Rick Ross arrested

Rapper Rick Ross will be cooling his heels in the Fayette County jail for a while longer. A Fayette County judge denied bond for the 39-year-old ex-corrections officer today.

Ross' bodyguard, Nadrian James, was also denied bond.

Ross and his bodyguard were arrested early Wednesday and charged with kidnapping and pistol whipping Jonathan Zamudio, a gardener, who maintains the grounds of the infamous mansion formerly owned by ex-boxer Evander Holyfield.

It was Ross's 2nd arrest in as many weeks.

Zamudio reportedly suffered 2 chipped teeth in the beating that took place on Ross' property.

Ross went before a Magistrate Court judge on Wednesday morning. The judge told him that he will have to remain behind bars until a bond hearing can be held in Superior Court.

Ross’ attorney wouldn’t answer any questions about the charges, except to say that there are two sides to a story and Ross is in good spirits and appreciates his fans’ support.

This is Ross' second run-in with the law this month. On June 10, he was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana charge after being pulled over for his tinted windows. Source

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    • Sassy

      Ummm time for Rozay to move


      HAHAHA, the gardener?!?! Really, were the brushes too tall..Bruh these ninjas can't control themselves.

    • khadir muhadith

      Sandrarose is a jealous delusional racist lol

    • jusstlooking

      They care about gardening that much?

    • Angela

      "Officer Ricky, come here and sit on my lap and read me a bedtime story."<----Bubba

    • Cricket404

      His grass sucks, I drive past his house once a week and I can see the weeds from the street. No color like flowers or nothing, he did bring in some palm trees a couple of weeks ago but it doesn't help that the grass is discolored and uneven and has been since he bought it. Evander did it better and went broke trying to keep it together.

    • iWasteTime

      Nadrian a killer.
      As soon as I get a little change I'm calling him up!

    • mzwhang90210

      *sniff sniff* Anybody else smell that? Smells like a lawsuit.

    • iWasteTime

      I wonder what Johnathan took and why he waited until now to do it

    • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

      He needs to eat. Starving himself has sent his brain into entitlement over drive. Idk where these folks were raised, or if they just like jail? But...There's protocol. It must be regional. There's a playbook that hasn't made its way down south, out east. These guys are improvising. Not a good look??

    • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

      I smell more than a lawsuit. I wonder how many detainees he's going to post bail for this time? That act of kindness really upped his street cred? Good afternoon btw??

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      Folks keep saying he's thin, he's slim, etc. His neck still looks thick to me. Yes, he has lost weight, I noticed, but if he turns sideways, I can still see him.

    • Sassy

      They said Johnathan started to act a fool but I was like cmon pistol whip him for acting a fool

    • Rodmilla De Ghent

      but what could the gardener have done? lmao. pure foolishness #thuglife

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      You said a lot. It was reported that it costs about $1M a year to manage the upkeep of that estate. I was surprised he bought it. I bet only 3 rooms i that house has furniture. I bet u'll never see it on any cribs show.

    • AllmylifeIhadtofight

      NEW POST about Mr. South West mamie

    • Bonny

      Ate his lemon pepper wings.

    • Bayou Classic

      Now why they did that to that man? That man just tryna grow sum greens, carrots, peas and shyt. He ain't bothering nobody.

    • 88

      Now I want some wingstop

    • _perfectly__incomplete__

      They still make those cribs shows?

    • Cheddup Already Damn

      First Puffy, now this cat. Who's next? ?

    • mzwhang90210


    • Lorenzo Chaps

      I don't think so, like mtv, etc. It's a huge home. Ross can't afford that home. Speaking of homes. Sandra, I'm sure you've heard Tyler Perry has listed his Paces Ferry estate on the market for $25M (he'll never get it). Also, Jermaine Dupri's former homes are on the market right now as well. The manse he fought tooth and nail to save is currently listed at $2.3M (needs some exterior work) and his MTV cribs featured home (which he sold for $900k) is on the market by its current owner for $1.8 (they're reaching).

      IDK why JD chose to throw millions away on that new home. I think he would have seen a slight profit in the previous home had he held o to it. I still think he bought the new manse (where Monica had her baby shower) at a time when he should have been consolidating assets.

    • Femme404

      The front page of this site is down for me.

    • Rodmilla De Ghent


    • whitty hutton

      Sandra, u in danger girl. Got folks from the terrorist watch list stalking u n shyt!

    • whitty hutton

      He got a big ass face n tiny baby teef in that pic up top

    • Tiffany Miller

      He should not have bought that house... it costs so much money to maintain!!!!! Now he done up and kidnapped leaf blower!!! How do you go from correctional officer to inmate? The house is cursed... those who buy it are doomed and bound to fail. When will we stop being so materialistic? Even Holyfield didn't need that much house after his 20 kids.

    • <3 LoveDreamLive <3

      yall gonna have to forgive Ricky Ross....it's his hunger that made him do it...he went from (see below) to rabbit food....he's bat sh*t crazy but it's because he's STARVING...

    • Tiffany Miller

      The heat only worked in less than a 3rd of the house which was the part that Holyfield and his last wife actually inhabited.

    • Hugga Bunch

      First a nail technician (Naomi), then a football coach (Diddy), and now a gardener, Rick? Really?

      And MTO reported it was bc dude was eating Ricky's lemon pepper wings, sounds plausible bc we already know damn well it wasn't over any vegetables ?

    • Tiffany Miller

      YT people will never allow him to get 25M for it.. it will sit on the market so long that he will give in to less than half that amount. And HE didn't need that much HOUSE!!!! Who are these people trying to impress? I like knowing that nobody else is in my home when I arrive.. typically the maids enjoy the house more than the owners.

    • Hugga Bunch

      Kidnapping the leaf blower ?

      Sounds like some desperate housewives bs.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      My thoughts exactly. It's my understanding Tyler never even sold the million dollar house in Fairburn; the home featured in his movie that starred Kimberly Elise. The house where ole boy dragged her down the stairs in the intro. That's actually TP's house.

      Big Papa built a manse in ritzy Atlanta and listed the home for $22M initially 4-5 years ago. The home has been on the market ever since and is now listed at 15M. This is Atlanta, not Bel Air. Youd be a fool to spend that kinda money on a home in country a** outback Atlanta.

    • Lorenzo Chaps

      LOL. DEAD.

    • Mama

      Maybe he cut down his pear tree by mistake. ?

    • Tysion

      Blacks can NOT be racist these are facts. Racism=WHITE SUPREMACY. BYE!

    • Parisjok

      scandalous behavior from someone with so much money and someone who had paid help to keep him out of these situations. go figure

    • Meme81

      Well, I don't think anyone will bother ole Grimace in prison. His man parts are safe.

    • Jada Pearman

      Deny him bond for beating up a guy yet Dylan kills 9 in cold blood and he can be freed for 1 million? Lol America

    • LipstickANDlace

      Was the gardener not growing Ricky Ross pears fast enough ?????

    • chappedlippz

      Georgia gonna fry him!!!!!

    • MocaPretty

      The irony in this considering his was a CO lol he knows the drill DONT DROP THE SOAP

    • Karla Smith

      Wendy Williams ALLUDED that perhaps something was stolen from Rick's house...hmmmm.....he still shouldn't have taken it upon HIMSELF to **** dude up....when will these morons learn? That's what security is for!!