Nelly and girlfriend Shantel Jackson arriving at Sydney Airport

Rapper Nelly is ready to take responsibility for his own choices after he was arrested and charged with felony possession of marijuana, crystal meth, and other drug paraphernalia on his tour bus.

Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Hayes, was riding on his tricked out tour bus in Tennessee when his bus was pulled over by Tennessee highway patrol.

After a thorough search of the vehicle officers found the aforementioned drugs in addition to numerous hand guns. Of course Nelly denied ownership or knowledge of the drugs and guns. Not that it mattered to the police. He was cuffed and hauled off to jail along with six members of his entourage.

This is where Nelly's epiphany about making the right "choices" comes into play.

You see, Nelly is 40-years-old with a stellar career and plenty of money in the bank. He can't be rolling dirty with rough necks who will never be on his level.

So Nelly has made the choice to cut them loose if he wants to save his career as a spokesman for breakfast cereals and household products.

In a statement released through his rep, Nelly said:

Although I am unable to speak to the legal specifics and my attorney has put out a preliminary statement, I feel the need to take responsibility for my choices in needing to be more aware of the people I associate with and allow onto my property while committing to make better choices moving forward.

While my instinct of course, is to be accessible to my friends, fans and acquaintances, the last thing I would want to do is compromise the respect and admiration of my friends, family and fans.

Nelly is out of jail on $10,000 bond. His next court hearing is in June.

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    • thriftStoreJungle

      none of us believe nelly composed this statement independently :no: morning, roses!

    • A.J.

      :yawn: Good Morning :coffee:

    • free

      :yawn: Good Morning :coffee:

    • lovezoe

      :coffee: Morning

    • Mother Of Dragons, The Next Supreme (proud nerd)

      Good morning again everyone :hi:

      Nelly............ :tea:

      Blanche- Do whatever you need to do, take whatever medication you need to take to fight this. Don't let it take you over and put you in a bad place. As for your BD... You have to make your own choices on what's best for you and what works for your family, happiness, and peace of mind. Not only for you but for the little Blanches. Sometimes we have to make hard, painful, uncomfortable choices to get to happy and peaceful. It's always worth it in the end. :hug:

    • TruGemini

      Dumb mofo shoulda been done that. Everybody that comes with you can't go with you :coffee:

      But I am not surprised that he's still making - in the words of his publicist - "bad choices". You can tell that by the women he dates. Any many over 40 who constantly "chills" with women 30 and under clearly have some growing up to do themselves #justmyopinion

      He'll be dropped by Honey Nut Cheerios in a minute.

    • *Kah* Namaste! Peace! Blessing! One Love!

      He's taking responsibility yet he shirked the blame onto his friends by stating "be more aware of the people I associate with and allow onto my property." Boy bye withco whack azz.

      Mawnin Roses!

    • Blanche Devereaux

      @MOD its soooo frustrating because I have my medication and even though it takes away the intensity of my anger and sadness. I don't care about anything else either. I don't wanna eat, cook, have sex or anything.

    • VDot

      :eyeroll: This roided nigha. They've been saying he had money prollems due to gambling. Peddling drugs is probably his side hustle. He knew exactly what was on that bus :yes: And he let Mayweather clown him. Mayweather stuteeing azz in the interview calling him Country Grammer. Said he ain't had a hit album since :hahaha:

    • You is Petty, You is Messy, You is Extra aka TM

      Morning Rowsays!!!! :yahoo:
      Cereal and household products- :lol: this tickled me.
      :hug: :kiss: :pray: 'ing for you Blanche!!
      AJ, I was finally able to see and listen to those post :lol: How's your morning?

    • iWasteTime

      Morning Roses :wave:

      :no: Nelly

      I'm here for that Bruce Jenner Interview
      I'm not here for the VH1 Show about Game finding love

      Anyone do the Ciara TBC interview?

    • VDot

      Awww Blanche :hug: Do you have a therapist/counselor or someone you can reach out to? Just to at least talk to. All of it is a beast to deal with, but that manic side is something else. Please get help babe :hug:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      Morning :waves:

    • free

      iWasteTime says: I’m here for that Bruce Jenner Interview


      so does he really want to be a lady? i don't believe it.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      What's going on with my Blanch pie :huh: what I miss .... Blanche don't you let folks take ya there :nono: you better get you some help professionally nah !!!! There is nothing wrong with that hun...... :kiss: sometimes talking to them helps a lot .... :yes: I hope all is well :hug:

    • iWasteTime

      so does he really want to be a lady? i don’t believe it.
      We'll truly found out next Friday Free but ABC keeps talking about a "His New Journey" I really don't know though.

    • Bootcampgirl

      Morning Roses :waves:
      @Blanche, my prayers go out to you. I myself am going through a situation that may be a life changer for me. Most days I'm okay but then other times, not so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you, as other's have stated, seek professional help if need be..
      @Time, I thought Game was with that woman on his show, they broke up?

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      I gotta pee ... but I don't want to go to that restroom :cry:

    • Bootcampgirl

      Did anybody else know that Lil Scrappy has an album he put out this year? :huh:

    • Ms Peaches

      Being Mary Jane was off the chain last nite.

    • lovezoe


      Being Mary Jane was off the chain last nite.
      YAAS!!! :waves: I've really liked the show this season.

    • Vanna is the root of all evil


      I hope u feel better. Depression is never easy. I have mood swings and I am always debating about going back in my meds. take it easy dear. U will get through

    • Mother Of Dragons, The Next Supreme (proud nerd)

      Numb sucks. I understand. My aunt struggled with manic depression for my whole life, I never knew my aunt before it. She passed several years ago from something unrelated. She was very vocal about it and for decades wouldn't take her meds regularly because she'd rather feel the highs and lows than feel nothing. She said to the family once, a short time before she passed that it was only now that she was "old" that she realized sometimes numb was what she needed. She blamed herself for her kids ending up a mess as adults and when she realized her daughter was showing the signs of having manic depression as well she vowed to always stay on them. She worked with her dr to find a combo that made her feel as close to her old self as possible. Talk to your dr, a therapist if you have one. Make them do their jobs and figure out what combo will help you feel like the edge is off but still find enjoyment in life.

    • lovezoe

      Blanche/ thinking of you. Praying for you. We are great here for you, but find a trained professional to help guide you.

    • #missyJSays

      so does he really want to be a lady? i don’t believe it.

      I don't believe it either.. I don't think it's a publicity stunt tho. He might be sick or something...

      If he is going Mrs. Doubtfire imma need him to find some queens to get him togeva *two snaps* His scraggly hurr needs some conditioner and extensions hunty :nun:

    • MissL

      He trynna say he wasn't aware of the bus being dirty? I would think he would be more careful after the last time cuz my ass would have my own drug sniffing dog to sniff down the whole place before we leave

    • Mother Of Dragons, The Next Supreme (proud nerd)

      Let me add that she said what helped more than anything was therapy. Talking to someone and working through things. She called her meds band aids, she always said she needed them but they didn't cure the issue, just covered it up. Therapy was what really got her through.

    • Mother Of Dragons, The Next Supreme (proud nerd)

      I'm watching the Bruce Jenner interview too. Everyone has dropped all these hints but until I hear him say he wants to be a lady I'm not completely buying it.

    • Blanche Devereaux

      My comment didn't stick :no:

      I'm waiting on my new insurance to start up. I can't afford my high azz therapist but I so called make too much to go to a free clinic. I'm thinking about talking to my dads fiance for free in the meantime. Mania is scary. I over drafted my bank acct 800 dollars last time and ended 2 friendships. Luckily, now I have somebody to keep an eye on me and the money when need be. It will ruin your life though if you let it. I refuse.

    • Hair Lova Formerly Known As Dark Ceaser

      Mawnin Roses......

      awww Nelly I was rootin for you, thought you had yourself all the way together..

      Blanche :hug: idk what your going thru right now since I haven't been here for a while, but I'm :pray: that you do what you need to do, so that you can be better for self first. Once you are better than for self, then you can be what you need to be for everyone else. Please do what you have to do to get better

    • bama_n_jersey

      @Blanche... :hug: :hug: I will be saying some Prayers for you. Get whatever help you think you need.

      Ummm...does anyone know if @Take made it out the woods? :bite:

    • Bootcampgirl

      R.I.P to all the victims of the Boston Marathon attacks...#2yearsagotoday..

    • Blanche Devereaux

      Thank you everybody. For your words your prayers and everything. I been laying low BC of how I've been feeling and my job but I thought I should let y'all know what was going on.

    • VDot

      Bama - Take Take made it out the woods. Crazier than ever tho :eek: so she may have saw some thangs :hahaha:

    • iWasteTime

      Crazier than ever tho :eek: so she may have saw some thangs :hahaha:

    • Afiya says FOH :chase:

      I like Nelly :yes: BUT that MsJackson chick :nono: there is something about her that rubs me the wrong way :shrug:

      Good Morning Roses :hi:

    • VDot

      :newpost: Chopped Morning Wood

    • Afiya says FOH :chase:

      @Blanche :hug: mommie :( sorry to hear your dilemma :( While you're waiting on your insurance to kick in, take a week-end off to yourself, find a nice hotel and a beach and just meditate and relax your mind, have a talk with God, cry, let it all out :hug: hopefully that may give you some relief. Keep talking! :hug:

    • eastpointvet

      i just wanna know who was doing the meth