Artist Receives Death Threats for Portraying World Leaders in Drag

World leaders in drag

An unknown artist who calls himself Saint Hoax is receiving death threats for his latest art project.

The project titled “War Drags You Out,” features a series of digital illustrations of world leaders in drag.

The subjects featured in the digital series include U.S. President Barack Obama, George Bush, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the King of Saudi Arabia.

As a result of his artistic license with middle east leaders, the unidentified artist has been threatened with death.

The artist explained his “War Drags You Out” project to the Huffington Post blog.

“I received over 70 [death] threats in my inbox deterring me from showcasing the [original] U.S.A.M.A [Osama Bin Laden] painting,” said Saint Hoax. “Quite frankly, I got worried. Luckily, instead of shipping the original painting I sent the curator a faux painting and it got lost. The curator emailed me saying that it was destroyed in the Kabul International Airport.”

Saint Hoax added:

“I never heard from him after that, and the art show failed to happen. I then decided to digitally illustrate the W.D.Y.O series. The digital process took less time than painting.”

In fear of his life, Saint Hoax decided against displaying his artworks in a public gallery. Instead, he is featuring the art on

World leaders in drag
President Obama

World leaders in drag
George Bush, aka “Georgia Buchette”

World leaders in drag
Vladimir Putin, aka “Vladdy Pushin'”

World leaders in drag
Adolph Hitler, aka “Hitleria Hysteria”


28 Responses to “Artist Receives Death Threats for Portraying World Leaders in Drag”

  1. 1
    Anna says:

    Baricka O’Bisha, what’s the name for the other world leaders?

  2. 2
    dustypork says:

    These are cool.

  3. 3
    Just Looking says:

    :popcorn: OHHH LAWD :facepalm: This is going to be a SHIATTT STORM

    :bi: Turns to Ru Paul Drag Race :DRIVE:

  4. 4
    Sandra Rose says:

    Anna says:

    Baricka O’Bisha, what’s the name for the other world leaders?

    I added the names.

  5. 5
    Afiya says:

    :facepalm: SO DISRESPECTFUL :smh:

    I :heart: RPDR tho :popcorn: WERK BITCHES!!!!

  6. 6
    Smokie says:

    This is just too creative to hate.

  7. 7
    Yardgirl says:

    Smokie says:

    This is just too creative to hate.


    That’s my feeling too :yes:

  8. 8
    cteastcoast says:

    That’s pretty dope no need for the threats :coffee:

  9. 9
    Unshakable says:

    Hello to all roses, thorns, and lurkers

    And Auntie Sandrita Rose :kiss:

    These pics are truly artistic. It’s amazing what people are capable of given the elements of thought and time. :think:

  10. 10
    69 says:

    Putin, and especially Hitler tho. :rofl: :rofl:

    They look like they ain’t playing. In serious Drag Queen mode.

  11. 11
    69 says:

    Unshakeable :hug:

  12. 12
    69 says:

    Smokie says:

    This is just too creative to hate.
    :shocked: Smokie is that you?

    I’m still laughing at your post forever and a decade ago. The one where the lil black boy got suspended after he called the white teacher cute and you said that you hated the fact that the mom’s name is Chiquita. That comment was classic. :hahaha:

  13. 13
    weFukNorNah says:

    Yayy my friend made it on the voice …. that is all

  14. 14
    69 says:

    Last post…

    I went back up and looked at President Obama’s transformation. I can’t want to hear what MAN has to say. :waiting:

    Anyway, until tomorrow my friends. :kona:

  15. 15
    Who Dat says:

    The art show above is everything. :nun:

  16. 16
    JuanHustle says:

    Artistic. Laughable, but with how sensitive society has become, many will grow furious over this until they fake care about the next issue “the machine” tells them to fake care about.

  17. 17
    On Break Baby says:

    Meh. Call me sensitive all you want but Im tired of certain peoples fascination with Hitler. He was a demon capable of pulling off the inevitable. The same inevitable that their lil hearts desires. Its like G Zims infamy. He just won’t go away. Yes Hitler is a historical figure, but let that man rot in hell. I doubt this is cute nor artistic to the millions who lost direct descendants :shrugs:

  18. 18
    On Break Baby says:

    I wasn’t laughing when the Harriet Tubman sex tape dropped either. Maybe I am too sensitive. I live in a society that has made me such. For I am only what society has made me, or in many cases portrays me. A society that has turned me into a thug for nothing other than the color of my skin. Don Lemononmics. It is once again ok to profile me just on gp. Go figure. In the 80s it was only those with a badge and the batter ram that we lived in fear of, this go round its not just the pigs, but also plain clothed citizens who have been given the authority over my life. My valueless life. And my brothers and sisters are cosigning. If you cant beat them, join them type mentality. The struggle is always tough, but to throw in the towel? To yell out No mas? Not I :nono: Folx no longer fighting against the man for everyone is to busy agreeing with the man in all their Whitenicious glory. My how the tides have turned. Regression leads to suppression, which turns to depression, which can cause one to snap :tea: I guess you’d be sensitive too if you could not walk to the corner store without the cops in the blk n white doing a double, triple, and quadruple neck turn. If only that were an Olympic sport, they’d definitely dominate in medals :tea: But I digress…

  19. 19
    :sissyclaws at Chris Bosh: Oh no you must be MISTAKEN cause D Wade asked me to be his BRIDEMAID :nun: says:


  20. 20
    Miany says:

    :waves: good morning. ..I like this. War is some bish azz shii……just like the artist depicts

  21. 21
    :sissyclaws at Chris Bosh: Oh no you must be MISTAKEN cause D Wade asked me to be his BRIDEMAID :nun: says:

    Hey Miany :waves: you still going strong with bad habit :lol:

  22. 22
    free says:

    our prez looks pretty good! putin, lol.

  23. 23
    libra80sbaby says:

    :yawn: Hey yall…I’m so weary and tired this morning. Need to get more sleep

  24. 24
    :sissyclaws at Chris Bosh: Oh no you must be MISTAKEN cause D Wade asked me to be his BRIDEMAID :nun: says:

    I hate when people linger at your desk and talk about nothing. The hint should be when I keep :typing: and ignore you. But no… they keep talking

  25. 25
    JerseyGirl68 says:

    LOL at Afiya’s comment “Werk Bitches!”.

  26. 26
    n1kk1a says:

    I love it! Fierce! Lol!

  27. 27

    interesting. that’s all I got.

  28. 28
    BlackBeauti says:

    I’m glad he received death threats. This mess is ignant and for him to call the first Black President a bitch is dumb ass fack.

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