Cat fight

A Michigan woman is recovering at home after being hospitalized with a serious infection resulting from a cat fight that was caught on video.

The unidentified Melvin, Michigan woman told MyFox Detroit that she took in the stray cat after someone threatened to shoot it. She said she owns three other cats, and the stray cat was "sweet as pie" at first. But she said the cat eventually became aggressive and attempted to attack her mother's dog.

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Major Changes At V-103

If you haven't heard by now, there has been a major shakeup at local radio station V-103. According to a report on, radio personalities Crash, Ryan Cameron's best friend and sidekick (center), and Kendra G (right) are gone. But the biggest news is Egypt Sherrod has resigned from her position as V-103 midday host to pursue other media interests. In addition to her radio work, Egypt Sherrod is the popular host of HGTV's Property Virgins, and she also runs the entertainment and gossip blog,

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Twerking burglar

Police have arrested a man who burglarized a Clinton Hill, Brooklyn apartment building while his female accomplice 'twerked' outside. Akintunde Mills, 47, was arrested Friday after the surveillance video was released to the public. Police say the woman was 'twerking' to serve as a distraction while her partner-in-crime was inside stealing FedEx packages. A resident later reported packages missing after the Dec. 4 incident. Police say the pair stole $200 worth of clothing.

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MRSA Bacteria

Previously, I told you about rapper T.I.'s niece, Kamaya, who was sickened with a serious skin infection. According to Kamaya's social media accounts, she was hospitalized for a week with a boil inside her nose. The infection started out as an innocuous pimple inside her nostril. The pimple developed into a boil, then into an abscess. Thankfully, Ms. Harris has recovered from her ordeal.

But others weren't as fortunate. Three patients died of pneumonia caused by a Staph infection within days of each other at a hospital in London, Ky., USA Today reports. One man, Eric Allen, 39, was admitted with a serious form of pneumonia caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Allen was described as "coughing up bits of lung tissue" before his organs failed and he died.

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