Laverne Cox wearing Kenzo Kalifornia tote

Have you ever admired transvestite actor Laverne Cox's accessories and wondered where he shops? Now you too can look like your favorite Orange is the New Black star, without busting your budget.

Thanks to loyal reader Ernest O. for the tip.

Photos: Janet Mayer/Splash News

  • 1/8

    His knees look like they could use a vacation.

  • Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes..

    Uhhh NOOO... No woman shops at the Tranny Big and Tall store...

  • That’s Interesting

    I HATE his style. It's country and old fashioned. He really thinks he's pretty and cute.

  • SouljaSociety

    So this is a man?

  • KayDot

    Out of all the female names he could have chosen, why Laverne? That's is such a old ass name... I wonder if he still has his man parts...

  • Canary Redâ„¢


  • Canary Redâ„¢

    Yes - per @iWasteTime
    it's Larry Cox...?????

  • Stav

    The shoes are ugly(no matter who made them) , and that purse is ALL wrong

  • jusstlooking

    There is nothing in my soul or spirit that desires me to be, have or look like COX.


    One more thang,before I leave....

    I'm here in my office singing, just singing, I'm thinking not that loud...It's Friday, I'm happy...The floor is practically empty. I minding my business got earphones in...Just singing. Someone frantically knocks on my door. okay. Umm yeah, ohh I thought you were crying. TRUE story, he was serious as hell. I'm so shame. That is sad.....KONA

  • hotcocoa2

    His feet look like they smell like corn chips.........

  • Hair Lova ???

    I don't care how "womanly" Lavern face looks, those knees screams "I is a man!" Them some hard arse legs. Knees dirty too, where is Man? Damn

  • Letmecommentbeforeicant

    ? He's limited to styles because of his shape and he probably doesn't get his clothes altered. Kind of like Wendy Williams.

  • Letmecommentbeforeicant

    Where does he find his shoes. I know his feet are probably still big and husky.

  • NakeyaJ Valued Rose since 2011

    That man is not cute

  • Candance

    lol nothing about her makes me admire her style.

  • <3 LoveDreamLive <3


  • LeeSeeCee

    Those legs are man legs. Stop, please. There is nothing soft nor feminine about "Laverne", just a man in drag. Second, those shoes with that dress and purse is a big NO NO of not working. Drag queens should have an intervention with "Laverne". IJS

  • Tysion

    Laverne should go natural. Take the Beyonce esque wig off and let the wind blow through his fade.

  • Datsmdubya2u2

    Lawd Witch shoes are coming back i just saw a Gucci ad with some horrible witch of the east shoes smh

  • side_i

    Those must be custom Louboutins

  • Rachel

    I would like to see Lavern without the wig and no shaving for a two weeks.

  • Tammie Reed



    I've NEVER wondered anything about ROD except what got him thinking he can be a BETTER WOMAN...THAN A REAL WOMAN?

  • Tammie Reed

    and they have the nerve to be Louboutins! No mam Pam! LOL!


    Imma need him to get sum 24 hr lotion in this bih!

  • Hmmm~?

    How old is ol' Laverne anyways? I read somewhere that he's a whopping 46, but that was the only source I could find that had his age listed. Can't seem to find a birth year anywhere.

  • Smartypants

    Y'all aint ish for talking about his knees as if he can help that.
    Idk about that purse. I was taught your shoes should always match your bag.

  • nucynu25

    He looks better than Caityln.

  • Renee Bee

    Ummm....yeah. This sista is really and truly a MISTER!

  • Renee Bee


  • Smartypants

    True. Caitlyn looks like she's two outdoor activities from being a raisin. Wrinkly.
    Not giving her leeway cause she TRIED it thinking we would forget about her vehicular homicide just by becoming the opposite sex. No, boo. We remember with your wrinkly self!

  • Angela

    I am sorry but he looks like Wendy Williams cousin who's been playing dress up in her closet. Who wants to look like that? He looks down right catastrophic.

  • Cricket404

    Looks like she has on tap shoes.


    I heard that dig in my g-ma vc.I sniggled at this!:))))

  • kco0l;s ChocolateBox


  • harley_quinn2.0

    ? I'm trying to understand why Laverne thought these shoes worked with this outfit? He must have ransacked Mary Poppins closet for those boats.


    I'm weak and this pic got me crine!!!!and for this you shud have not NAUN friend for the next 24!!!!:'))))

  • aDingoDrankMyBabies

    Only thing I wonder about Laverne is what that mouth do?? That's a WholeLotta woman? She could get the D?? And the B?? If she still has her D???



  • beth hawkins

    I am surprised he looks a little more feminine in this picture. He actually looks like some black women in the face.

  • ouzad D

    The shade....The shade of it all

  • Meme81

    I could put a sheet on my head and resemble a ghost...still doesn't make it so.

  • Meme81

    His purse and the one in the pic don't look the same. That purse he's got looks like something the man from Curious George would wear.


    Can the church get an AMEN!!!

  • ~~eb


  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    Roddy looks decent from the neck up. Roddy needs a stylist though...

  • iWasteTime


  • AllmylifeIhadtofight

    I mean is she don't look like Nanny McPhee from the ankles down!!! That's the 1st thing I noticed. But these ppl think they get a pass of the bottom is red.


    Nih you got me seeing ROD big ole smile as a snagga tooth one!!!!:')

  • the guest

    Because that's actually his real name but he added the e at the end when he chose to live like a woman.

  • hottlanta

    Why is Leroy on here with his body parts from Home Depot, I almost fell out when he said he went home and thought about his response to Andy Cohen question. A real black woman would have handled her business right there on the spot. I almost fell out when I saw him and Andre Talley looking as if he got the clearance fabric bolt at Cloth World with all of that fabric. Someone wrote that semi-intelligent response for him because he doesn't think nor talk like he is an intellectual.

  • Bayou Classic

    I hate you..yet love you for that statement.

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Why didn't I know this was Laverne's twin?! I had no clue but whew he plays dress up too! He is scary looking!

  • yallcrazy


  • Saphistication

    The new normal...We really are in the end of days to overtly condone this.

  • smartchickfl

    ???? And a bottle of baby lotion.

  • jazmine

    Why does rupaul in drag always look 10x better than these transgendered chicks that have had all of this surgery ?

  • howard_student

    Those man legs....smh

  • Diemondhead

    this is useful.....

  • Diemondhead

    Nothing about a man into a woman is admiring

  • Diemondhead

    Remove the wig, make-up and dress strips away the confident

  • GuestSTAR

    Those beat up legs are all man

  • jusstlooking

    I can't....Maybe that was Verns factoring decision? No, just a thought, you put it out there.

  • Lenina Just Lenina

    Yo. U r my new SR friend in my head for always using Tim and Eric gifs.

  • Lenina Just Lenina

    Didjall drag those Hollywood Heffas yet cuz Countess looked a dayum fool up there w her cheeks out.

  • Lenina Just Lenina

    "Bish! U know u smell this fish!" - Laverne Cox

  • SandraRose


  • SandraRose

    His name is Roderick Lavern Cox.

  • Audra Michelle

    This man.....

  • Molly

    Kinda sad, this man thinks he's truly a "Woman & killin it"
    "Mental Illness is real.

  • Molly

    @ Amen??

  • stanley

    Why call her a "He"? That's disrespectful.

  • lovelygamour

    he looks like he would be so annoying in real life.

  • lovelygamour

    bruce is 65 years old. so I think im going to give it to him just because.

  • Tia Jonia Crowley

    transvestite, speechless

  • Divame

    Ugh, look good from the neck up

  • Meme81

    Hollyweird is So wrong for gasin' this man's head up like this! He's rolling with training wheels on and they're telling him he's flying.

  • Meme81

    Because 'he' doesn't have a uterus, ovaries, never mensturated (lucky him) or had the ability to give birth. And because he has/had a penis and testicles. Just those pesky details called facts and biology.

  • Hopeless RHOmantic

    The life is draining from my body!!! Going, going, #DEAD.

  • CaribbeanGlow

    Should have changed the last name too... It's a legitimate last name, but in this case, just "tew much".

  • Kristi Luv

    now @realsandrarose:disqus, you know you're supposed to call him a HER.

  • Kristi Luv

    now @realsandrarose:disqus, you know you're supposed to call him a HER.

  • Kristi Luv

    those have to be the ugliest pair of Kmart shoes i've seen in a while

  • stanley

    You don't need a uterus to be a bitch

  • Meme81

    No, that's something else you're born with! :D

  • LipstickANDlace

    He... she.... has a nice smile That's all I got

  • Desiree


  • Kim

    Why would I want to dress up like a transsexual?

  • Noel Justnoel

    I'm gagging at the shade in here *exit post*