Celebs Out & About: Ciara, Nia Long, Rihanna

Ciara is all smiles in bright orange despite alleged breakup with the rapper Future

Single mom Ciara, 28, is all smiles despite breaking up with prolific breeder Future Hendrix, her third fiancé that we know of. Ciara was seen arriving at an office building wearing a bright orange outfit in NYC on Friday.


CiCi posted Instagram photos of her chubby son Future Zahir Wilburn, who turns 3 months old on Tuesday.
Photos: Janet Mayer/Splash News

Nia Long and her son Massai Zhivago Dorsey II having lunch in West Hollywood

Single mom Nia Long, 43, and her actor son Massai Zhivago Dorsey II were spotted having lunch in West Hollywood on Friday. Massai, 13, played Nia’s troubled son Rick in Tyler Perry‘s film The Single Mom’s Club.
Photos: JLM/Splash News

Rihanna goes out to party at the Bowery hotel in NYC

Single lady Rihanna showed some thigh in a slit dress at the Bowery hotel in NYC.
Photos: PC/YOUR DADDY/Splash News

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    26 Responses to “Celebs Out & About: Ciara, Nia Long, Rihanna”

    1. 1
      Aryanna says:

      I’m tired of ciara wearing them big axx clothes!

    2. 2
      Brownskin Cutie (Carrington's E-boo) says:

      “Prolific Breeder” maaaan auntie, you’re crazy! :lol:

    3. 3
      n1kk1a says:

      Riri is putting on some weight! Me likely! :thumbsup:

    4. 4


      At its best. No body can do it like you Auntie!

    5. 5
      lovezoe says:

      So I’m watching the premiere of Preachers of LA season 2. Detrick has such a nasty attitude. When you give him BIBLICAL correction, he loses it. I can’t with that queen.

    6. 6
      cocoa49 says:

      Ciara looks just plain blah

    7. 7

      I see Cierror still insecure bout that meat fat left on her :tea: not feeling Rhianna look :nono: but I’m still here for her and Nia :nun:

    8. 8

      lovezoe says:

      So I’m watching the premiere of Preachers of LA season 2. Detrick has such a nasty attitude. When you give him BIBLICAL correction, he loses it. I can’t with that queen.
      I will not :nono: Nope … They will never get my rating Charlatans :nono:

    9. 9
      lovezoe says:

      A mess Jenie. A mess. I can’t. Glad my pastor’s fruit is clear and true.,

    10. 10
      lovezoe says:

      Watched the Montell Jordan Unsung. Never knew he was married.

    11. 11
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Im glad Ci Ci can still smile. Sheesh her baby is a chubster. what is she feeding him :)

      Rhi looks real goodT, less that hand tatt

    12. 12
      Hershey says:

      Cici must be fighting a losing battle with baby fat. She never wears form fitting clothes anymore :sad: snap back ain’t in all of us…RIh looks good as usual

      Jenie, Deidre has the big head, you know she already has a spinoff show with Michelle from Destiny’s chirruns. He’s a very temperamental child, and his wife fits him perfectly. He runs all the way over her and she lays there waiting for the next drive over.

    13. 13

      and Nia smokes hellahh weed with them black lips :blunt: :hahaha: chile I just noticed that….. blowing major guns :yes: Her son did a good job in single moms club :clap:

    14. 14
      Kynedy L says:

      I like Rhi dress and the thigh action she’s giving us.

      Nia is gorg and can do no wrong.

      I heart Ciara but is she wearing an adult onesie?! :no: Get it together girl! Glad to see you smiling

    15. 15
      Who Dat says:

      Robyn is sexy as hell.

      Little Egyptian Sundial a lil chubster.

      All I got.

    16. 16


      if Thee-Thee don’t take of her Gramama good pants suit! :nono:
      that’s WAY too ma-tour for her! just matronly as HAIL!

      lubbs me a chunky bambino tho :love:

      Rih know she does sexi well :nun:

    17. 17
      ShadeQueen46 says:

      Im tired of C-error shopping at Big & Tall. Wearing oversized pimp suits like we don’t know she she still has baby weight

    18. 18
      sassyshe says:

      Ok so i didnt realize auntie put up all these posts in the psst 24 hours. Ok my 2 cents:
      – c-error stop sending out mass pics to the blogs in an attempt to show you ok, we all know you hurting that you are just a glorified baby mama to lizard man
      – princess rih, no words :love: sandra did melissa send you some love cause this was a nice (by your standards) rih commentary
      – i really would like black twitter and everyone tryna jump down these black celeb throats for Ferguson, there is little they can say or do to change the events; praise them for tryna do something good in light of the tragedy and in this case i gotta agree with b.o.b – half the folks who screaming outrage at these celebs not doing anything but typing 150 on twitter, sometimes you accomplish more when you gather facts rather than jumping immediately onto something

      Finally for all my princess ej haters that bish showed everyone tonight she can move all that fabulousness on the dance floor :lol:

    19. 19
      sassyshe says:

      Oh yea for karate chop that bish is pathetic i mean dude was just singing two days ago that he paid for your weave so he owns you and you owe him. But hoeing aint easy and i guess since he back to blond she can easily manipulate his crazy, plus she needs some gas so i guess next 2 weeks until another breakup

    20. 20
      Savannah says:

      Rih be :nun:
      Good Morning Sandra and Roses

    21. 21

      Ciara :stop: If you NOT old you NOT old. People want to still be young and you round here aging yourself. As far as the baby weight and snap back (scrolls back up) she looks good to me. The baby is 3 months :shrugs: She looks really good to me. Take you time. You are in shape. It will happen.
      So about the club I went to this weekend. The girl was a member of Zeta. No disrespect to the other ladies of that wondrous sorority :eek: She was not….. she… just no.

    22. 22
      San ah make ya dance says:

      Detrick has such a nasty attitude. When you give him BIBLICAL correction, he loses it.
      His attitude is very nasty :yes: You would think he was 20 instead of 40 :tea:

    23. 23
      San ah make ya dance says:

      Rhi herself is cute, but that dress aint really hitting

    24. 24
      lovezoe says:

      Watching CNN, my heart is heavy. Lord help us. It’s so hard not to be angry. I can’t deal.

    25. 25
      luVn_liFe... says:


    26. 26
      MrsJB says:

      :wave: Morning Everyone

      Did anyone see that clip from CNN, they were doing a story on the 103 year old AA lady and the song they played at the end? :facepalm:

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