Paul George Suffers Gruesome Leg Injury (Video)

Paul George

NBA star Paul George, 24, fractured his lower right leg during a USA Basketball scrimmage in Las Vegas on Friday, Aug. 1.

The injury occurred at the end of a fast break when George landed awkwardly and his leg collided into the basket stanchion.

George’s gruesome injury is similar to the shearing leg fracture suffered by Louisville Cardinals’ Kevin Ware during the 2013 NCAA basketball Tournament. The only difference being George’s fractured bone did not protrude through his skin.

Like Ware, George’s injury will require surgery to insert a pin to stabilize the broken bones. After the bones heal, George will require intensive rehab and physical therapy. The Indiana Pacers star will likely sit out the entire 2014-15 NBA season.

These types of injuries are difficult to watch, but they usually look worse than they feel.


The replay was shown once on the live telecast, but it was so disturbing that the commentators said it wouldn’t be shown again. (It’s out there if you want to see it, but it’s extremely tough to watch.) George ended up leaving on a stretcher.

Players were visibly upset, and the scrimmage was called once George was carted off.

“With the serious injury that we had … and out of respect to Paul and his family, the scrimmage is done, and we want to thank you for your support,” said USA Basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski, addressing the crowd at center court.

Despite the seriousness of his injury, George tried to remain upbeat:

Paul George

Coaches say the stanchions in college arenas are too close to the action:

Paul George

Chantel Jeffries (Justin Bieber’s ex) tries to throw shade on George:

Paul George

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    1. 1
      Shandra says:

      oh man…. :pray: he has a full recovery. hate to see anyone get hurt like that.

    2. 2
      FuturedocDonte says:

      Woooooooo lawwwwd :scared:

      Despite the post and warning: I wasn’t ready :no:

    3. 3
      Locapoca says:

      :blink: I wasn’t ready either it happened so fast! I had to play it twice because I missed it the first time. This is why our athletes need to stop blowing their money and invest for a rainy day. One wrong move can be a career ender. Hope he has a full recovery

    4. 4
      datsmdubya2u says:

      Sandy I’ll take your word for it as far as the injury being grusome. :pray: for a full recovery

    5. 5
      ALBoy says:

      Pacers can hang it up :no:

    6. 6
      ALBoy says:

      What does@ jillmonroe mean by karma is real?
      Who is she

    7. 7

      Shat :tea: good lawd…… :eek:

    8. 8
      Sandra Rose says:

      ALBoy says:

      What does@ jillmonroe mean by karma is real?
      Who is she

      Good morning. The “karma” comment was made by Chantel Jeffries (Justin Bieber’s ex). She was referring to Paul cheating on Doc Rivers’ daughter with a stripper and impregnating the stripper. Jill broke the story of Paul’s cheating ways on her popular Stiletto Jill sports blog. She tweeted Chantel that it’s “too soon” to throw shade on Paul while he’s still in surgery.

      I hope this helps. :coffee:

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      FuturedocDonte says:

      Jenie :waves:
      Sandra :hi:
      Everybody else :yes:

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      eastpointvet says:

      sad to see it happen

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      ALBoy says:

      Thank you Sandra so chantel is bitter… ok

    13. 13
      luVn_liFe... says:

      This is horribel, George will be alright.

      Chantel needs to STFU ol dyke face sloot. She has been ran thru by an athlete in every sport. She’s actually been spotted with Johnny Football lately.
      Kylie River’s isnt pressed so why is CHANTEL. Stick a dyke in ur mouth sloot and STFU

    14. 14
      ALBoy says:

      @East what up Bruh what them falcons gone do

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      ALBoy says:

      Luv is Chantel a model :coffee:

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      luVn_liFe... says:

      @ALBoy, No she’s an escort, #truestory I cant remember that “agency” (pimp) she works for…
      Somebody Angels

    17. 17
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Sherry sheppard’s surrogate had the baby . . sherry’s response, “and”


    18. 18
      ALBoy says:

      Escort huh I Just saw an.” Escort” and her manager arguing all I heard was 25 straight days no time off…
      Hopefully she was giving a ton of head cause if not she got whale cooter

    19. 19
      MisUnderstood says:

      I can’t watch :hide: :pray: all ends well for him.

      25 straight days no time off. Whale cooter. :Lol: :dead:

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      Is that my boo Donte :lick: bring it fawkin in :happy: hey bew !!!! How is the lil one…… I know she giving you hell :hahaha:

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      luVn_liFe… says:

      Sherry sheppard’s surrogate had the baby . . sherry’s response, “and”
      and that tis why she catching hell :tea: folks gone learn not to play with God’s children …….

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      :waves: <<<< Sandra's home cooked rib plate I'm bout to smash…. :yes: Sandra you are here in spirit :nun: I feel your presence …..

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      Lamar mad Sherri didn’t send any gifts. Sherri don’t give a damn. She said that’s YOUR baby.

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      lovezoe says:

      Don’t people know the same karma they wish upon or are giddy about others is the same that may come down on you? God don’t need no help in dealing with us.

    25. 25
      sassyshe says:

      Chantel works for Draya slut group I think. Bishes always gotta find a way to make it about them. Hopefully he recovers with no major impact to his career

    26. 26
      MisUnderstood says:

      Congrats to Lamar Sally & LS Jr. Sherri said hope all goes well with your new baby boy *dueces*

    27. 27
      MisUnderstood says:

      Don’t people know the same karma they wish upon or are giddy about others is the same that may come down on you?

      Sure enough

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