LGBT Ivory Coast

Gay men living in the Ivory Coast were forced to flee their homes after the U.S. embassy posted a photo on its website identifying the men as members of the LGBT community.

The photo shows a group of six men signing a condolence book for victims of the Orlando gay bar massacre last month.

Four of the six men in the photo say they were forced to flee their homes in fear for their lives after family and friends discovered they were gay.

Two of the men said they were punched and kicked by an angry mob who recognized their faces from the photo.

The men told the Associated Press the mob attacked them while "shouting anti-gay slurs."

They men said they did not authorize the U.S. embassy to identify them as members of the gay community in the photo.

The photo is still available -- without the faces obscured -- on the embassy website.

Embassy press officer Elizabeth Ategou said the embassy received no requests to take the photo down.

Ategou told the AP the embassy "deeply regrets that any individuals were attacked based on any kind of orientation they might have."

She said the embassy was in contact with the men and urged them to report the attacks to police.

The U.S. Embassy in Abidjan provided outreach to the LGBT community in 2011 after U.S. President Obama issued a directive to "all agencies engaged abroad" to promote homosexuality and protect the "human rights of sexual minorities."

  • Queen B

    Live ur truth then and this probably wudnt b an issue

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    this is horrible

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    If folks are getting killed for being gay here, in America, why would they even think it's ok to out folks abroad. Think. Think.

  • Di Ana

    That is so irresponsible of the US Embassy.

  • mainey

    Why would they post that caption knowing the climate culture there? Bad call. Now you have the publicity you weren't necessarily looking for.

  • just being me

    This is so sad .. Why are so many people worried about whats going on in other people bedroom ?? They are hating they cant be open and honest with their feelings and that is hella sad

  • Karma WhO

    I understand not supporting the LGBT community but folk need to keep they damn hands to themselves. .

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    You know, just because they sign a condolences book associated with gay people, doesn't mean they are gay. What a bad assumption to make. I would sign the book and I'm straighter than an anorexic Paris model's ass.

  • Howard Alum ?

    America wants everyone to be apart that community. They should know Africa does not play that. Plenty heads of states have threatend to kill anyone associated with that community. Smh

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Why would they post that?!
    AND Google how many folks are in the LGBT community.

    Less than 3% in USA ??

  • product of 79

    Dam shame... what if they aren't even gay ? this is turning into a ball of fire NO 1 can put out ?

  • product of 79

    THIS ?

  • Fendi

    People live their truth everyday, and are still harassed and attacked for it. It's perfectly fine to disagree with someone's lifestyle or orientation, but when you seek to do bodily harm to them because of your difference of opinion or beliefs, it's a problem.

  • Cole Elizabeth

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  • Brenden’s Back #BlockDeez?


  • MookieFly

    Yea, this was a misstep on the Embassy. Just because the storm is semi-calm in the USA, doesn't mean everywhere else is too.

  • Fendi

    I saw these shoes at the Adidas store yesterday. I saw a custom pair on IG months ago and thought they were dope. One of the girls at Adidas pointed to the 'PRIDE' sign above the shoes, which I didn't see because I was so excited to see the shoes in person. They're from the 'pride pack,' which was released for gay pride.

    The salesgirl informed me how many people came into the store, liked the shoes and would've bought them if not for them being from the pride pack. I am one of those people. As a heterosexual woman, I don't feel comfortable wearing anything with a rainbow, because when I have, I've been ogled or approached by a lesbian who was under the false impression that I am a lesbian because of my attire.

    The world has changed. Sadly, it hasn't changed for the better. No shade or disrespect to any of the gays, but it's sad that there's a pride pack supporting the LGBT community when, as a Black person, I know Adidas, Nike, Puma, etc. would NEVER have a 'Black power pack' or 'Black lives matter' pack to stand in solidarity with Black men and women who've been disenfranchised in the US for hundreds of years.


    whether they are living their truth or not .... they had no business identifying those men as gay and they dont even know them....

    additionally living your truth where they are is at this point impossible...Its tell the truth and you wont live

    The are the walking dead now




    exactly and then tell them to call the police ...serious side eye

  • Cricket404

    Where were they when they were signing the condolences book? Did they fly to the states then fly back home? If so, they need to use their passports and flee their country. If not, why was there a book for the victims in an intolerant country?

  • Li

    Well that was dumb. But our embassy workers are not too bright anyway are they -- Benghazi?

  • Allihave2say

    What if they weren't gay tho? I'd sign it, I'm not gay. Did they ask permission to make this posted announcement? If not, a lawyer should be consulted.

  • hi-liter

    Gots to bemo-careful in certain countries. The embassy could have just said "people" signing the condolence book. Will get them men kilt over there with that fuuck shat for a story.

  • CaramelDrop

    In Africa of all places!! They set these men up... On another note, with the anti-gay laws in Africa what the hell were they thinking signing book in the first damn place

  • AnonymousRose

    They black just call the police. If white, we will give them protection, obama press conference ordered, and restitution for their pain, NEXT.

  • CaramelDrop

    When my Cuervo is in my hand I am no longer reading your posts woman! Soon as I read your post Kate Moss and that eye popped up - then there went my Cuervo?

  • Auditor

    Those are nice...I'd buy them if I actually wore unsupportive tennis shoes and didn't have these feets of mine and was gay. But yup you dead spot on...

  • Fendi

    I have one pair of shell toes. They don't have air pocket like some Nikes, but they don't lack support. You may need some additional arch support if you have high arches. They're a good shoe for a long, narrow foot. What kind of feet do you have? Lol


    Im just mad they've put THEIR personal safety on the line,for an affair thats going on on another country's soil, where THEY cant even get visas no personal take and a personal opinion.

  • LibraGirlonly

    The police will be of no help. They don't accept homosexuality in that Country at all and I think the US knew that.

  • Auditor

    Not nan arch... I'm in love with my Birkenstocks (not them ugly ones lol) and Brooks tennis shoes are nice

  • Fendi

    I love Birkenstocks and Mephisto shoes. I'm a fan of anything comfortable. I've never owned a pair of Brooks. Do you like New Balance?

  • Ni Ni

    The US embassy was dead wrong and they need to help relocate those poor souls.

    People just need to respect other people period. I don't take family photos now because of people not respecting my requests not to be posted on Facebook, smh.

  • shay

    That's horrible that the embassy published that when they don't know if those men are gay or not. That was in poor taste and in not surprised. It annoys me to no avail when people say "I don't agree with the LGBT lifestyle" when no one is asking for your approval. Whomever they chose to sleep with and who they identify with is there business and not mine. There lifestyle is not one for me to agree with or not. Everyone just wants to be treated with respect and dignity and i understand. This is the problem people want to have say so over other people for whatever reason but when it's them on the other end of the stick then they want to holler injustice. That's not OK at all. Disclaimer* As always this is my opinion on this topic and it is in no way directed to anyone.

  • BrittBrat2005

    they can't over there they would be killed, overseas dont recognize gays etc ITS THE DEVIL as they say.

  • Queen B

    I guess

  • Auditor

    Nike's are too narrow for my flat feet plus I got a deformed toe (my momma smooshed it in the womb) that gets in the way. Hence, wider width shoes. I'll have to check out the Mephisto shoes.

  • Fendi

    Not the smooshed toe?!. ???

  • Auditor

    Lol yes chile...gets in the way of everything. Could never wear the cute boots or heels (not that I should have anyway with my flat foot self). Told myself when I was younger I was going to get it removed cause it was always in the way of nice sh!t lol.

  • Fendi

    You better enlist the assistance of a magnificent podiatrist. My mom had beautiful feet that were all but ruined by wearing high heels for years. She had corns, but they didn't last for long.

    She found a bomb ass podiatrist in Beverly Hills years ago. He impressed me with his framed silk scarves, one of which was Ferragamo. His work product was as lovely as his scarf collection. She hasn't seen a corn on her lovely little feet since. Totally restored her to her pre-corn luster.

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    Both of these statements too!

  • Da Puppet Mistress

    Both of these statements too!

  • mirror

    Sorry don't believe their story

  • Auditor

    Lol naw not corns...I can't explain it. I show it to folks they be like what's wrong with it? I be like you don't see that! I just know it gets in the way. I only buy supportive shoes now. Don't mess with $50 nikes or addidas no more.

  • Fendi

    I didn't say you had corns. I was mentioning that my mom's feet had gotten jacked up over time and the podiatrist gave her tootsies life again. Just find yourself a solid podiatrist if and when you look for one. Hopefully, you'll be able to buy the type of shoes you want.

  • Auditor

    Oh ok gotcha yea I found a podiatrist...I got them custom made inserts...they do help.

  • Fendi

    That's cool. I'm over here acting like I wear stilts daily. I reside in slides, sneakers, sandals and flats. I can't remember the last time I wore heels. Soon...

  • Auditor

    Nope I gave up on them...I'll never wear them again...I don't see how folks do it (males and females nowadays) *shrugs*

  • Fendi

    Lol @ Derek J. and Lawrence.

  • the guest

    The US Embassy did this on purpose to push its gay agenda on the world without any regard for the safety or lives of others.

    I think its wrong for President Obama to force a gay agenda on others. You don't see him socializing his daughters to be gay so why should he be imposing on other peoples children.

    The US Embassy is dead wrong to violate the privacy of these young men but I do think the wide lapel a-line pink blazer and baby blue watch might've been a little suspect?

  • Pamela

    IKR? The US government should give them asylum now, after all it's their fault these guys lives are now in danger

  • lil goodie

    Exactly. .you can't beat it out of them....If your gay your gay..... this was a set up to get shit started. .they should have never posted the picture knowing the law there. I blame the government for this. .they knew what they were doing when they posted this and had the nerve to say they received no request to take it down. .really? ???

  • lil goodie

    Less than 3%out of the closet many they think on the DL???

  • sunni_daze

    Some countries are not with the AGENDA

  • Billy

    Their truth is the issue. Not every country isn't tolerant of homo behavior. Obviously the Ivory Coast isn't, seeing they were forced to flee once outted.

  • Saphistication

    The Red Cross needs to be aware of the demographics when posting ads like this. I don't believe any country in Africa is accepting of homosexuality. Now we are going to get 6 asylees and possibly more because of their screw up.

  • Ant Hill

    Boom Bye Bye

  • Karma WhO

    i agree..the thing is ..we dont know if these people were gay or NOT..they could have been respectfully showing their not gay but i mourned for those people jus like i wouldve mourned for anyone because thats whats only right! so u gonna fight me because im showing support or whatever the case is that u particularly dont know..just senseless.

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Even IF you double or triple that number, it's still small sample

    But they getting power and respect ??

  • barbeez

    I would have said a silent prayer in my head. If you know your life is in danger. Don't be signing no book for gay condolences. My life is too important.

  • Chicagowise

    Are we giving those backwards, bible freaks welfare? If so, that needs to stop, pronto!

  • Chicagowise

    The white man brainwashed... I mean taught them well.

  • Nonya Bizness

    AMEN! Preach! Hallelujah! I agree with everything you said. This agenda is TOO much, and what positive purpose was it suppose to serve that these men were signing that supposed "guest book"? Do we have pics of the people who were blamed for 9/11 signing a condolences Guest Book? There was NO reason for this pic.

  • Nonya Bizness

    True. We don't know they're g ay, and we don't even know what they were really signing. This is coming from AP, who had pictures on their website taken in Nov 2014 and before Dec 14,2012 of the "Sandy Hook S hooting". Those men could be at a funeral or signing anything.

  • Bubbles

    It didn't have to have the LGBT community label. Anyone can give their condolences.

  • kennedy campbell

    lol what agenda....pushing the gay agenda on the world...i'm sorry...the heterosexual agenda has been pushed on those of us homosexuals forever and straights act like our so called agenda has been going on forever

  • kennedy campbell

    no kidding. we will never know a true percentage

  • PrettyBrown28

    You're not making any sense.

  • SpiceGirl

    why put them on blast knowing what would happen??

  • Storm’s Rage!

    live your truth and get killed. Dont you know that these 3rd World Countries will kill gay people and not be convicted for it.

  • Desiree

    True. I'm thinking that they didn't think in a million yrs that the US would put a pic of them signing out there.

  • Queen B

    Well move shît!!!

  • Genia W-m

    Some African countries treat homosexuality as if its Satan himself!!! Do they think the entire country is going to turn gay if they allow it? Geez!