Hillary Clinton

Vice President Joe Biden averted a near disaster when he caught Hillary Clinton before she fell onstage at a rally on Monday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Clinton, 69, had just introduced Biden to the audience when she stepped backwards and slipped. Biden caught her elbow and steadied Clinton as she laughed nervously.

“Great speech,” he said in her ear as they embraced awkwardly.

Clinton's health status is the subject of wide speculation. Many Americans are calling for her to release her medical records.

The AARP cardholder suffered a concussion when she fell in 2012 Doctors diagnosed her with a blood clot on the brain. She must take blood thinners for the rest of her life.

In her campaign speeches, Clinton adamantly states that her opponent Donald Trump is not fit to be president. Yet she refuses to release her medical records to prove she is medically fit to be president.

  • AG

    She probably has vertigo like me....I'm always falling all over the place ??

  • just being me

    WOW looks like she stepped down wrong .. Its sad that she cant even be human and misstep its a f n scandal !!!!!

  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    I will say it again... I will take her getting ill and her VP taking over as president than Trump or his VP that he doesn't even want to run with him. If she releases her records, Trump should release his. Speaking of records, where are his tax returns?

  • Arrissasso

    Maybe I'm not as astute but I didn't see any slipping just an uncertain step back. I'm clumsy as heck I'm always slipping lol or dropping things, I wonder what my diagnosis is lol. Whomever POTUS endorses I'm down for it he has been a great POTUS and I will miss him dearly as prez when his terms over.

  • Arrissasso

    Seriously let's see them returns!!!

  • Jessy

    ?? She just tripped a bit on the step. Anyone can do that. Especially, if you're a little clumsy. I was actually expecting more than that based on your write up (I don't know how you still get me lol). If you don't leave her alone.

  • MsSincerity

    Stepping down backwards off of a platform at the age of 68 is a formula for a tumble anyway. I don't really care if she fell or not, I just appreciate the fact that Sandra went with something other than that photo of her being stabilized on those steps with that stupid green jacket. #overkill

  • http://www.sandrarose.com Django the God

    Did you see he endorsed Kamala Harris for Senate?

  • KcoolMuziq

    Thank God she didn't actually FALL! Donald Trump would have NEVER let her hear the end of that. Plus the Memes would have been endless...

  • That’s Interesting

    Looks like she stepped down to me...and she's one year YOUNGER than Trump.

  • http://totallifechanges.com/PurTEA VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    When I read the title I thought slipping meant something else..... I thought she got caught with her ebony Doctor in a lip lock or something.... Not literally slipping.

  • That’s Interesting

    What r u trying to say? Lol.

  • nucynu25

    AARP card holder...lmao

  • SG

    Exactly. Tim Kaine came to my church back home and helped with back to school drive for the kids in the neighborhood. Took a pic with my granddaddy and everything. That coupled with the bozos running for office in this election makes him alright with me.

  • Make this happen.

    Trump Confirms His Racism By Turning Down Invitation To Speak At NAACP Convention.


  • Ceezus

    Yeah, wasn't that bad. Just a little misstep. I thought the woman was abt to tumble over. lol SR funny

  • Ceezus

    Amen ??????

  • Zizzle

    Only among right wing blogs and news sites like this one.

  • Brownie

    OK?!?! Its a shame that er'damn chance we have to read is a reach about some supposed health issue about HC but not a sentence about Trumpanzee. Insinuating people should take a shot at her. Getting those Russian coins. Klan affiliation. His weave! His lies that lie. This entire bait click thing is getting old.


    Mine doesn't act up that often but when it does, you would swear I was drunk and I don't drink.

  • Critical_Thinking

    Ya'll are so gullible...

  • Critical_Thinking

    *Walks out*

  • Karma WhO

    Lmao...i think hilary be a lil tipsy if u ask me..

  • Karma WhO

    Lmao...i think hilary be a lil tipsy if u ask me..

  • JayCee087

    Mrs. Clinton needs to get it together; the CFR already promised her the throne back in 2008 and she must fulfill their agenda.

  • AG

    Lol. It is horrible!

  • Kilroy


  • SG

    Not really. I know its all BS, smoke and mirrors, etc. Democrat, Republican, they all in the same gang, pushing for the same "agenda" . The President is just a "face" who carries out the plans of "others" and not their constituents.

  • http://batman-news.com Roderick2011

    You're supporting Trump, but you call us gullible?

    You sound like Diamond and Silk on the TJMS earlier this morning.

    Both of them just repeated Trump's talking points and had no idea how Trump was going to accomplish what he claimed.

  • Guess Who

    ...SMH @ the two candidates we have for POTUS. A lying, bloated, sickly, troll of a woman and an orange skinned, ignorant, racist ass, power mad despot that has an otter's pubic hair stapled to his dome. SMMFH.

    Folks are so caught up in the Jerry Springer like antics of both of these turd's campaigns that the real issues are falling to the side.

    It's really sad. This, coupled with the Police picking folks off left and right, folks WORLDWIDE can see what a FARCE America is as a country.

    Truly an embarrassment.

  • Queen B

    Whats vertigo?

  • rodt

    is this gonna be a right wing nutjob blog on the side

  • Anna Maria

    My friend does too.

  • Anna Maria

    Sandra, where did she fall? The nation saw a misstep and the right wingers including you tell all kind of lies to discredit Secretary Clinton. You carry so much water for the right wingers that I think you should go and join Omorosa on the Trump campaign. Every president since Nixon has released his tax returns and you want to demand to see HRC's medical records. Ask Trump to release his tax returns.

  • Anna Maria

    Tell the truth!

  • Critical_Thinking

    Reading is fundamental...

    I did not say that I was supporting Trump, but I will not be supportning neither one of them. It is called exercising my right not to vote, and before you say our ancestors died for us to vote, you can save that. I believe they would be shocked by both candidates and their past and present policies they have supported and good luck to my people for following I am a democrat and they help us dream. Instead of us keep throwing our vote away, we need ro come together as a group to request policies that will protect and further us in society.

  • SaltineCrackers

    Basically it's a condition that makes people feel dizzy and/or lightheaded. It can appear and disappear at random.

  • AG

    A condition where you experience dizziness, vomiting, nausea, or a feeling like the room is spinning. I typically have a spell when something is emotionally taxing, or I have an inner-ear infection. When my my mom passed, I had symptoms for a week.

  • Candance

    She just looks so tired!!!!! She needs a nap!

  • Scorpio

    Looks like she stepped off a a box to make her taller at the mic.

  • http://batman-news.com Roderick2011

    I think most people believe that Trump is crazy and even though she's not the ideal candidate Hillary is sane so again you mistake the basis on which most black people vote--the lesser of the two evils, but you already knew that.
    You have no say in policy if you don't vote.
    Just sit on the sideline with a piece of duct tape over my mouth.

  • homieloverfriend

    That's me!

  • more

    lol cute


    she's unfit.... she having storkes/seizures, can't walk up 3 steps without SS protection... release you med records...

  • Arrissasso

    I read up on Kamala Harris, she's coined the woman Obama on some reputable sites.I also see she there was some scandal with her lab and one of the lab ppl taking cocaine from the lab, so 600 cases thrown out so I understand your aversion to her. Those cases thrown out sound a little fishy, maybe there's a bigger picture we're missing. Corruption is worldwide.

  • SumthinSweeter

    That's when I have suffered from it. During an after an inner ear infection. Physically there are still things I have to take it easy with. Like roller skating and certain dance moves. My equilibrium has never recovered to how it used to be.

  • Arrissasso

    So what's that supposed to mean? You're anti Obama?

  • http://batman-news.com Chris St George

    Disgusting criminal will not be POTUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://batman-news.com Chris St George

    Sea hag is going down in flames!!!!!!!!

  • http://batman-news.com Chris St George

    Libs= Mental defect. FACT

  • http://batman-news.com Chris St George

    Sea Hag for prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://batman-news.com Roderick2011

    Right, believing that everyone should be treated equally is a mental defect according to conservatives.