Joe Biden

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal Pictures is planning a White House comedy based on a book penned by a former White House stenographer.

While Obama's two terms as president provides tons of comedic material, former Vice President Joe Biden's propensity for touching young girls and women is no laughing matter.

Any woman who has ever been groped by a dirty old man can recognize the behavior Biden is exhibiting when a young girl is in his presence. The way he pushes adults aside to get closer to the girl child is sickening.

Conservative blogs and media outlets compiled hundreds of videos of Biden's lecherous behavior toward little girls. But the mainstream media largely ignored Biden's behavior.

Instead, the media chose to make light of Uncle Joe's "Chester" tendencies.

Thanks to FOB Omar "Slim" White for bringing these videos to my attention.

In one video, watch as Biden positions a little girl in front of him, then he proceeds to stroke her hair and whisper in her ear. Moments later, he asks if he can take a photo with the girl alone. Again, he strokes the girl's hair.

Another girl wasn't having it. When Biden groped her and tried to kiss her, she leaned away from him. "See you back home, I hope," he said to the girl. Click here to view.

A biracial girl, who is obviously adopted, got the worst of it. She was very uncomfortable as Biden targeted her. Click to see that scene.

It is troubling to watch the parents -- particularly the mothers -- practically hand their daughters over to Biden to grope and leer at.

But thankfully, there were a few alpha male dads who seemed acutely aware of Biden's creepiness.

One father intentionally separated his 2 daughters from Biden and even put his arm between Biden and the girls to exert his dominance over the situation. It is as if they were saying "Not my daughters".

This country needs more dads like them and less creeps like Biden.

  • DroneRivers

    I noticed his touchy feely ways on several different occasions. I'm not sure what kinda vibe I get from it. He seems so unaware of it. But with all of these situations, I don't think I've ever heard of him being accused of sexual assault. 45 has though.

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    It does seem a lil creepy.

  • DroneRivers

    Does Mr. Omar White think Joe wanted to plug his cord into their sockets through the force of electro magnetism? *snickers*

  • dj

    Oh God! Here we go. Sandra is clearly a Trump supporter and is always pulling shit out her ass when it comes to reporting the Obama administration.

  • Evilpeoplearetheweakest needs a better editor.

    The last line was should read: The world needs fewer men like Trump and creepy Biden, and more men like former U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Prettybrowneyes

    But Trump can grab his daughters azz and openly said he would fxxk her. Oh ok... I think Biden's behavior is creepy but we gone ignore incest tho?

  • Wile E. Coli
  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Hey Omar,

    Since you are a FOB...I am sure you will read this are an azz and I wish VIv had never given you a platform. Guess your "words of wisdom for black women" has finally ran its course, so you are now the Guru of Who is Creepy and who is not.....seems like you know a little too much and are too obsessed with Obama and Biden to have been able to "point these things out" and "find footage".

    Here is a suggestion: Get a Life!!
    Best Regards,
    Someone who sees you are F.O.S.

  • DroneRivers


  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    I think the FOB's behavior is creepier- he knows all things female related- even down to a line of sanitary napkins and was able to provide footage for someone who ain't even in office anymore. Bye, Omar

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Universal.....a funnier Comedy would be the current administration, but SNL already has that on lock.



  • Lenina Just Lenina

    You rock

  • Coffee1st

    Some ppl are the touchy feely type who never cross the line. Some people are fiercely protective of their personal space and/or CAN NOT STAND to be touched. I know these types.... both live under my roof, lol.
    My point is, perception and personal preferences, when it comes to physical contact, play a big role in the acceptance of such behavior.

  • DroneRivers

    Yep, I'm a personal space type person. Can't stand for someone to be in my face lol. If I can FEEL your breath, you're standing way too close. Only one needs to be all up on me like that is my man. lol

  • Kilroy

    Strange indeed...

  • JV

    wish I knew how to post pics

  • Quitedeliteful

    I can't wait to see SNL slay him on Saturday!!!

  • Sexy CJ

    Any woman who has ever been groped by a dirty old man can recognize the behavior of a sexual pervert.............

  • Evilpeoplearetheweakest


  • Coffee1st

    I'm sometimy with mine. My daughter will knock you into orbit if you touch her. My son is very affectionate. Rest his head on my shoulders, play with my hair, massage my feet and talk to me about politics, the Bible or start an argument on whos the rapper, lol.
    However, touchy feely or not - Folks should be hands off other ppls kids.

  • $Lucky

    Right because "grabbing them by the puzzy" is so much better.

  • Benjamin

    Trump: "If she wasn't my daughter"..

  • Joi Calloway

    At least he is not a grabbing by the puzzy!

  • Gamer?? Chick

    This is weird?

  • deadellamore

    At least he not grabbing pussy like your boy Trump! I think America would prefer to watch The Russian Connection Starring President Orange. #NOTMYPRESIDENT #RESIST #IMPEACH #FLYNN

  • missmiami305

    What did I miss? Is there another Omar post?

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Nope, he is mentioned above

  • Chile_Pleeze

    But was he reaching out grabbing ?? though...nah..lay off my Uncle Joe biden

  • Monday

    For those who thing grabbing a little girl is better than grabbing a consentual adult are sick!!


  • Tynamight

    Vice President Joe Biden’s propensity for touching young girls and women is no laughing matter.
    The video, the music, the inappropriate touching all creeped me out. I hope what I think is going on is NOT going on.

  • ThisIsWhat40LooksLike

    I feel you!! I'm quick to tell someone to back up off me especially when I'm standing in line. I hate when folks stand to darn close ?
    I need my space!!

  • Tynamight


  • ThisIsWhat40LooksLike

    Both of your kids sound like mine?

  • Tynamight

    Exactly! Some ppl are so blind!

  • B Zandaz

    Some of yall need professional help....No grown azz man should be touching a child in a flirtatious manner that's sick....And BTW Trump is wrong too. Both these dudes have issues both of them need Jesus...

  • A D N

    I can't see the videos :-{ Touching girls period is inappropriate period! Based on what SR wrote, I'm disgusted with his behavior. But I'm wondering if he is thinking of the daughter he lost along with his first wife, when he sees girls.

  • A D N

    Hillary is enjoying it lol. It must be harmless. He's just tooooo touchy feely and invasive to strangers.

  • Rhyme and Reason

    AGREE! What's REALLY CREEPY is how people find it perfectly OK to label and identify these young ladies, to propose a scenario that should be a private matter. These makers and producers have MOLESTED, VIOLATED AND VICTIMIZED these young women, sadly!

    I watched one of the very long ones, almost in its entirety, and it was so wrong on many, many levels to indict, convict and sentence these people (WHOLE FAMILIES), let alone, Joe Biden using clips and a body language interpreter and her agenda. To not project these young women is criminal, all to get at the tall, lanky, BLACK MAN who became the first BLACK PRESIDENT!

  • Rhyme and Reason

    Joe Biden is a career politician!

    Biden did how many of these swearing in's?

    How many cameras, people were before these families on center stage?

    How many accusations or complaints have been lodged against ole' Uncle Joe???

    Joe Biden is touchy feeling, but that's goes with his, I'm just folk like you from a small steel mill town in Pennsylvania like you! I would have to have more receipts, these videos and this story is framed, not that it couldn't be true. Men are often pervs!


  • ouzad D

    That didn't last long..Sandra " Grab them by the p*ssy supporter" Rose posting these inflammatory fake stories hypocritical

  • Chicagowise

    Hold on, now! Some women like to be grabbed by the P!

  • IamAllnatural

    I can't watch the whole video because it's gross. He seems like a nasty old man & he shouldn't touch somebody else's young daughter. This explains why he approves of his widowed daughter-n-law dating his other son. His family is confused & needs counseling.

  • Antigone Heart

    I already knew about this but thanks for the article Sandra. People should really review Pizza Gate and the Wikileaks details which highlights the child pedophilia occurring in Washington, D.C. and with the wealthy in general.

  • Simone

    It's not fake. There's video footage right here of former VP Biden being touchy, feely with young girls and people's wives. As a Republican, I do not believe Biden is a pedophile. I just think he flirts with females of all ages and is unaware that it comes across as inappropriate at times. As for President Trump, go look up the full comment. He said when you're a star, they let you (let you!) do anything. You can grab them by the p-ssy..." I'm not a weak kitten. Trump's comment did not offend me. I've heard worst in rap music which doesn't offend me either.

  • Simone

    Thank you Sandra Rose for posting this. Most sites would not be brave enough. I've always noticed it and thought it was creepy at times. I don't think he's a pedophile or sexual predator but his behavior is open to interpretation and perception. For those speaking on pre-President Trump's grab them by the p-ssy comment, he was talking about grown starlets in Hollywood. In the full comment, he says "they let you", so it's consensual. I guess none of you watch r-rated movies or listen to rap...hypocrites.

  • AggieMom96

    I agree. There's so much video splicing and if anything was remotely true about Biden it would have surfaced long before now. Ppl have icky thoughts and project them onto other ppl. Sad!

  • Michelle

    Ridiculous and unnecessary judgmental commentary in regards to the videos I just watched. In terms of others, I can't speak on them because I have not seen them. He's being loud and a bit bossy more than anything else.

  • ouzad D

    so you actually believes he flirts with 9 and 10 year olds.....I will agree he may be a little touchy feely for some peoples taste, but my only gripe is that Ms. Rose presents the story as if he is this pedophile escaping prosecution.

  • Ladyvil


  • Ladyvil



    Weird for Hollywood but not weird for the 4th estate to spread their agenda...

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Did not watch?
    Do ya think he is a perv OR too touchy/feely?