HEaven Woods

A 5-year-old Rome, Georgia girl has died of blunt force trauma injuries. The child's mother was arrested and charged with child cruelty, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.


An autopsy at the GBI Crime Lab in Atlanta revealed Heaven Woods died of blunt force trauma to her abdomen. Heaven’s mother, Amanda Hendrickson, 33, and her boyfriend, Roderick Buckner, 34, with whom Heaven and her mother had been living, was also arrested.

Hendrickson is charged with felony child cruelty in the first degree and giving false statements, and additional charges are expected, according to the AJC.

Buckner also faces first degree felony child cruelty charges, and additional charges could be added.

The Georgia Department of Family and Children Services was familiar with Heaven's mother. The GBI said DFACs had a "history" with Hendrickson in Rome.

From AJC.com:

eaven was found unresponsive in Buckner’s the Forsyth home Tuesday, where girl and her mother had been living since May, according to the release. Monroe County 911 received two calls about 8:51 a.m. referencing an unresponsive child at Buckner’s Brookwood Drive residence.

Hendrickson told Forsyth police Heaven had been staying with a friend in Rome, and was sick when she returned to Forsyth Monday night, according to the incident report from Forsyth police officers.

First responders performed CPR on the girl and told police Heaven’s body had “visible evidence of possible abuse,” according to the report.

The young girl was transported to Monroe County Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, according to the GBI release.

  • Just Looking

    God Rest her Soul.

    Somebody or bodies gonna beat her arse in jail.

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    another angel went to be with our good lord, albeit to soon and unnecessary

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  • MissSophiaizhere

    So sad the worst abuse is to a child and the elderly hope they rot in prison :mad:

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    May these two fukkers rot in hell poor baby she is in a much better place than with that trash :mad:

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    I hope you're joking @ luVn?

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    No Sandrita Im not :no:

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    UGH. And this cow is preggars with baby number 5. Bish.

    Rip Heaven

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    Nev...Catfish Nev?

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    Yes duBB CATFISH NEV, and this animal up top is pregnant ?

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    :no: this bish here is gnat no 33. A lie and a grunt and not one bit of truth in it. Rest In Piss sorry sob's !

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    That heffa was 33 maybe 20 years ago. :SMH:

    RIP to that little angel. :-(

  • scorpio

    Forsyth, isn't that the place where no black people lived back in the day? Oprah went there and did an interview.

  • scorpio

    She was a cute little girl, so sad, probably never had a chance.

  • Dreadhead85

    That woman looks nothing like 33. She just looks like a negligent mother. I hope she gets the maximum punishment.

    That poor little girl. RIP Heaven

  • CocoKhaleesi

    Wow just amazing how women "mothers" treat their own daughter's... Bet she's on something...

  • GottaBigOne

    Y'all No What???

    When I saw the Beautiful Girl and read the story I KNEW (ahead of time) Before seeing the photos that a "Boyfriend" was involved as is often the case, unfortunately!

    These women get with these men who help them lose their minds . . . and CARE nothin' about their child or children . . . wants the young in their care to Vanish out of their Life after gettin' with their partners.

    YES! Let JUSTICE be Done in this and other Similar Cases!!!


  • oohlalalun

    My heart hurts. What a beautiful child :(. may she RIP

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    Rest In Peace...like they could have just given her to me....

  • The Pearl!

    God rest her little soul.

  • lisaROSE

    shes 33 in meth years people!!!
    such a precious angel named heaven born from such a devious mother! may God forgive her cause jail wont !!!

    God knows what that little saw in that house so he found a better place for her RIP

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    Poor baby. This is why trash shouldn't procreate.

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    That old looking heaux is only 33? :no:


    Very very sad! RIP baby girl.