Celebrity Cars: Paul George’s Get Well Gift

Paul George Ferrari
Paul George Ferrari

Indiana Pacers star Paul George is still convalescing after suffering a gruesome lower right leg fracture during a USA basketball scrimmage in Las Vegas last week. Sources say George has the blues because he knows his career is possibly over. So one of his friends lifted his spirits by dropping off a shiny new $250,000 Ferrari 458 Italia Spider at the hospital where he is recovering after surgery. Don’t you wish you had friends like that?

Paul George Ferrari

From Yahoo News:

As George notes in his social media share, it’ll be some time before he can put enough pressure on the gas to get this thing going, but at least he feels “right again” and “blessed” after that horrific injury. In the meantime, whoever gets to drive George home from the hospital is one lucky person.

It’s unclear how the Ferrari came to be in George’s possession, but this model starts at $257,412. Considering George’s five-year, $91.6 million extension kicked in this summer, he can afford it. Or maybe Floyd Mayweather dropped it off as a get well soon gift during his recent hospital visit. Either way, enjoy.

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    1. 1
      Afiya says:

      NICE :yes:

      BUT…when will he be able to drive it :think:

    2. 2

      :thinking: didn’t Kevin Hart just get the same whip :thinking: Nice car

    3. 3
      Ms Peaches says:

      He better have an electric starter put in that mug.

    4. 4
      Wasting time says:

      Nice motivational tool :yes:

    5. 5
      lovezoe says:

      Who had seen that Busta Rhymes Swagger Wagon commercial?! :rofl:

    6. 6
      Wasting time says:

      Who had seen that Busta Rhymes Swagger Wagon commercial?! :rofl:
      Me and :rofl: is right.
      I was shock: the first time!

    7. 7

      lovezoe says:

      Who had seen that Busta Rhymes Swagger Wagon commercial?!

      Bout as bad as that Mary J burger king commercial :facepalm:

    8. 8
      Wasting time says:

      I hope SB get a check too cause they were super-manning that heaux all through the video :lol:

    9. 9
      bnatural says:

      lovezoe says:

      Who had seen that Busta Rhymes Swagger Wagon commercial?! :rofl:

      “Aight listen up motherfatha’s…’ :rofl:

    10. 10
      VDot says:

      Paul let me “borrow” your car until you get better. I’ll :steer: you around buddy!

      Nicki/Kim “beef” I am here for it :yes: But I’m petty like that. I like Nicki and Kim.I want some good diss songs to come out of it. Like some :headphone: FUKK YA B!TCH AND THE CLIQUE YOU CLAIM” type sh!t but minus the :ak47: :huh: It’s like watching a good fistfight where everybody goes home with maybe a bloody lip/black eye, but they live to see another day :lol:

      Morning yall! :waves:

    11. 11
      Wasting time says:

      Hey Dizzle :hi:

    12. 12
    13. 13
      lovezoe says:

      That video had me weak!! A check’s a check, I guess.

    14. 14

      Whew chile :phew: people are hitting the I’m stupid and she tried it button early this morning. This lady emailed me for her boss asking which dates for the WHOLE month of October am I not available for a possible meeting she MIGHT want to have with me and my department. BOL :hahaha: I told her that’s a lot of work on my end for some probable dates. How about you just tell me what dates you think you might want to meet and I yay or nay that? She hasn’t replied yet. Cause now she gotta do the work and the education :tea:

    15. 15
      kamadiva says:

      RE: Swagger Wagon – Why does Busta look like he ATE the dang Wagon?

      :hi: All…

      :kona: back to work! *sigh*

    16. 16
    17. 17

      Ruined my whole weekend when my dawg PG24 got hurt mayne!

      Ugh. Took some of the joy out of the upcoming season.

    18. 18
      pointhimout says:

      not sure about big ticket items when it’s questionable he’ll play ball again. healing is one thing, but actually playing up to par is another.

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