Eve Giselle Jordan

Eva Giselle Jordan doesn't look impressed after spending her first full day at school today. The 6-year-old is the daughter of reality TV stars Stevie Jordan and Mimi Faust.

Eve already has 4 siblings but, depending on who you ask, she's about to welcome another sibling.

Reality TV star Joseline Hernandez is reportedly pregnant with Stevie J's fetus.

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  • brooklyn23

    She looks lIke her daddy.

  • Fendi

    Eva is ice grilling because she knew her picture was going to be taken from Instagram and placed on this blog. She knows how disrespectful your posts are about innocent children. Since she is half Steve and half Mimi, she probably already devised a plan to meet you at your favorite coffee shop/restaurant/retail establishment to warn you that she will sue you into heterosexuality if you post anything remotely derogatory about her. Go, Eva.

  • 100milesperhour

    Somebody tell Eva not to do that face again.

  • SLucky



    Just wait till she see her moms shower rod sex tape....(knocks back a shot of JD's whiskey)?

  • Jusstlookn To Stay Woke

    1. Somebody tell Eva not to do that face again.
    2. Somebody tell Steve not to do that face again
    3. Somebody tel Mimi not to that face again.

    In that order.

  • YaYa

    that's EXACTLY what I was thinking LOL

  • Incog-knee-gress

    With her lil Steven Jordan looking self!!!! ???

  • Jusstlookn To Stay Woke


  • Angela

    she will sue you into heterosexuality if you post anything remotely derogatory about her. Go, Eva.

  • https://www.etsy.com/shop/AMarieNaturals Lovezoe

    She frowning because she can't believe who her mama, daddy, and step daddymama is.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    She looks exactly like a cheese eating rodent-esque father. Cute kid I love her cornrows and beads. I like that's she's dressed like a little girl , and not an adult.

  • http://totallifechanges.com/PurTEA VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I have not watched one episode of Mona's shows. I hear about them and watch the clips through the blog though. I never knew their child was named Eve. Find it so ironic that his ex was named Eve . Just like Jay Z and Bey named their princess similarly to an ex of his.... Is it me or is it weird ?

  • <—Doesn'tTalkToStrangers

    Y'all see the Gel Sandals in the byke?!?! ????

  • Taylordanes

    done and doner.....lmao

  • fresnostateofmind

    Good catch!

  • product of 79

    Always thought that was a nod at Eve ?

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Yea she does. That's NOT a compliment. Lol

  • product of 79

    She cute... Her big sister probly got her goin LOL... School time ?? ? ? whew... YASSS lawd I can't wait ?

  • http://citygirlzen.blogspot.com/ missarewa

    lol! still a cutie

  • mela.reign77

    Stevie could never deny that one!!! That little princess looks just like him, I mean just like him.

  • B.Sweet is Savage

    I was just about to post that. He cannot deny her.

  • Genia


  • Incog-knee-gress

    Eva was the name of Mimi deceased mother. It has nothing to do with his ex-girlfriend

  • Str8tUpMenace

    She is too cute!!!! And makes the same faces that Steebie makes. *dead*

    S/N: Steebie should hire somebody to beat Jose's ass for those accusations she made about him. Sooooo not cool.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    It's something wrong with her. It was cool/ kinda funny before but she crossed a line.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    Rofl. I can't...

  • scentsychick30

    Eva is a cutie she just makes those faces like her daddy.

  • http://totallifechanges.com/PurTEA VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I see that clears that up. I never heard her name before and didn't know Mimi's mothers name. Thanks.....

  • Jen_n_juice

    She trying to save her spot on LHHATL is all

  • hi-liter

    Mimi just posted that she was not returning to LHHATL for the 6th season.

  • ?Sugar&Spice?

    Awww she looks like the state of her mom's affairs.

  • Fendi

    I feel you, but Stevie doesn't need to do anything but maintain his sobriety, return to making hit records and pay his child support. Life is kicking Joseline's ass. Trust. Her jealousy, envy and bitterness backfired on her. She thought she was "taking" Mimi's man and all she was taking was money from her Chanel bag and handing it to Stevie who then handed it to Mimi.

    Joseline finally woke up after the dopamine wore off and realized that it was SHE who was keeping Stevie afloat financially. She is a ho and he has a pimp mentality. He lived off of her until he was tired of being tired. Now he is on the rise again and she won't have any parts of that, unless GA acknowledges common law marriages.

    Now she is pregnant, and not a single man is stepping forward to claim her baby. Oops.

  • SaltineCrackers

    I love her hair!

  • SaltineCrackers

    Somebody's child = Open Post

  • surprise2012

    She is her daddies child.

  • mzwhang90210


  • T3

    Her name is Eva.

  • PhillyFacts

    I must admit I was one formerly entertained by her foolery, however it is no longer comical it's to the point where me and my girls are like "sis need some meds A SAP". She really is B made then try to act tuff, then she does crazy ish, then wants to get a PFA on people, then back on gangsta mode, like wtf. Your mental boo boo and it ain't cool she can really mess somebody life up with her foolishness, or worst end her own.

  • PhillyFacts

    Good for her this little girl needs all her attention!

  • I aint the one

    and step daddymama
    ? Did anybody send you to the corner for this?

  • Brownie

    Step daddymama...
    You play too much

  • SG

    She's a cute version of him.

  • Vern

    She is probably mad cause she got teased all day about her mommy's porn tape. ???

  • LibraGirlonly

    Lawd if that ain't mini Stebbie.

  • LibraGirlonly

    Is she really pregnant?

  • Fendi

    If she has a food baby in her stomach, then she must've swallowed an entire turkey whole, or she is hysterically pregnant.

  • Low E. TUH!

    Eve already has 4 siblings but, depending on who you ask, she’s about to welcome another sibling.

  • BaybeK8s

    Daddymama? *rolling

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Stop lying hunny. Lol

  • http://totallifechanges.com/PurTEA VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    Let me scroll up dis my eyes deceive me? Or was it a typo?

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    I looooove her personality!!! She seems to be a in a child's world, no matter what the parents's lifestyles!!! That says something positive about the parents, especially the mother. The child seems so jolly on the show!! I LOVE It!!

  • SG

    LOL! No really, I thinks she's a precious poo....in spite of the fact that she is a replica of Steebie.

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Kanye shrugs different strokes for different folks

  • GuestSTAR

    She tries to act tough, but I can tell crazy Tommie had her azz shook.

  • mzbestseller


  • PhillyFacts


  • Shaylove1975

    Shes about to have two more siblings then. Joseline isn't the only one pregnant from Stevie.

  • SameoleJ

    Now if only MiMi can get some business of her own and stay out of their mess and stop being so mad. She knew who Joseline was from the rip, so if she chose to "befriend" her after all that mess, she set herself up. The chick is unstable, which is more than enough reason to suggest that Stevie keep Eva away from her. But she likes the mess, because as she says: Joseline hates that that man loves me!!

  • Yetunde

    She's pregnant for real, they did a pregnancy test on the reunion show. I wouldn't have believed it myself otherwise.

  • TeeTee

    but they say it eve-a... weird

  • Mystery User

    I feel sorry for this child....

  • T3

    You know how shady AuntTEA Sandra is. She probably did it on purpose since Steebie dated Eve lol

  • PettyEyezPrime

    She most definitely crossed the line and that b!tch should get her @ss beat and go to jail for those accusations.

  • PettyEyezPrime

    Mimi is Molly the Maid remember ?


    She's gorgeous only miserable people who say other wise

  • barbeez

    Hmmm. We're going to give her some time to grow into her looks...but right now she's got that Stevie J face. Not good.

  • http://totallifechanges.com/PurTEA VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I think it's Eva... The Roses have informed me its Eva . Aunt Sandy had it spelled two ways so I don't know.... It's a mystery. That's probably why she didn't want her picture taken. She wants to stay out of the blogs unlike her parents.

  • Moon Lee

    With parents like hers, I would make that face too! She's a beautiful little Queen.

  • Moon Lee

    With parents like hers, I would make that face too! She's a beautiful little Queen.

  • brooklyn23

    Lol. A good version. Just like blue ivy looks like beyonce and a good version of Gay z, I mean Jay z

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Eva is not cute. I know shame on me but it's true. Blu looks like jigga just prettier

  • B.Loveitt

    Fendi just stop it, I can't breathe laughing at yo ass!

  • Fendi


  • Fendi


  • AndYouDontKnow

    I hate the fact that she looks sooo much like her dad! ?

  • AndYouDontKnow

    Right!!!! ?

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller