Canadian rapper Drake responded quickly to rapper Meek Mill's weak diss track, "Wanna Know". Drake posted this photo of himself laughing hysterically at Meek on social media.

"Wanna Know" is not what Meek's fans expected. The track seems rushed, as if Meek was in a hurry to put anything out. This sounds like a filler track that got left off his album.

Unfortunately, this track is so weak that any hope of resurrecting his rap career is sadly dead.

So far, the consensus on social media is the track is garbage. By next week Meek Mill will be history.

Nicki Minaj stays losing.

Listen to the track below.

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Poor lil tink, tink.

  • iWasteTime

    Oh Sandra. I love thee.
    If you could translate Meeks lyrics, that would be great. I know he called him Milli Vanilli and who was peed on, Drake, Sassafras or CTG?
    I wanna know what the hell Meek was saying!

  • kgirl33


  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Dear Meek Mill, just say that Drake ghost wrote this for you. Comic relief no matter how you look at it. I still think this is all staged though.

  • Its Me

    I told yall since LAST Thursday it was a wrap for this cat. Told yall. You heard it first from ME. Folks was trying to be like but Dub, he still gotta chance. Ummm... no the fugg he dont??? Sacklee what I said. Too bad this site ain't got archives.

    If I don't know chit else...I know my hip hop. ?

  • Its Me

    MEEK don't eem know wtf he was saying?

  • MookieFly

    Welp I guess that's done and dead. If he woulda made an actual diss track instead...this, he may of had a chance. I can't name an actual Meeks song off the top my head so his star wasn't gonna last too much longer. When he finally hits rock bottom, hide the big crayons because he's gonna have a relapse

  • Its Me

    Nah. He wouldn't have committed career suicide like this. At first I did too. But no. Rappers hold their cred close. It's like Bobby opened a window and flung his out.

    His best bet is to HOPE he can still be wifed

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Was he riding in ah moving van, or in a thunderstorm, or on the set of a Halloween movie, or WATT?!?!
    WATT he "wanna know"? *Bey stankface*
    Only the Snow Twerkers could help him with this mess ??

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers


  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Now I say so much crazy ish. I had to re-read ur last sentence twice. Uh uh, u cute and e'rythang, but cut it out.

  • Floriduhh Evans

    Hmmm...try again Meek

  • ChampagnePapiDevine!????

    Oh Drake don't be on Twitter like that anymore?? Anyway this beef is beyond stupid and this should be squashed and forgotten about. (´??) (??´) (????? (???)

  • Letmecommentbeforeicant


  • Letmecommentbeforeicant

    His ghostwriter must have had a stroke and stutters.

  • Bonny

    Good thing I don't listen to rap#lostinthesauce

  • Petty_boots

    Lmao you àint chit.

  • Petty_boots

    Yep, those snow twerkers would def help lol.

  • Petty_boots

    Like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift don't chit on each other.

  • YouIsPettyYouIsMessyYouIsExtra

    I want my 3:54 seconds back :cuss:

  • MotherOfDragons, GetOffMyENuts

    I woke up to THIS? Weak Mills is dunzo. OMG he's such a lame. If I was Nicki I'd be asking for puzzy refunds and trying to rewrite my history and edit the Meek chapters out like they did with the Bible at the Council of Nicea.

  • ???

    Lawd I hope this is the last of this.
    Off topic:
    I'm over here watching a rerun of The Real and they going on about Puerto Rico talkin bout fining parents if their children are obese. Now I'm all for looking out for the kids BUT before they start trying to collect coins they need to get that BMI chart together cause it's definitely suspect. TUH!

  • MetusBatmanV3

    Even the mastering on Meek's shit was awful.

  • OpinionHated

    Can't listen at work but based on the comments sounds like Nicki wrote the track for Meek....

  • OpinionHated

    Puhlease with fat azz Chris Christie running for President they better come again....

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Chile Meek started out as a battle rapper and this was the best he could do? I don't see how Meek can recover from this fail.

  • harley_quinn2.0

    I don't know why I find this meme so funny ???

  • IntroSpective

    I can't imagine all of this being about a non tweeted promotion of his album. Like, what's the real reason? He DID Queen out on Wale a couple of years ago for the same thing....which was entirely petty. But Drake? Come on....


    Morning. I was laughn so much at the memes on insta that I was late to my workout...Man Meek why

  • IntroSpective

    Can't. Even.

  • thick1tyme

    I can name 1 song and that's because Drake is on it.

  • T’acheItEzee15


  • Intellectual by Nature!

    What did we learn today class? Weak Meek needs a Snickers, translator, and ghost writer.


    Nah but like how his raps are set

  • Mel

    it sound like he was looking up in the sky writing and erasing writing and erasing just trying to figure out the toughest thing to say and still failed meek is the lil engine that couldn't

  • BLACK *I*C*E*


  • Nala Shakur

    Sassafras tho?! Lmao that made me laugh

  • sunni_daze

    I don't understand why Meek was rapping like Future in the beginning. I thought he was from Philly.....guess I was wrong.

  • Lolalao

    He yells at ppl when he raps.

  • mrsthang220

    Straight ???

  • Kristi Luv

    That's the only one i know of,

  • Kristi Luv

    no! no more tries! stop it! please!

  • Love Sheila

    Meek=week! That's all I have!

  • HisLovelyOne

    It seems like Someone in the industry pushed Weak up to do this. He's pretty close to Jay Z and Diddy. Diddy had issues with Drake so....

  • HisLovelyOne

    He has no real friends, just ass kissers; oh and Nicki ain't loyal.

  • Kimberly

    Duddy couldn't have possibly put him up to that BC everyone knows diddy don't write shit and jay ain't that petty

  • Lucki Lou Islivingmy OneLife

    MAN!!!!!!! ive been coming on this site everyday since back in the ealry 2000's this the first time Ive ever been able to comment!!!!! what up thou!!!! hey sandra rose can I get an account set up for real - I have put in more years on your site than Drake and Meeks careers combined and thats real talk.



  • andrice

    This is like watching an argument between two nerds....its just ridamndiculous. Drake is like the king of the nerds...boy bye

  • IntroSpective

    Perhaps. It seems very possible with his subpar response to Drake.

  • divainkpen

    He lost his inspiration messing with Hollywood. Come back to Philly Meek. Get your mojo back and then show out. He will b aight. Get your name on those Pumas Drop a banging ass album. Then do philly again.