Celebs Out & About: Kelly Rowland, Regina King

Kelly Rowland Waves To The Camera In New York City

R&B songbird Kelly Rowland, 32, was seen leaving her hotel in New York City wrapped up in a warm fur jacket. She waved to the adoring paparazzi as she walked by. Don’t you love it when a woman dresses casually? When a woman dresses casually she is telling the world that she is comfortable enough in her own skin not to show any skin (I SEE YOU Beyonce).
Photos: INFphoto.com and Splash News

Regina King In Town Promoting

Speaking of casual wear, actress Regina King, 43, carried a pair of orange Christian Louboutin pumps as she arrived at her hotel in New York City today. The actress is in town to promote the Lifetime movie ‘The Gabby Douglas Story’. Friends say her relationship with rapper/actor Common has cooled in recent weeks. Maybe that’s why she looks so pressed?
Photo: Mauceri/MacFarlane/INFphoto.com


17 Responses to “Celebs Out & About: Kelly Rowland, Regina King”

  1. 1
    69 says:

    “Bobby, the dog is GREEN!”

    “What up G?

    What up, niggaaaa!”

    I love Regina King. :hahaha:

  2. 2

    Common sure likes him some manly-looking women. :hide:

  3. 3
    Brownskin Cutie (Carrington's E-boo) says:

    Regina looks better with short hair.

  4. 4
    69 says:

    “Oh you called me a black bytch and now you finna get CHO azz KICKED!” :hahaha:

    She has had some classic lines in black movie history! :yes:

  5. 5
    69 says:

    “He thank he’s the mack!

    Yea, macaroni!”


    Ok I’m done. Who else got some Regina quotes? :hahaha:

  6. 6
    Smonae says:

    Beyonce dresses causually too when she not on stage, she done told u she wakes up FLAWLESS :yes:

  7. 7
    Smonae says:

    opps “casually”

    Brown I agree, not feeling that hair style on her :no:

  8. 8
    KyCakes says:

    :shakebutt: <—– Regina & Janet in "Poetic Justice"
    Shake it to the East…Shake it to the West…It really doesn't matter…who shakes the best…Hey, hey….cause I shake the best….

  9. 9

    Bawahahaha Sandra Sandra Sandra… :ha: Other than the WIT I like Regina’s DUCK BOOTS I remember rocking Duck Shoes in grade school 1984. Trying to like Kelly’s jacket but the design is off IMO.

  10. 10
  11. 11
    KyCakes says:

    So…..Puffy is shutting down Bad Boy, huh? :think:

    Wonder what bodies THAT graveyard will reveal:
    Black Rob
    Craig Mack
    Cherry Denis
    Day 26
    Dirty Money

  12. 12
    Who Dat says:

    Brenda Jenkins better werk :nun:

  13. 13
    Who Dat says:

    Wonder what bodies THAT graveyard will reveal:
    Black Rob
    Craig Mack
    Cherry Denis
    Day 26
    Dirty Money

    The ghost of Biggie
    A tranny that belongs to Ma$e
    Lil Kim that came down the escalator… but never went back up.
    Lil Kim’s original nose
    Lil Kim’s rib she had removed
    Faith’s career
    Loon’s sobriety
    Shyne’s sanity
    Jennifer Lopez before Jennifer Lopez was dating teenage boys named Casper, before she was married to Marc Anthony, before she was one half of Bennifer….

  14. 14
    KyCakes says:

    You win, Dubb :crying1:

  15. 15
    Who Dat says:

    They gonna be all up under desks and stashed in CLOSESTS and shyt @Ky!! Man LISTEN. :rofl:

    He better call Da Band up there to help him clean the offices out. They not working. Babs Bunny and all 68 teeth of hern prolly need the money.

  16. 16
    KyCakes says:

    …and on that note, Ladies & Gentlemen…I am out.. :ghost:


  17. 17
    EL CHA CHA says:

    :mad: My change fell out my pocket in the bathroom stall, their was three otha heffas in there, I picked up the majority of it but a couple of my gold dollars rolled away….DO YOU KNOW THEM BROADS WAS QUIET AS HAIL…IM STANDING THERE LIKE AINT NOBODY GON SAY “I GOT IT OR NATHAN IN THIS BISH” :cuss:

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