Carl Payne and Malika Payne divorce

Actor Carl Payne, star of "The Cosby Show" and "Martin", is available now if you ladies want him. According to gossip tabloid, Carl's wife, Malika Payne, filed for a divorce after 20 years and draining his bank accounts dry.

Mailka is naturally asking for everything including the kitchen sink.

Melika Payne cites irreconcilable differences in the docs she filed last month in L.A. County Superior Court. The couple has a son, and she's asking for sole physical custody and joint legal.

Melika also wants spousal support from Carl -- who's probably best known as Walter "Cockroach" Bradley ... Theo's pal on "The Cosby Show."

Carl and Melika got married back in 1992 -- the same year he started on "Martin" -- and separated in 2012.

Small consolation, but 20-years is a pretty damn good run in Hollywood ... or just about anywhere, these days. Source

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    • JerseyGirl68


    • LadyT

      Ain't she supposed to be Bobby Brown's first baby mama? Anyway that's a long time to be together , it's sad they couldn't work it out. Carl has held up very well though.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      I get a gay vibe from dude anyways :tea:

    • San ah make ya dance

      Why cockroach tho :hahaha:

    • San ah make ya dance

      who’s probably best known as Walter “Cockroach” Bradley
      Nah I'd give him Cole on Martin :yes:

    • Ms. YaYa

      Actor Carl Payne, star of “The Cosby Show” and “Martin”, is available now if you ladies want him
      Nawl, we don't want him :tea:

    • 69

      Even tho it ain't true it is funny as hell looking at them memes online about Jonny Football blowing Drake back out in the locker room. Then folks automatically peg Drake the bottom in the situation is what gets me going. :rofl:

    • JerseyGirl68


    • JerseyGirl68



      I didnt even know Cole was married.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      69, Jersey :waves:

    • 69

      Jenie. :kiss:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      I thought I heard this guy was having financial problems :thinking: Let me do go... I have homework to tackle... cause I do not plan on looking at any homework this weekend BBL :bye:

    • hell_on_heels

      Sad that they couldn't work it out after 20 years. I thought he was selling cars now.....?

    • SummerBaby

      I saw him last year at the Indianapolis Black Expo last summer & he's very short man.

    • Afiya

      :wave: GOOD MORNING ROSES :hi:

      Where he get that name from :eek:

      O/T: why some fat girls dress so sloppy, holes in their clothes, pants dragging in the already fat for obvious reasons, why you gotta look trifling with it too, damn, I know this a shipyard but damn, if want attention (and she wants it badly) wouldn't you think you would start with your appearance? :facepalm:


    • zurishay

      Naw, hes better known as Cole... Cole trumped Cockroach.

    • Draya said “that’s what strippers do” puppylove

      Guess he going to find big Shirley now. :waves: Morning Roses

    • zurishay

      How come u can write cawkroach and I cant? I got ****roach!

    • libra80sbaby

      Damn Cole...I aint even know dude was married. Smh but 20 years in hollyweird is damn near unheard of. Good luck Cole...saw him on The Rickey Smiley Show. He always gone be COLE to me tho :shrugs:

    • KayCeiSoul

      She couldn't take another minute of his chest hurhs.
      They look really abrasive.

    • Beta

      Um okay :tea:

    • Buttercup

      Morning y'all :hi: I would hope that after being married for twenty years, we could work things out. My grandparents were married for 62 years before my granddad died. Hopefully, I'll one day be bless (Ms.T :winky: ) like that.

    • Wasting time

      Why not Carl "Cole" Payne . . . .
      Carl "C0ckroach" Payne :hahaha:

    • Buttercup

      She couldn’t take another minute of his chest hurhs.
      They look really abrasive.
      :chase: It is too early for you to be cutting up like this

    • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

      Um, Libra, I'm unable to take anything you say, in this post, seriously with that gravi of yours ma'am :hahaha:

      :hi: All :tea:


      I don't know why this post is so hilarious to me.

    • Man, I just don’t care™

      Um.. she looks like a zombie. :eek:

      I think of him as Cole too.

      Come on. When the money is gone, the love ain't far behind. 20 years is basically a success these days. Did they have any kids?

    • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

      20 years is basically a success these days.

      gotta agree with that, even though my parents have been married mannie mannie years :shrug:

      Man, you see they tryna get your kissing congressman to resign? they must not like him for some other reason 'cause they usually circle the wagons when one of them gets caught. i mean, even the old man who was trolling for young boys was afforded more consideration than they're giving McAllister.

    • KayCeiSoul

      But is the troof.

      It just gives me the willys to see a big mess of chesshurhs on a man.
      AND he's short? Look like a lil' troll. :no:

      I like a thin layer...but not all that untamed wilderness. Ugh. :-D

    • Nasir Rahim

      Im sure one of the budding chicken head actresses will scoop him up.

    • Nasir Rahim

      He's a good dude tho. I wish him the best.

    • KayCeiSoul

      Morning y’all I would hope that after being married for twenty years, we could work things out.



      This is really how I feel about it too.
      You done seen my dirty laundry, 2 days after I couldn't get to it.

      You done stepped on toenail clippings.

      You done heard me snore-snort-snore, in that order.

      You done seen me lift the sheets with gas and didn't run or die.

      You done seen me wake up with wop-sided hurh and walking crooked until my byke straightened out after my stretches.

      You done talked to me, full facial conversations, as soon as I turn over from a comatose, drank induced, raw stomach sleep with NO TOOTHPASTE the next mornin'.

      You done heard all the "behind their back" perspectives about all of my friends, family, kids, and co-workers.

      You ain't leaving after 20 years. We in this fo' LIFE. :coffee:

    • thriftStoreJungle

      we're still doing dark lip liner and light lip color, ey?