Chris Brown cuddles up to on/off girlfriend Karrueche Tran as they attend his charity footbal game in Los Angeles, CA

Singer Chris Brown put his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran in a playful choke hold as they attended his charity flag football game in Los Angeles, CA., on Saturday. It's always nice to see ex couples remain good friends instead of plotting for each other's downfall.

Photos: Chessa /London Entertainment/Splash News

  • EYE :whip: finity yeen know? :tea:

    :lol: she prolly thinks they're back together now :tea:

    are they? :eek:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    What I tell :tea: give this leech 2 weeks

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    She ain't going no where :tea: and she and the people around will be his downfall.... Sad to say but eh :tea:

  • Nhere

    When did this happen? A) Chris brown being referred to as a singer again on this blog. B) A choke hold being described as playful when it comes to Chris Brown on this blog. C) A certain person not plotting on another's downfall (third person not pictured). :pigsfly:

  • Miss Iyana stay RAZZLING on you hating bishes :nun:


  • Aryanna

    Everytime she goes back to him .. She shows she NEEDS him.

  • http://n/a n1kk1a

    Playful choke hold? From CB? Okay.... :coffee:

  • Silly Syl

    Smh she needs to get a life of her own.

  • CocoKhaleesi

    Where his boo thang kenydull Jenner

  • buddapecan

    Oooohhhh I remember the days when I use to be young and stupid...taking my ex back after he cheated or disrespected me. I'm just glad he wasn't famous so the world wouldn't judge me everytime I decided to take him back. :coffee:

  • MrsL

    Oh Roochy Roo... :smh: She'll get it one day. Many of us have gone through a dumb phase I guess.

  • Lady_L

    I really actually LIKE these two together.......


  • Lady_L

    @CocoKhaleesi, love your avi...