911 dispatcher

911 dispatchers are off the chain these days. Remember that story about the hoodrat 911 dispatcher who kept hanging up on callers? Well, here's another case that will shock you.

This dispatcher didn't hang up on his terrified caller. Instead, he dispensed advice to the caller that wasn't included in the employee manual.

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    Ohhhhh lol ? The blonde wig tho!!! Hehehehe

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    I overstand. My UPS guy used to deliver so many replacement handsets to me, I had a delivery scheduled before I even moved into the residence I was having it delivered to. Lol.

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    That was hilarious!! Thanks for that!??

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    Lmao. Now, I want to go find other videos by him. By the way, hi to SR, the roses, thorns, lurkers, and other. I pop in and out too much to keep a real convo going. Sometimes, I can't even complete a thought before more shit falls in my lap to do. --xoxo

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    How did this guy become popular? He's so not funny to me, but I suppose a boy that dresses in drag and acts a fool is cool and funny nowadays. *side eye*

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    Was there already a discussion about Queen Sugar? I don't trust Darla.

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    Too soon, my neighborhood has been terrorized by a gangs since the beginning of summer. They are kicking in doors, killing and carjacking without a fear of being caught. The 911 calls were released this week for Pamela Williams. I'm still in shock. Her killers were arrested over 30 times. A funeral today for a man killed at the gas station across from where I'd just gotten my hair done hours before. He was killed by 15 and 16yo brothers that werent registered for school and had over 100 dealings with the police. Too soon, we getting kilt out here.

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    Technically no different than Martin

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    Her story made me scared to sleep at night. Especially since I'm a victim of home invasion

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    Good Afternoon
    Just got back from volunteering at the schools Book Fair. Y'all pray for these kids.
    What was said, I can't see the post directly from social media

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    Yep true, I see pregnancy in the near future!
    And I dont trust Darla neither......

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    Lol. Yeah I did say I would snatch my daughter up if I seen her acting like that but that Darla, she trying to do too much to soon. Plus the way the teacher reacts to her, I don't think that's just about Ralph Angel. I think she don't get a good vibe from her.

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    Martin was actually funny. *side eye*

  • Purfect

    Martin was actually funny. *side eye*

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    Glad to see you are in a better mood Sandra.

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    New post ..nasal voice & Phae the scammer

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    Be safe

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    Speaking of delivery guys: Amazon.com provides delivery service in Atlanta now. Thank goodness! UPS and the post office are the worst when it comes to delivering packages! I order from Amazon weekly, and sometimes my package is lost or the Post Office claims I wasn't home when they tried to deliver (I work from home, so that's a lie). I guess Amazon got tired of the customer complaints! ? Anyway, Amazon.com pays their drivers $18/hour, and one of the drivers told me they have a lot of openings.

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    Right ..he isnt that funny and he is making FUN of black women for coins....

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    I have everything delivered. I'm waiting for my Starbucks delivery rn. I get groceries delivered from Gelson's. I do Curbside pickups from CVS. This is my UPs guy's second home. I get a lot of packages from overseas, so the mailman is always ringing me to let me know to look out for my things.

    I despise Amazon. They sell too much bootleg merchandise and their deliveries never arrive on time.

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    Southwest Atlanta/South Fulton County

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    Why didn't any of you heiffers tell me that the healing process to a hysterectomy would be painful? ??

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    it's major surgery! lol..be glad you got one. I want one...BAD

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    During a previous home invasion, James Calhoun, the gunman, dropped his college registration papers with name, address, parents name, etc. The police left a message with his father telling him to follow up about his information being found at a crime scene. This was a month before Pamela's murder. Police detective never followed up. James Calhoun's cell phone was found at the site of another home invasion, he told them he lost it. Now they are calling them the Death Squad, he shot another women hiding in the closet 12 times, emptied the gun in her. Be careful, single women, these feral boys hate their mothers and hate women and will kill you for an iPhone.

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    You're right. Lol thatvdoctorvwas trying to convince me not to have one because I was 25 at the time, but I was like nah homie I have one 6 yr old… I'm good.

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    Lol ? saw this on the gram and it made me remembered my call Center days. Folks calling when you get vto was a no go.

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    If they late and you have prime that's a free month

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    Anybody watch Designated Survivor?

  • missmiami305

    Anybody watch Designated Survivor?

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    They never... But they gave me so many promo credits that it wasn't real. Someone dug into my account after I complained and threatened to close my account, claiming *I* was taking advantage of Amazon. Lol. When I clapped back, we never had that problem again.

    I know how to deal with people quite effectively to get my just due. I had so many credits, GCs and comps this year that I've barely had to come out of pocket for my damn near daily deliveries. And there are more to come. ??

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    Oh ok. Stay safe

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    I damn near choked on my food.

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    That just might work. I swear thats what I would do. Straight up pretend I'm his woman. I think a child who was kept underground actually did this before. He trusted her and went to sleep then she used his cell phone

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    Amazon still outsources to the post office. I know because I was just offered a position with the post office two weeks ago to deliver for Amazon.

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    You have to request it but you sound like you got things well under control. ?

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    In more ways than people will ever know. Lol

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    Lord help us. smh Stay safe.

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    Dang! Stay safe sis!

  • Yardgirl

    Dang! Stay safe sis!

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    LOL!!!!!!! That WIG tho!!!! :-)

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    Thanks, this has taught me to pay attention to who I vote for locally, judges need to be checked.

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    Good to know considering I just moved down from Jersey and I was used to Amazon making my deliveries.

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    hmmm it's not that I don't trust Darla...I mean, we need to see her clean and sober for sure, and I love her storyline. I feel like she in my family and I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop lol like Darla please don't break my heart.

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    I think everyone bad talked Darla so there are definitely preconceived notions about who she is. She's gonna get that reaction from strangers who only know that she was so strung out and had her baby in harms way

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    I still think about the young lady who was hiding in the closet after she heard them breaking in. She was a manager for Target, I think. Very sad story. I can't imagine the terror she felt. ?

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    Girl I tell this to my friends everyday, look closely at your local elected officials!!

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    Stooooopid!! ???

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    Why do black men like to dress in drag?

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    LMAO! The hair weave disguised as dreadlocks is my favorite!


    His videos are hilarious ????

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    OMG! Hollering!

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    Does anyone know the real call. I want to know the advice that they gave that wasn't in the manual. Off subject those dispatch jobs are the real deal, even thought you need to be mentally and emotionally strong you get hella amazing benefits and if you can retire from their you are straight for life.

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    Tae is so crazy. I do hope they're making money from these quick vids they're all doing.

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    His exit from that chair is hilarious!!!!

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    I lost it when he calmly said, "Okay, ma'am, try sucking his dik, 'cause I'm about to clock out." ???

  • http://sandrarose.com/ Sandra Rose

    I lost it when he calmly said, "Okay, ma'am, try sucking his dik, 'cause I'm about to clock out." ???

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    Done with him !

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    That voice change at the END!!?????????????????

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    When Amazon Prime is paid in advance, $99 for the year.

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    lol. I would so be that 911 operator. lol See ya'llz tomorrow.

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    um, the advice was to suck his dicky. lol


    that dispatcher has been talking to Amber Rose.

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    ✅ Right! Good post.