling. All folks from the “D” can’t fight either. Bring ole Ye back. This new dude is just a ticking time bomb.

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:

    Webbie said shout out to all the ladies purses I stole.
    Webbie said there is God in me. He said back before he was semen (action word) he prayed for twins and he got them. So God is real
    It took me a minute to realize he was talking about :sperm:

    I can’t. There is too much ignorance in the world for me to live on :dead:

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    Milky says:

    @aj :kiss: how r u today sir?

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:

    All folks from the “D” can’t fight either.
    I always cracks me up when people who are :lame: claim a hood all proud like they can’t get got. Ok mister southside…. when John Deer from Wyoming beats the black off you rep your set then :lol:

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    Milky says:

    @lovezoe u from the D?

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    Sandra Rose says:

    Another hair post coming up. Good morning early risers! :waves:

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    MisTaken :cell: The Black Mamba says:

    Another hair post coming up. Good morning early risers
    Let me :cell: DTTS cause I know she loves hair posts. And Man

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    Paying bills on payday :angry:

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    Milky says:

    Good morning @ Sandra :hug: pls keep the post coming, u gotta helpme through this day.

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    Caramel Rain says:

    oh no!

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    IsThisThingOn... says:


    Happy Easter :tea:

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    IsThisThingOn... says:

    Morning Sandra! :waves:

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