Gabrielle Union covers Vegas magazine

Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union covers the 11th Anniversary issue of Vegas magazine.

Despite enduring the public humiliation of a having a cheating fiancé (Dwyane Wade), Union still has a lot to be thankful for.

Gabrielle Union covers Vegas magazine

Union stays busy promoting her upcoming film “Think Like a Man Too”, and approving the plans for the "dream home" that she and Wade are building in Miami.

As for her upcoming wedding, she's leaving the planning details to Wade. After all, he's experienced with a wedding (and a divorce).

“He’s having his princess moment. I have been to a wine tasting and said yes to the dress. Everything else he’s handling,” said Union.

Gabrielle Union covers Vegas magazine

On “Groomzilla” Dwyane Wade and Saying Yes to Multiple Dresses

“D’s very involved in every detail. My dude is having a princess moment. Me? I did the wine tasting, and I’ve said yes to the dress. In fact, I’ve said yes to a few of them. That’s the joy of getting married to a man who loves clothes and wardrobe changes: You can have more than one dress.”

On Feeling Like an Outsider and Hitting Rock Bottom

“I felt like I had to become a chameleon,” she says, acting one way with her white friends and another for people in her community. “Even as a popular girl, I was always looking through the window and very afraid of being exposed. I just wanted to assimilate and fit in.”

The Family She Didn’t Plan For But Can’t Imagine Living Without

“We were at the construction site in Miami where we’re building our dream home—aka the money pit,” she says. “I was wearing my Prada combat boots, no makeup, and D had a videographer recording the whole thing. I went from no kids to D getting full custody, and the next day we had a full house. So it was instant. Our lives never skipped a beat. When you’re someone who goes from never having thought about birthing her own babies to a ready-made family that has immediate needs and wants and desires, your life takes a back burner. If I were lucky enough to have one come out of my body, then great, I’d be totally open to that. But D’s kids are more than just part of the wedding. They are part of my life. They’re a package deal.”

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Photography by Randall Slavin; Styling by Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson for Rachel Zoe Studio; Makeup by Renny Vasquez; Hair by Larry Sims for Exclusive Artists using Got2b; Manicure by Anna Stimson for Exclusive Artists

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    This bytch needs to take that azz back in her hole :yawn: She looks beautiful though ..... I enjoyed not seeing this wench for those few months.. Groomzilla huh :hahaha: yeah okay
    They are part of my life. They’re a package deal.” < Glad u know :tea: cause when ya'll do divorce don't expect to take him to the bank. :coffee: he has kids to feed before you !

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    “Even as a popular girl, I was always looking through the window and very afraid of being exposed. I just wanted to assimilate and fit in.”
    :rolleyes: In short a damn Bully :tea: thought that shyt made you look cool huh !! Nah turned you into a adult Bully....

  • Thando

    Is there a bargain special 'Buy one get one free' on magazine covers going on? Or were the floodgates opened for equal opportunities/diversity promotion in the cover market?

    Just asking......

  • Sunkissed404

    Gabby has certainly worked hard to show the world just how basic she is. I thought the world of her when she was in "Deliver Us from Eva" and the like... She has done a great job of watering down her image for all. :tea:

    Bless her little homewrecking heart.... :chickenhead:

  • PumpkinsMama

    Wondering if Gabby preggo :thinking: nose lookin hella wide in dat first pic. And for a small girl (yet tall) she lookin kinda thick thru the middle and belly covered in ALL pics...


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  • OpinionHated

    Every time this idiot opens her mouth I cringe... I used to love her before I realized what a low self esteem dope she is.... really she gonna say she just wanted to fit in and acted different around different people - that tells me you a fake azz.... you don't know who you are and you don't love yourself... this chick here need to just shut up and look pretty....

  • zurishay

    How does a never married 40 something year old woman let a 30 something year old married and then divorced man PLAN her wedding as if hes more excited? SMH. Ive NEVER in all of my days heard of a scenario like this! It seems like shes just going with the flow because sh eknows she cant have children and all she could do is at least get some spousal support lined up for herself in the meantime. I sense no energy or excitement about HER OWN WEDDING!!!

    Oh and they already proved that he flat out cheated on her, and they weren't on BREAK...The timeline doesn't match your PR made up story Gabby. :tea:

  • missluv

    Is Gabby including Lil Xa in that package deal?!?

  • User Friendly

    looking kinda like Yandy in that first pic :blink: