Rumor: Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Split

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez split

If actress Halle Berry got pregnant in the hopes of keeping her man at home, it didn’t work. According to the NY Daily News, Halle, 47, and her 3rd husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, 48, have been living apart since she gave birth to their son, Maceo Robert Martinez last October. The couple have not been seen publicly together since December. This is no surprise. Halle has a history of failed relationships due to her reported narcissistic tendencies. Having a baby in her late 40s reeks of desperation.


A source tells the NY Daily News that Berry, 47 and Martinez, 48 are currently living separately and that the reason for their troubled relationship might have something to do with their hectic work schedules. The mom of two is currently working on her new CBS show Extant, while Olivier has been keeping busy working on ABC’s, Revenge.

Rumors really began to spiral out of control after Berry was spotted at an Oscars party without her wedding ring. But on Wednesday night, Martinez was photographed out and about in Los Angeles with his ring planted right on his left hand.

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    1. 1
      Who Dat says:

      Having a baby in her late 40s reeks of desperation
      And danger. Cause she is a known diabetic. Which already made for a dangerous pregnancy at any age.

    2. 2

      “If actress Halle Berry got pregnant in the hopes of keeping her man at home, it didn’t work.”

      Maybe she genuinely wanted a family and another baby :shrug:

      Anyway, she ain’t got nothing on Liz Taylor’s collection of (ex-)husbands :tea:

    3. 3
      BigSisterGorgeousOne says:

      Damn Halle

    4. 4
      2know the ledge excuses are for the weak says:

      hallie is cute and all but never really understood the appeal of her. Just like I don’t get the hype over beyonce either. is it b/c they light bright?

    5. 5
    6. 6
      OpinionHated says:

      Halle is crazy and so is he – beating up Nahla’s daddy in front of the child – Halle need to start eating furr burgers and call it a day cause she don’t do too good with men.

      Dude looks a bit crackish in that pic – kinda like Skeletor aka Marc Anthony

    7. 7
      Ni ni says:

      I dont see the appeal in Halle either. Beyonce is beautiful, after they doll her up or she’s half naked. I hope Halle dont have to pay any more.child support. I dont think I wouldve.had any more.children after that model guy.

    8. 8
      GottaBigOne says:

      Oh Shucks Y’all . . . Just Leave Me Be, already!

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