K Michelle and Angela Yee

Instagram bloggers are buzzing about washed up singer K Michelle going IN on NY radio personality Angela Yee on The Breakfast Club this morning.

K Michelle was apparently upset about a previous interview in which Yee brought up the fact that Michelle f______ for tracks.

"What you did was f_____d up," said K Michelle during the radio interview on Tuesday. "At the end of the day, I ain't f_____ wit you for dat," she added.

Co-host Charlamagne the god was clueless about the prior incident that triggered Michelle's outburst. No one in the room other than Yee seemed to know what Michelle was talking about.

Clearly, K Michelle thinks people care about her or her music.

Listen to the audio below. The video will be uploaded shortly.

Thanks to loyal reader Low E. {CIRCA 1908} for the link.

  • imright

    Kmichelle can sang!!! but shes nutty af ??? cant wait 2 watch the interview

  • Yoni

    Yee brought up the fact
    LMAO! I have to listen from the beginning-beginning. What I caught was the beginning of the read. LOL

  • Ke$hiaFromBelly

    Ill wait on the video......

  • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

    "Thanks to loyal reader Low E. {CIRCA 1908} for the link."

    Yaaaaaaay. Loyal reader, double couponer, soul Sista supreme?? Come through LowE. Sandra shouted you out, Young Metro trust you...You gone be alright??

  • Fendi

    I've never known washed up singers to consistently release #1 albums, open bars/lounges, appear on multiple tv shows, etc.

    If that's washed up, then I humbly ask God to wash me up, IJN. ??

  • Nelleoftheball

    All this arguing over a stanky cootie? Just wash your a$$ and you won't have to worry about your funk box overshadowing your music

  • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

    I agree with K. Glad she called her out woman to woman...I was shocked to see all the women laughing and KiKi'ing at that whole a certain person smells like fish story that was floating around a few weeks back...Y'all know damn well that's what men say when they're mad...Just like women will target the penis size...Her cooch smell bad yet you was still eating it for 3 years? His dîck is little yet was big enough to get you pregnant..,Twice?? Angela was wrong for that...One of the differences between men and women...Women feeding into the her stuff smells stories and laughing, but you'll never see men laughing at their so called boys for the lil dîck stories...So I get it...When K says as a woman...As an acquaintance of mine...I get it??

  • Queen B

    Angela just own up to yo messy shît and let the bih know u gotta b shady sometimes for the radio....its part of the business honey

  • AnonymousRose

    how you know she dont.......

  • Jusstlookn

    Fan of her music, why would u make your arse that big? I just got off the eliptical and going to make a shake. This sister has wasted good money to have her arse medically enhanced and possible funky. Lawd...I am sure she uses goodt soap.

  • It’s Taurus Season

    K, Michelle is talking about something that happened off the air, WAY LAST ALBUM RELEASE? 2014. Bish good gatdamn BYE. You aint seen Angela Yee in TWO years to confront her? But she supposedly family of the record label. Or...did you wait til you can get back on Breakfast Club to do it PUBLICLY? MESSY.

    Flip side: I think Angela shoulda just said yeah I said it. And. Now what we gonna do? Where do we go from right now? Im not about to argue with you. You up here at MY job tryna entice me.

  • Fendi

    Hello! Sometimes the box isn't the problem, but rather the *ahem* crayons one has been placing in their box.

    K. needs to stop messing with those Prang crayons and get herself a Crayola.

  • MissHarlem

    K is such a damn bird it's sickening. I watch in amazement at her show. I want her to win but the bird in her can't let it go.

  • Jusstlookn

    Whalle, sometimes u gotta hem people up in their turf. Kudos to K.

    Angela dont want beef with Memphis clique, click, mob.

    Ehhh who cares.

  • It’s Taurus Season

    THIS. +1

  • Jusstlookn

    Now that sums it up.

    Hi luv ?

  • ATL White Guy

    So much shade! K Michelle can definitely sing. It's good to hear some good R&B music vs some of the trash that's put out there today. Ladies cussing like men & such in raps. If she does F for tracks, let me get my synthesizer out and some blank sheets and come up with something. Maybe I'll title it "You can't throw shade if your own tree has no leaves".

  • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

    ??? you are so special. Thanks?? Nothing better than morning laughter. Can't defeat the White man if we wake up defeated??

  • http://batman-news.com Roderick2011

    Typical black on black, female on female crime, and yet we wonder why our race will never advance.

  • Let Your Soul Glow

    I found it interesting that DJ Envy said, when we say stuff about you we don't take it seriously because we know that you'll come back at us in a minute, you can take a joke.

    Eh...I don't know. I think it's a big to-do about something she shouldn't care about at this point. So points for being upfront, but demerits for even showing her you cared enough to remember. Maybe next time go to another morning show.

  • iSaiditFIRST

    Claps hands.

  • Endless ONEder

    Sandra, K. Michelle's music is actually GOOD lol She's not washed up at all but she is a looney bin lol I LOVE her new album, "More Issues Than Vogue". Probably the best she's had but her antics will drive people away from her music. Oh well, such is life.

  • It’s Taurus Season

    And how is this a rumor? Of her fukkin for tracks?

    She got her START by fukkin with a music executive! Did we all forget this? Her and Memphitz? After she rammed it down our consciousnesses for YEARS?

    Kimberly Michelle Pate if your illy formed ass dont have a seat...

  • Jusstlookn

    Not as special as you Ms Cooper. Rolleyes and waves you away, but then gives you a hug. Because YOU MEAN well. (Whispers I guess)

  • LadyE

    I don't know what convo K Michelle is talking about but her album is incredible. That damn intro got be me like who da eff! Yee has a job. K Michelle has a masterpiece.

  • Sriracha In My Bag,

    I might be in the minority, but I have to make myself like K Michelle's voice because everyone says how good she sounds, so I listen to her music to see what I'm not hearing..oh welp..LOL.

  • free

    ain't she the one with her booty spread wide and a rose in the hole or something? every time i see her, i see that gargantuan misshapen azz of hers on display. if that's how you put yourself out there, that's what's going to be perpetuated in the skreets.

  • Ke$hiaFromBelly

    Yasssssss Douse me In opportunities n drench me n coins!!! Yasssss lmao

  • MissHarlem

    Hey boo ?

  • MissHarlem

    Morning booski ?

  • MissHarlem

    Thank. You. ?

  • It’s Taurus Season

    Hey hunnty!

  • Fendi

    If that isn't the gospel, I don't know what is. The more you have, the more you have to bless others with. IDC how much of a >insert colorful adjective here< people think K. is, she is talented. She makes poor choices in men, but she is an otherwise smart woman. We all have our weaknesses, and hers is eggplant.

    A lot of women are out here playing the fool, only to end up with a dry vagina and wet sheets. They can't afford to pay attention, more or less pay their bills. I'm going to let her cook. Sautée and simmer, K.

  • Cricket404

    Uncle said K's was smelly and Yee said don't that mean you nasty too if you have sex with a smelly vagina. Dudes think because a girl smells like fish she is not clean, the thing is she probably too clean.

  • It’s Taurus Season

    I LOVE her music.

  • Put some Respeck on B.Sweet

    She had her azz redone. LOL

  • Put some Respeck on B.Sweet

    I do too... lawd that album has one song that makes me want to hide and cry.

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush

    If I am not mistaken, I used to see Youtube clips of her with R. Kelly when she was up and coming, before MemFists. Does anyone else recall? Was that someone else sitting on the piano singing? (And don't run me a clip of Keysha gyrating for Birdman)

  • Put some Respeck on B.Sweet


  • Put some Respeck on B.Sweet

    I'm weird but even though she is a bird, I like watching her.

  • Milani


  • Mel

    Yes she dated R Kelly she even dissed trey songz when he and Kells had their issue.

  • Put some Respeck on B.Sweet

    Angela ain't about that life. She doesn't want that table to be shook.

  • Put some Respeck on B.Sweet

    Lordt that picture...


    When isn't K.Michele in her feelings......Icant with her. I like her sometimes and other times I'm like WTF wrong wit yo ass now...

  • GubmentCheeze

    K is about as crazy as a bag of cats. Now as far as Maino and Unk Murda they are both chatty patties. Angela was just doing her job. Even if they did hear that K's box smelled like trash truck juice y run tell that on the breakfast club. Im not saying that it dont or it do but Im leaning towards yes. We don't know the long term effects of those shots she got in her azz. K stop whining and get some metrogel gurllllll.......

  • It’s Taurus Season

    Yes she dated R Kelly

    Who is one of the best songwriters of my generation.

    So...is that not fukkin for tracks? Somebody help me OUT with this? Im confused.

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush


  • free

    "MemFists" => #dead

  • Sucker Free

    U said it...if she wants people to take her and her music seriously, why did she call so much attention to her ass? She looks like a pole worker, not an rnb diva

    Presentation is everything

  • MissHarlem

    I don't mind watching her either. Just annoyed at her birdisms if you will lol

  • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

    Omg I choke coughed on Keyshia gyrating??? Always bringing up old ish???

  • Unita Lucinda “Lucy” Freebush



  • Yoni

    Annnnnddd one of the dude's that is saying it stank, heard it from somebody else. Then he even said "he'd still hit". So yeah!

  • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

    Demerits???? Are we talking about different incidents? I mean...Maino and the other side were on tbc last week...Literally...That's when Angela asked them??

  • laidbackgal4real

    Kmichelle .. Sorry to tell you are always going to get talked about ! I understand your frustration but that's the entertainment business.Angela should have just owned up to what she said and apologize or something it makes her look like a big mouth who rides the bandwagon with everybody else smh poor Angela

  • Fendi

    Of course they will. All most of these dudes need is a hole for them to stick "it" in. It can be a Cheerio, donut, golf course, keyhole... They don't discriminate.

  • Low E. {CIRCA 1908}


  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_

    This b!tch always in her damn feelings. I can't stand her.

  • Yoni


  • side_i


  • mela.reign77

    The butt injections are going straight to her head!!!! I'm not going to lie this girl can sing, but she is clearly a nut job. She's going to taint her own career because no one in their right mind is going to want too work with someone with such dysfunction. It's not cute and she's going to pop them soup coolers one two many times and somebody is going to take a straight pin and pop her... air, silicone, fix a flat is going to be everywhere! LMBO!

  • GuestSTAR

    I like her grown folk music. In fact, I'm at work listening to her latest CD right now and its fiya.
    I don't care about all that other BS, just keep puttin out good music, cause there's not much to choose from now-a-days.

  • Nikke0208

    K. Michelle shut your ole build a broad body having ass up. Angela was doing her job. K Michelle does enough BY HERSELF to mess up her image. The way she treats her fans to the way she carries herself. She's a bag of dirty condoms and old fish nuggets. FOH

  • scentsychick30

    Love k Michelle music, but at this point I think she behave like this because it's a part of her persona?Or she might just be this crazy. Well she is talented non the less?

  • thehumble1

    I can't stand Angela Yee.. You see the shade Manio was giving her when he was on the show.

  • Nay

    U know what...k used to irritate me. However she has most def matured and become less reactive. She is learning and evolving as an artist in the public eye. Shes an emotional woman who wears her feelings on her sleeve. At least she's not a robot who tries to portray herself as perfect like somebody i know

  • yallcrazy

    She mad about people saying she stank. When she does stank stuff on that show. I thought she was cool at first now she is just too crass and ignorant for me. Pulling down her top and asking that man his size was just bottom of the barrel. She know young girls watch these shows. So they start thinking her tactics are cool. I just simply do not like this bird.

  • Fendi

    You know you are not allowed to post up in here with a conscience. We'z here for gossip and innuendo, not unity, solidarity and/or positivity. J/K.

    It gets SO old, doesn't it? So damn old.

  • bemetoo

    sounds like a bunch of bullshiit too me . k need to go sit her donkey from sherk lookin azz down somewhere bissh always in her feelings, idk why she anit check khia for sayin she a knock kneeded crooked leg bulldaggin bitcch, or for say k son is a miss thang

  • raysorbladeczar

    that interview was hilarious this morning! I surely got my shits and giggles LOL!

  • Baron

    Dayum!!! A bag of dirty condoms and old fish nuggets?!?! Man, now that right there is hilarious!

  • Marchele

    I'm guessing you didn't listen to the whole thing.. The guys clowned her, not Yee.. She was asking a question.. Then when they replied she clearly said not K Michelle.. When people get all upset about a "rumor" it's usually because it's true.. K Michelle talked all of this nonsense about women needing to stick together and what not yet she bashes women every chance she gets.. It's always B**** this that and the third with her.. Her childish ignorant ways over shadow her being able to sing well every single time.. Not to mention the fact that the Love & Hip Hop cameras were there taping so she wanted this to be seen... Yee is no fool.. I can't imagine her acting a fool on tv for ratings..

  • KB

    "dry vagina and wet sheets". ??

  • http://Copblock.org aDingoDrankMyBabies

    I listened. And as a person who has been let down time and time again by so called friends, I get it. As a friend, as a woman, you don't entertain the her vagina smells nonsense. You don't laugh, you don't encourage it, you don't rehash it. It's the ultimate disrespect. All vagina has an odor...Its natural. That's not the point though...

  • Readytochokemothernatureonout

    She wasn't on 100 like in the past, she told her to her face how she felt about something.

  • Fendi

    These guys will line up to beat these chicks' cheeks up like a heavyweight bout. But let those same women call those guys in need of an encouraging word, a gallon of milk or a box of sanitary supplies. His hotline may bling, but he won't be answering. Trust.

    K.'s love life is a mess, but that's what happens when you're guided by your "hot pocket" rather than your "thought pocket." She'll learn.

  • http://yeuphonic.com @yeuphonic

    *tries to help out*
    Well just like Cassie, and Christina Milian ...K's relationship with that super producer did not spawn any hits. Their careers flourished before and/or after said relationships.

  • 88

    Black Ppl need to master having calm conversation without squabbling and using trashy language.

  • GuestSTAR

    OMG, LMMFAO!!!!

  • Go Head With That

    Lol im mad I got a visual...with health dept green, red and blue lifestyles in it LOL

  • Go Head With That

    Yep. She should have said what she said and if she stuck to it say that and if she was sorry say thay. K wasnt tripping at what she said but the timing. I can understand that for sure. She was saying that could have been a headline hanging over her release day. She had a right to be mad looks like

  • Go Head With That

    You gave me an insta-headeck lol

  • imright

    u never seen white ppl argue?

  • imright

    this was a good interview. K was def n her bag. glad she got Yee 2gthr shes irritating af! i think her restaurant is gna b nice,ill def b stopping thru.

  • SouljaSociety

    I'd still hit regardless of what that thang smell like.

  • 88

    That type of thinking is a problem just because white ppl do it we need to do it? I don't think so.

  • Marchele

    You listened to the original interview with the guys and got that? They bought up K Michelle.. I don't care if you're a woman or not.. If you're grown enough to dish out the bs, be grown enough to handle it coming back to you.. She's out here telling people who she's slept with and who just got her pregnant but we have to respect her because she's a woman? Puhleez.. YOU have to respect you first... That girl has some issues and she tried to go in an a person in the journalism profession because cameras were there.. She always wants a stage... Now she has one and the world knows that box smells like garbage!



  • Well.well$well

    I like K but..She sounds hypocritical af...She goes in on other women all the time and she says she's being real...

  • harley_quinn2.0

    Why is she upset with Angela for reporting it but not upset with the person who put it out there? Angela is doing her job. She had every right to question him about that line. There have been several occasions where Charlemagne has talked about people saying her box stank but she doesn't get upset about that? Ok girl ?

  • KB

    I just love your word play.?

  • The Mrs.

    Clearly! ?

  • The Mrs.

    Damn Yee ? She let K.Michelle own her. Someone needs to teach her how to clap back.

  • SG

    Wait...what?? ???

  • donna

    That discussion happened very recently. Like a couple weeks ago and Angela was egging this imbecile on. What REAL grown MAN and WOMAN discuss that over the radio.

  • Six7

    Something wrong with the TWIZot!

  • coolyfett


  • Ms. Dawn

    i can see both sides cause Ye knew what she was doing. She said not K Michelle but you know they were going to keep talking about her. I personally don't believe information from what this dudes "friend" told him and I don't even care about KM lol. But if she was mad then she had a right to state that. At the same time everything don't need to be addressed cause now we talking about it again. So she did ok at keeping it together no yelling or anything. Basically said I don't fuck with you and done. So I guess it is what it is.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    What I don't understand is why K. Michelle blasts herself, then gets mad when folks are talking about it! Now Yee truly knows how crazy she is. She flipped out on Lil Kim too LOL. I wish she would just stick to making music because she has a nice voice.

  • morenYAHdelsur

    Absolutely. I can't understand it. People like her are living by some bs code that nobody else understands apparently!

  • kiddo1

    K.Michelle scared me!! I know Yee was scared as hell, that bish crazy!!!

  • Carmen Jones

    Get her K. Michelle!!! I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I respect the fact of her chiming in on BS!!!

  • Saywhatnow?

    Yes. Get in her A-Mk.

  • Slickone

    Yes we fish can be a bit too much but we keep it ?.

  • SpideySense

    I thought she said she was deflating it.

  • HelloToni

    K had a right to defend herself. Thoses are some pretty salacious allegations.

  • Taylordanes

    K Michelle is a classless BIRD! I wish she would grow up and get some class. Her mouth needs washing and her body looks like a caricature..

  • Taylordanes

    She also talks too much and is rude and classless...

  • Taylordanes


  • Taylordanes

    Now the tables are turned and K michelle wanna be mad when she stays talking trash about women. She is so trashy

  • Brook York

    Smh...petty and childish.

  • laidbackgal4real


  • Alicia.Ashe

    K michelle is a bird.

  • Deno Spencer

    I like women that speak their mind and keep it real. Nothing more sexy than a beautiful woman going ham standing up to bs

  • MissFLondon

    I don't know why I just don't like Angela Yee. She isn't interesting to listen to; to watch and cannot seem to find her tongue whenever she is caught out.

  • Chocolate Bliss


  • MILA


  • Fendi

    Thank you.

  • Angel

    After fukkin memphitz, she started fukkin with R Kelly ??

  • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

    Angela Yee has one of the most irritating voices EVER! *cringes*

  • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

    wait.... who....

  • Indies beauty

    I haven't seen the video yet but K Michele needs to calm down. Leave my baby Angela Yee alone

  • Jusstlookn

    Kay to radio chic. Ketchup

  • Emily post

    She gets on VH1 promoting ratchet behavior and then wonder why ratchetness always follows her. I watched 5 mins of her show and it was anything but classy. Her thot friends and their thot tales already over shadows her music. Her music is decent her behavior on vh1 is not it's not cute at all. No wonder why the non blacks have done a r&b takeover the air waves. They are eradicating black female artists all while appropriating their style and she's on vh1 being showcased as a THOT with prostitutes and strippers it's sad. You can't be mad at Angela because Angela don't respect you at the end of the day like everyone else that watched her on tv and you can tell. Somebody got those black women looking all kinds of crazy on vh1!

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    I just don't like this girl. I'm no fan of Yee's either

  • BLAH

    Right!!! Charlamange and DJ Envy sat there and talked about her vagina being stank majority of the interview, she said nothing to them.

  • ShadyBaby

    Curious. So it's ok if other races do it? Honestly to me a woman is a woman. I look at Mob Wives, RHONJ and etc and never come to that conclusion. Everyone fights why pinpoint one?

  • IAmLawlessBrooks

    ''Clearly, K Michelle thinks people care about her or her music.'' lmfaoo lawwwddd Sandra #SAVAGE lmfaoooooo

  • Nancy Drew on my ibrowse today

    I got THAT part ...but... but... that butt!!!!!

  • Jusstlookn

    Ohhhh....It was early, butt I forgot about it already.

  • AHardAct2Follow

    Lol! Boomerang!

  • MangoMama

    K's new album is actually really good, but her antics are the reason that she will never be a mainstream success. She could have talked to Angela about that in private. Girl, bye.

  • Shade Fest

    You said that huns.

  • shaybytheway

    K clearly felt betrayed by a fellow woman in the industry. I understand her anger. HOWEVER, in giving the men in the room a pass, she's essentially reinforcing the behavior she is criticizing. If we women have to stick together, there is a way you can call an associate to the carpet. Even in sisterhood, not everyone is going to get along all the time. How you approach the trespass will determine whether or not the bond lasts.
    And why do women feel the need to announce that they don't mess with someone? Are you trying to get everyone else to do the same? No? Then keep it to yourself because that's who it's for.
    Anywho, I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!

  • Ed.

    I loooove K Michelle interviews :-D
    She sounds real and funny to be around :-D

  • Demetrics Smith Laneair

    Agreed she got her together and she was quiet as a mouse I feel her..... You was just with me at my album release and then you pull this.... I like K!

  • Sleepy One

    Me too, I love her

  • Alisa

    Angela Yee has some shady friends The company she keeps (shaking my head)

  • rodt


  • Angry Derp

    Is this what you call journalism? This biased ass bullshit article can't even be taken with a grain of salt.