BRuce Jenner

Don't count Geraldo Rivera among the news journalists who shamelessly fawn over senior citizen cross-dresser Bruce Jenner.

In a segment of The Wrap’s web series “Drinking with the Stars,” the 72-year-old Fox News reporter said Jenner and his ex-wife Kris Jenner conspired to collect millions off his coming out story.

Rivera compared Bruce Jenner's coming out to the wedding con pulled by Kim Kardashian who divorced hapless NBA star Kris Humphries after 72 days or marriage.

“Why do I mention Kris Humphries? I think that the Kardashians are the fakest people. They are totally created — brilliantly,” said Rivera. “They have the talent and promotion more than anyone.”

Turning his attention to Bruce Jenner's transition into a 65-year-old drag queen, Rivera said, “And I wonder how much of Bruce — who I interviewed as Bruce a couple times over the years — how much of that is motivated by the big pay day at the end of it.”

Rivera added, “Do you think that Bruce could’ve fooled Kris [Jenner] all of these years, that he really pulled the wool over her eyes? One of the most clever, perceptive, insightful women in public life in America today, she was hoodwinked?”

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    • Petty Rubble

      Not surprised. The Kartrashians do everything for money.

    • Scorpio

      The funny thing about it all, is that, for all the years the Kardashians have been on TV, all this time, the family knew what Bruce (Caitlyn) was dealing with these issues. I believe the Kardashian brother is dealing with weight problems now because of the whole fiasco with the family and Bruce in particular.

    • That’s Interesting

      Shut up Geraldo. On the special, Bruce said his family always knew. He wanted to transition back in the 70s or something like that. He stopped transitioning when he married Kris, and she knew all about it. She wanted that money. I do think Bruce likes the attention. I don't know about the money.

    • DYmondgurl

      So Glory is having twins!


      Tyga introduced Mia to Bruce; Bruce ends up Caitlyn. Kris laughs all the way to the bank because she planned it all

    • Di Ana

      I don't think he would alter his body just to get the money. I honestly believe he wants to be a woman and is cashing in at the same time.

    • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

      When they have used every ploy possible ( marriages, pregnancies, divorce, underage dating ) exploited themselves, their children, grandchildren maybe they will turn on themselves and destroy each other . I'm hoping there is an implosion and they will be a thing of the past. PS I am convinced Kris knew and made Bruce hide it! She was the man in that relationship! He called her out in Vanity Fair though! He still Fugly in the above pic...

    • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

      By the way Sandra thank you for showing close-ups of Bruce ..... The mainstream media shows him from a distance and they photoshop him into a prettier version. Here he doesn't look like Caitlyn at ALL!

    • KayDot

      I HATE to say this.. But I agree with Geraldo.

    • aDingoDrankMyBabies

      Geraldo is such a pathetic piece of Garbodienza? I hope he chokes on an extra dry mayonnaise sandwich?????? as far as Bruce...They're both repubs? It tickles me to see division amongst the party that will find a way to deflect away from, and even defend...anything, including incest and molestation???????


      Um bitch ninja..NO ONE takes you are a joke...Ho seat down

    • GuestSTAR

      Well I do agree with Geraldo on ONE THING, ain't no way you be with someone that long and not know. Just say you were in denial, but at some point along that loooooooong way, little things happened to make you go, hmmmmmmmm somethin ain't right up in here

    • Issa Iyalode

      Yep, when I first heard I thought he just wants the spotlight.

    • Jackei Harris

      That's a nice lace-front, Geraldo!


      Normally, I DO NOT agree with Geraldo on any level...However, it maybe some truth to this. Maybe Bruce/Cait...always wanted to be a Trangender/Lesbian/Crossdresser...and came out to the tenth power for money. Get his own $$ and Limelight.

    • Hmmm~?

      Geraldo ain't never lied. People always wanna cite "bravery" when they mention ol' Brucilda's transition, but we all know $$$ was the prime motivator. Had he been some middle class no-name house-husband living in the suburbs somewhere, he probably would've taken that secret with him to the grave. People need to get their SJW heads out of their asses and realize that he's only doing it for the $$$ and to further the Kardashian's fame-whoring efforts. Bravery ain't got shyt to do with it.

    • Sainthella

      As much as it pains me to agree with Geraldo he's absolutely right


      Hi dear,sounds like you back in dis bih,TEN TOES DOWN!!!!*huggs*

    • Meme81

      Everyone knows the Kardashians are in it for the money. That's not news, Geraldo. Then again, you do work for Faux News, so informing people isn't what ya'll do, now is it?

    • Ms. Moore

      That's a good point. I always thought it was because he felt played by Rita Ora. I thought the poor baby started spiraling out of control (gaining weight) because of their break up. He was a cutie too??

    • the guest

      Because he's right. I asked myself are there people in this world men in this world that would grow b-reasts shave their Adam's apple wear make up and dress in women's clothes for millions of dollars? And the answer is shockingly yes. The Kardashian Jenners are a special breed of capitalists. At 67 after a lifetime of countless groupies as a sports star three marriages 10 bio and step children what's he have to lose with this ploy. He wasn't fking no more anyway. He will never cut his private off and he can always still change his mind and go back to "being man" rather stay a man for a whole new pay day. Watch.

    • hottlanta

      Bruce looks like tales from the crypt.

    • NeverSurprised

      Agree, 100%. Anyone who would wh@re himself out as part of Kris' dog and pony show for years would SURELY engage in the present media circus for the $500 MILLION DOLLAR payday he is estimated to reap from this freak show, and I do mean FREAK show.

    • Li

      Is it me or does Bruce/Caitlyn look like Kris?

    • TheRealLee

      Agreed. I don't think Bruce had money in mind with his gender identity issues. "I'm going to change into a woman and make money as people ridicule me." I don't think so. However, since this family's philosophy is to monetize their lives, Bruce took a page from that and parlayed his transition into money.

    • more

      He had size B CUP breasts. She was still.fawking him

    • side_i

      If Bruce did all this for money then he's a sick individual, I do think he capitalizing on it in a major way though. I do agree the Kardahsians only care about $$ & always want to be seen. Narcissist, all of them, maybe not Kendall & Rob or Kourtney but the rest *spits*. Especially that Kylie, now that she's got a new face & body.

    • the guest

      $500 million dollars because he's pretending to be a trannie? And he's made out to be a hero and everything! This family can't be real.

    • stanhope

      Rob is questioning his sexuality

    • BlackGlamour

      geraldo is such a jacka**; he's prolly mad he can't get a cut of the $$$ that trashy family rakes in. . .

    • Traci404

      Rob cant seem to shake the weight problem, despite all the dieting goin on. All the lipo suction. He has chosen to stay completely away from thei train wreck family. Unless he is going on the biggest loser next season?

      Lets see how long before Kourtney gets a fake butt.

    • Traci404

      Yes, he is an athlete underneath that MAC Makeup. He loves the attention. He has however, been looking kind of ROUGH lately.

    • Candace O.

      I have to say I agree with him (and I never agree with anything he says). I have said this from day one that nothing about BRUCE JENNER'S coming out is genuine. Over the years, there were reports of Bruce Jenner trying on Kim's undergarment. She reportedly walked in on him a bunch of times. How was that not a red flag for a woman as intelligent as Kris? She knew exactly what was going on. There is no way that man could have fooled her. He's not that bright...

    • Candace O.

      Bruce had money and fame in mind right from the very beginning! He figured out a way to be even more relevant than Kris and her girls. If he didn't want fame, he wouldn't be hugging up magazine covers, and talking business with MAC cosmetic to be their new 'spokeswoman.' He could still impact lives of other transgender youth without being in the news every damn minute. This dude charge nothing less than twenty five grand to make an appearance.If that isn't greed, I don't know what that is.

    • Candace O.

      And I notice he's not trending anymore. No matter how Hollywood Life, TMZ and DM tries to shove him down our throat, people are so over him now. The first few days he "came out," there were lots of support. After that, anytime they post about him, it more negative than positive these days.

    • TheRealLee

      True. He has been inching his way out and will make max money out of the process. He will make people pay to partake in whatever he thinks are his talents as Caitlyn. He's lost people's sympathies with his pursuit of money and rewards. Just another soul.





    • Queen Negus

      Morning. Hold up hold up. Didn't Geraldo where's Waldo azz took selfies a couple years ago and posted them on the internet of his half naked scrawny bod for attention. Then removed them when folks said he was trying to get attention.
      Kettle calling kettle black
      ??. In other words you can't call people fake when you are fake yo own dam self?

    • diana harris

      I believe hes right

    • hottlanta

      We all do everything for money, nothing is free. We get a new job and they ask how much we wanna make, e don't say we wanna work for free. We leave jobs we have been on for years because they have stopped paying us our worth. We do friends favors sometimes and we tell them it is a price connected with it. If we do things for free all the time we feel folks take advantage of us after we have wasted our time and services. We all carry a price tag on our worth.

    • hottlanta

      I applaud them for keeping it to themselves even though their lives are exposed on television for the world to see. Had they said something folks would have called them moneygrubbers and said it is not their job to expose Bruce, Bruce will do it when he gets ready on his own time.

    • hottlanta

      If I see one more article about Jenner being a fashion icon after he has had body parts from Home Depot for an hour I am going to throw up/

    • Lady Chatterley’s Lover

      I disagree about doing everything for money. What about the things done out of kindness, compassion and caring? .

    • Lulu

      He's telling the truth. Kris knew. She probably isn't pleased he looks better than her now, but she'll get paid in the end.

    • Michelle

      No YOU might do everything for money. We WORK for money. They do EVERYTHING for money its a difference.

    • Molly



      Any transformation that you make someone that ugly couldn't possibly be for the $

    • Molly

      I feel so sorry for Rob. It's heartbreaking. Seems he's living his life in a haze. So much attention put towards the girls & he hasn't found his place & never found his way of fitting n or creating his own image. Lost his dad at such a early age, big disconnect with his mother & now the Bruce/Catilyn fiasco. He did so well on "Dancing with the Stars & was so inspired. He said it engerized him & he was going back 2 school 2 become a lawyer like his dad. Wow!??What Happened?

    • disqus_Ny1SL5rtU6

      Oh shut up old man!!

    • JennyJazzhands

      What is wrong with Bruce's lips? Some women have naturally thin lips. He didn't have to mess up his lips to be a "woman".

    • JennyJazzhands

      He looks nothing like his airbrushed photos. Much like his wife and step children.

    • JennyJazzhands

      I agree as well. I think that Bruce is a straight man that enjoys dressing like a woman every now and then but he's becoming a full time woman for money and attention. He's never attempted to act, speak, walk or talk like a woman. His hobbies are extremely masculine. He's a man through and through. And thinks that the money and attention will make him happy.

    • Erica Kane

      I agree, not everything is done for money!

    • Genia W-m

      No, she was hoodwinked this time. For the first time in Kris's life this was her Karma. This was her Karma after what she did to her husband Robert Kardashian. In public Kris is saying she's supporting Bruce but behind closed doors she's crying her eyes out. She said she wanted to grow old with Bruce. She thought Bruce was being 'passive-aggressive' by becoming a woman, not realizing her marriage was nothing but a lie for over 20 years. I'll bet she wishes she had stayed married to RK now instead of ending up with two more children and a man who always wanted to be woman, destroying his entire family and legacy.

    • Genia W-m

      Not true. The kids said they saw Bruce in women's clothes and ran back up stairs and/or pretended they didn't see it. I believe Kris thought it was a fetish he liked to play out. Their eyes were finally opened when he moved out then planned to do the ABC interview. I read where Kanye helped Kim accept Bruce. Bruce's older kids are now saying Caitlyn is a much nicer person than Bruce, their father was. The Jenner family had no clue at the depth of this. Bruce even said he never totally explained it to Kris. A person has to have either been around transgenders and/or work in the field to totally 'get' it. The family didn't know either. I don't think they'll comprehend it for a while.

    • Genia W-m

      Kris is not really a mother. That young man probably has no maternal figure to turn to. His father is gone. Kylie recently said in an interview that Kris is a friend and that Khloe 'offers' motherly advice.
      What has Rob, Jr., accomplished in life? He may be comparing himself to his very successful father who got them the lifestyle they have today. No one put him on a career path. I truly hope he's in therapy.

    • Genia W-m

      Bruce has lied too. He now says that he 'didn't explain it entirely to Kris so that's why she may have been disappointed.' There's a difference between saying I have boobs and am taking hormones to "I want to be a 100% woman!" Kris said she thought Bruce had man boobs when they met. I don't sympathize 100% with him. He's had 3 wives and 10 kids, nothing but lies his entire life. He should never have married Kris and brought 2 more kids into this cruel world of his! However, as a transgender I can see why he married the first time because of fear.

    • Keyster29

      ??????????????????FINALLY!!! I agree with this as*hole about something!! Sorry for those who don't agree, or who go through this, but I've doubted Bruce Jenner story from the beginning. The whole family is addicted too the money & fame. They sold their soul the moment Kim and her mother sold that sex tape

    • That’s Interesting

      Kris is lying. I have boobs and am taking hormones doesn't mean anything but I want to be a woman. To me at least. Why else would he take female hormones and grow b reasts. Kris needed a new husband and some money. I think he was dishonest to his first wives ans his kids and grandkids. The other wives didnt know until after they were married. It has to be hard for his kids and grandkids and very, very, very embarrassing. At this point in his life, I am not sure why he felt the need to transition.

    • barbeez

      Go back to the first season and that average house they were living in. The family was comfortable but not rich. The girls had to work at their shop bought with the inheritance money from their father. The mother had a dog accessories shop and Bruce did speeches. They had gone broke several times and needed a source of cash...then came the sextape and the show. They got super rich from the fame of the show. Bruce did this for money. He could have transitioned easily in private but why do that when money can be made???

    • I cAll ThE sHoTs…

      They will do ANYTHING for money. Kris knew about Bruce when she married him. He had breasts for goodness sake!!

    • Enoughsaid2020

      They do have a great marketing manager. Society likes a train-wreck, and they like to escape the sad realities of their real life, so look they look at someone else's sad realities.

    • Dr.Rue

      He's right for once " I think that the Kardashians are the fakest people. They are totally created — brilliantlly"

    • AmericanMade

      Bruce becomes a tranny, Kylie is dating a tranny lover(watch out Bruce) , rob is becoming a house, Kris wants to be Kim, klohe dating the community knee grow, Kendall still thinks she's a model and Kim started it all...I can't keep up with the Kardashians....

    • suganspice68

      LOL!!!! So true!

    • suganspice68

      He shole look ugly in that pic!!!!!

    • stanhope

      Like Geraldo hasn't dipped in the tranny pond. LOL He was the biggest whore in New York and now the biggest narcissist. No doubt somebody plowed his cakes back in the day when he was hot.

    • stanhope

      Rob is fat because he is questioning. He can't keep a woman because he really wants a man.

    • stanhope

      Rob is a lazy ass. His father was successful. His sisters have suck-seeded because Kris whored them out. They didn't really have to work at a real job. Kris can't pimp him out for money so he just sits and eats. Rita Ora turned that ass out and left him in the dust once she got what she needed from him. He needs to lose weight and get a hot gay high profile boyfriend and a reality show.

    • EasyBreezy


    • Kristi Luv

      KRIS KNEW THAT WAY BACK WHEN....She just probably thought he'd never go through with it.

    • Kristi Luv

      oh noooooooooooooo

    • Candance

      What's funny is that Rob did finish college and he tried shame-less businesses that obviously did not fit in with the Kardashian lifestyle. I can imagine that it is hard being in that family if you are not willing to do something CRAZY and have it taped. I can see how Bruce changing could have put him in a deep depression, someone who he felt was sensible then at the end of the day was just part of the circus with everyone else. Kris is a mastermind and unfortunately Rob didn't make the cut as being a freak. You see how the other younger sister is doing her own thing and you rarely see her so the rumors is she is mad at her sister for taking the "shine". Um no she is just taking advantage of the star power of her sisters and using it pursue other dreams which don't require enhancements or online backlash. To be honest I don't think too many people could survive in that family!

    • Sincerity7

      Geraldo's moustache though. I just wanna rip it off.

    • Tyler McClain

      His mouth is so ugly.

    • Prettyreddbone?

      Thank you. Money is needed to survive in this world but as the saying goes the best things in life are free, ex. Iove and the things you mentioned.

    • Alisa

      The problem is how people begin to worship and morph themselves into mini replicas. All you have to do is post selfies half naked all day everyday and they will call you a model. Young girls want to be sugar babies or think its something to be in awe of. Their way of thinking is that it does not matter if you have to lay on your back to become famous and get money. They chase the materialistic lifestyle

    • Joan