RIta Ora Designs Sportswear Collection for Adidas

Rita Ora celebrating her new UK number one single

British chanteuse Rita Ora isn’t just a fan of Adidas sportswear, she is designing a collection for the iconic sportswear brand.

Rita announced her major achievement on her social media pages today.

“It’s official my first collection for Adidas!!!,” she wore. “Yes finally! Me and my team have worked so hard together to create the best sexiest coolest sportswear possible. Please enjoy it and bots it’s time to takeover!”

Rita is seen above celebrating her new UK #1 single “I Will Never Let You Down” at BBC Radio One Studios in central London today.

Rita Ora Adidas

What do you think of Rita’s designer skills?

Photos: Gotcha Images / Splash News and Instagram.com


25 Responses to “RIta Ora Designs Sportswear Collection for Adidas”

  1. 1
    FuturedocDonte says:

    I came in here to fry her but I actually like the Adidas coat :kona:

  2. 2
    Who Dat says:

    <<< Will admit that fetch done caught the heck on. I LIKE Rita now.

  3. 3

    Gethcha Money Gal! :fistbump:

    I like the floral jacket too, I’d rock it :yes:

  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6

    *dresses Thing up in that same jacket* We’s twins nah :grill:

  7. 7
    Hershey says:

    she dresses like shyt 99.9999999999999% of the time, hopefully her team had majority rules type of authority because her style is very hit and miss, emphasis on miss… but get your coins bloke! :thumbsup:

  8. 8

    *rips it off*
    I’m an individual! And not athletically inclinded! :rofl:

  9. 9
    luVn_liFe... says:

    she’s finally got something to dance to!

  10. 10

    she don’t do nothing for me BUT i never knock a hustle so, if they buying, you keep selling :champ:

  11. 11
  12. 12

    :coffee: <<<still waiting on Sandra to get me some LeBron 11's.

  13. 13
    Queeenie says:

    That jacket is nice. I’m not sure about her designing career though…

  14. 14
    libra80sbaby says:

    It aint Nike tho :tea:

  15. 15
    libra80sbaby says:

    :thinking: Is anybody outchea buying Adidas chit like that?? I mean other than Missy Elliott and Run DMC?? :shrugs:

  16. 16
    libra80sbaby says:

    And I STILL aint heard this bytch sing naan note :waiting:

  17. 17
    FuturedocDonte says:



    :phew: going to repent now :kona:

  18. 18
  19. 19

    DOC!!!!!!!!!! Man, look! :hahaha: I don’t eem remember how we found that clip… me & Mister was listenting to some Nephew Tommy pranks and somehow some church links turned up, and when we clicked on THIS one… :ghost:

  20. 20

    Hmm, this could be interesting if she does it right. Not sure how I’m feeling about this floral stuff though.. :think:

  21. 21

    I like the black and gold dress :thumbsup:

    she must be picking up where Teyana Taylor left off.

  22. 22
    waterlily_76 says:

    That is a nice pic of her and I like that coat.
    She actually has a decent singing voice. I like her song “I will never let you down”.

  23. 23

    I actually love her style! Its very eclectic for sure! :tea:

  24. 24
    Fated4Greatness says:

    I think she is perfect for an Adidas collab….cant wait to see the collection….I :love: Adidas

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