Monica Brown game face

Monica Brown game face

R&B Diva Monica Brown put on her game face while cheering on the San Antonio Spurs who defeated the Charlotte Bobcats 104-100 in a close game at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, Feb. 8.

San Antonio signed Mo's husband, Shannon Brown, to a 10-day contract to fill in for guards Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard who are both on the injured list. Brown entered the game with 9.5 seconds left in the 4th quarter to replace Kemba Walker, who fouled out. Monica wrote in the photo caption: "#MyFaceWhenTheOtherTeamScores #RollsEyes then I won't look for 3 seconds."

Shannon Brown SAn Antonio Spurs

In addition to his Spurs paycheck, Brown, 28, is still collecting a hefty $3.5 million from his contract with the Washington Wizards after he was traded by the Phoenix Suns last October. Brown was waived by the Wizards 3 days after he was signed. “They was pretty swift with it,” Brown, 28, said with a laugh. He said he spent the past three months "waiting for someone to call me."

In an interview with the Washington Post, Brown said he never got the chance to meet Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, the man who still signs his checks. “I haven't met him yet but I appreciate it,” Brown said.

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    Thanks for the new Sunday post Miss Sandra!! :happy:

    I love Monica's game attire. That's all I got :)

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    I love Monica and Shannon! She seems very happy with him!

    Happy Sunday Auntie!

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    Love the dark lip. Like red wine.

  • i :heart: sandrarose time warner can kiss my puppylove

    So they signed him for 3 days and he gets 3.5mill and he can play for another team. God is so good.

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    I'm so proud of Monica (like I know her). She has grown to be a well grounded young woman who fully embraces the role of a wife and mother. Best wishes! I like her look as well.

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    Monica got that straight up Georgia Peach mentality :hahaha: straight up ... I feel ya Mo !

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    At least Shannon ain't no scrub!!

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    She looks like Da Brat in that picture.

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    I love Monica this is my celeb twin :)

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    Monica seems like a cool a** chick! Just so down to earth and she's a beauty! Go head MB????????