Ciara Jackie and Future Zahir

Happy Mother's Day to you wonderful, beautiful moms who always put your children first! Your children are blessed to have such caring, loving moms who unconditionally devote yourselves to your children!

All children are gifts from God. They are placed in your care for you to love them, nurture them, and guide them on the right paths in life.

Your child honors you by growing up to be a successful, productive, law-abiding member of society who loves his wife and raises his children with the same loving care and respect that you showed him.

To those of you who still beat your children under the guise of corporal punishment, I hope the Lord speaks to your hearts on this day and helps you to see that you are perpetuating a cycle of abuse that will ultimately takes its toll on society one day.

Single mother Ciara released this video honoring Mother's Day. She is mom to her only son, Future Zahir Hendrix. Ciara, 29, also honored her mom, Jackie, by naming her latest album after her. Unfortunately the album flopped, but it's always the thought that counts!

Watch the video below.

  • Toni

    He is so adorable

  • bama_n_jersey

    Happy Mothers Day ladies :hugs:

  • ShoYaRight

    Very lovely video.

  • #missyJSays

    Leave it to Sandra (although this reads like one of her ghost writers :tea:) to have a shade filled mother's day post :lol:

  • MisUnderstood

    Thank you Sandra. Baby hope for the best is adorable. After church, we're in Queens at bro & SIL house with the grill going & potluck of Spanish Jamaican Haitian African American food. Kids in shorts & tees running around, music & dancing, it's a great day.

  • Milanisti

    Good afternoon & happy mother's day, mother roses :waves: the best part of my life is being a mother :love: Hope everybody had a great weekend.

  • DoNotDeleteMe

    Love you, Auntie! :love:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    Too cute :waves: Happy Mothers day!!!!

  • Unshakable


    Exactly!! I read this write up and couldn't help but just guffaw at the strategically placed shade. Girl, won't Auntie Sandrita do it, chile? :rofl:

    Anyway....happy mother's day to all the mother's blog and those who lurk. May your day be all you wish it to be.

    And umm.....Misunderstood.....ion really appreciate you coming up in this heah blog and talmbout all the wonderful food you up there eatin.....and all different types of cuisinine you have been privy to tuhday!!! God me up here salivatin like an newly released inmate that just got a whiff of some hello kitty!! Guhl, guhl, guhl!! :rofl: Happy Mother's Day and make sure you eat enough for me and you both! :love:

  • Mother Of Dragons, Shopaholic, Geek

    That was beautiful. The love a mother has for her child/children....there's nothing like it. Happy Mother's Day Roses, enjoy!

  • bama_n_jersey

    @MisU...has babygirl stopped talking yet?

  • Unshakable

    Errrr Mahhhh Gawddddd,

    Let me correct the misspelled words in my last post:

    cuisinine ---> cuisine

    an ---> a

  • MisUnderstood

    @Unshakeable I ate so much, I had to take a nap before we went home. Gurl I've got food for the next week. :love: my family Get togethers.

    @Bama Pud (thx DTTS) was in church praising the Lord with her iPad. Only song in there is This Lil Light Of Mine, but she kept playing it. She was able to tell her cousins mine, all mine! say to her dad, come sit & learn with me & she woke me up this morning saying happy mother's day to the best mommy. :heart: man, I cried for so long & all 3 of my babies wiped my face with their PJs. Pud can keep talking all she wants. Today was a wonderful day.

  • GottaBigOne


    I am NOT a Fan or Stan of Ciara but I DO respect her as a talented entertainer - - and who now appears to be a great mother!
    Her latest album is a "FLOP"?
    (what standard[s] is the album being compared to?)

    I really do not understand the HATE that has been generated toward this Nubian Queen throughout the years . . . For what reason?
    I could list the things about her that is a cause of so much animosity and E-N-V-Y toward her - - but I won't due to space constraints.

    It is a Shame (and Maddening to me) that those of us in the community cannot or will not celebrate each other for who we are . . . just people living our everyday lives whether or not we are in the public eye! People just getting our hustle on to make our life and those we love - - even better!



  • MisUnderstood

    I have no problems with or against Ciara. :shrug:

  • prima_donna2163

    Why would she wait almost 6 months to tell her parents she was pregnant? :thinking:

    Her parents are adorable! Love that lil baby too!

  • WhoDat

    Ciara. You be happy with that beautiful life you created hun. He is so dang SWEET. :love:

  • WUT IZ A PHD!!! :grill:


  • bama_n_jersey

    That's soo sweet @MisU.

    I don't get the hate against Ciara either :shrug: if only our lives were in the spotlighg. This is why I say I'm glad God didn't see fit to make me a celebrity...because I would be called every name in the book

  • bama_n_jersey

    Morning get the good news today? :pray:

  • Buttercup

    Where is @aRoth? *Grabs blog bullhorn* Happy Mother's Day!!!! :lol:

  • CaliYoruba

    Good Morning Roses

    Happy Mother's Day Ladies . I hope you all enjoyed your day :hug:

  • San ah make ya dance

    To those of you who still beat your children under the guise of corporal punishment, I hope the Lord speaks to your hearts on this day and helps you to see that you are perpetuating a cycle of abuse that will ultimately takes its toll on society one day.
    Discipline is love when done right :yes: You will have a monster :tea:

  • San ah make ya dance

    Ciara hasnt done anything to anybody, but fugg with the wrong nigs. Which is her problem not ours

  • iWasteTime

    Morning ROses :wave:

    Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day :grill:

  • WUT IZ A PHD!!! :grill:

    bama_n_jersey says:

    Morning @Wut…you get the good news today? :pray:
    Not yet they open at 9:00 I am waiting on the call to come in..

  • San ah make ya dance

    :hug: Wasting

  • jeniefrumdabloc


  • Bird

    Deeaaaaammm! This might be your shadiest post yet. LOL!!! I love me some you. Thanks girl.

    I ain't a spanker so the shade ain't directed at me. :hahaha: