A club photographer was allegedly punched out by troubled singer Chris Brown. The incident happened at a nightclub in Tampa, Florida after Brown's concert there on Sunday.

Brown and his entourage stopped by the AJA nightclub for a paid post-concert appearance.

Normally, celebrities who are on the decline like Brown command about $5,000 - $10,000 for a nightclub appearance. For that kind of money, the star is not expected to perform or even hobnob with paying customers.

According to the Tampa Police Department, Brown and his crew were on their way out of the club when Brown allegedly "sucker punched" club photographer Bennie Vines, Jr. for taking pictures.


TMZ published photos of injuries that Vines says he suffered during the altercation.

It isn't clear if Vines plans to file a lawsuit, but he told TMZ he is pressing charges.

Brown was sentenced to four months in jail for a parole violation in 2014. His probation officially ended in March 2015, and he was free to move about the country.

Photo by WENN.com

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ The Dutchess

    Just cant keep those hands to himself

  • Django the God

    His knee looks like a doorstop.

  • Miami8981

    If this is true that he physically punched the photographer himself then he needs to be locked up. How many passes is the law supposed to give Chris? He needs to (1) just say no to drugs; (2) get anger management counseling; and (3) take a seat for a couple of years.

    It's sad to say, but the only way this immature BOY is going to learn how to be a MAN is to go to prison and do some hard time. Once his freedom is absolutely taken away from him and no high-priced lawyer can get him off and he actually has to serve some lengthy time that might change him because obviously having a daughter and being around to be a good role model as a father doesn't matter to him and has not changed him. So if doing some hard time don't learn him nothing will.

  • Libra80sBaby

    Where is the Lala and Carmelo separation post?? That's more impotant!

  • YellowSauce
  • Libra80sBaby

    Chile...they separated

  • YellowSauce

    LORD'T ....

  • Libra80sBaby

    I mean everybody just like fuk it! Divorce! SMH

  • YellowSauce

    I seriously do not know how to feel right now ....

  • YellowSauce

    first tyrese apologizing NOW this

  • Libra80sBaby

    Sad. They married in 2010...that 7 year itch got em

  • Keesh5000

    He probably just clacked em...nothing to see here....Chris been whooping azz for years

  • Libra80sBaby

    Fuk Tyrese...he on that high horse like we dont remember that tattoo he had around his nable and that chin piercing...

  • YellowSauce

    nah he had to do something ... she would not have left him

  • YellowSauce

    lololololol ... I'm only entertaining it because the wife MADE him do it .... lolololol

  • Libra80sBaby

    Might be both of them....I heard she likes women

  • YellowSauce

    mc donalds comercial lololololool on the bus right ... hahahahahaha

  • YellowSauce

    I don't think that would be an issue lololol

  • Renee26

    Well I hope this young man gets to the dentist soon...from the looks of it he has avioded their offices his whole life

  • Libra80sBaby

    It is if she tired of pretending...

  • Renee26


  • Peter Piper ATL

    What happened, did the photographer try to steal Chris Brown's meth?

  • YellowSauce

    Listen I had to MAKE my self turn a blind eye to tyrese since his wife MADE him apologize but chris ... this fool needs an intervention

  • Libra80sBaby

    Nah...he woulda been dead for that

  • Renee26

    Stop it!! LMAO

  • Renee26


  • pure_rachet

    OK!! I'm thinking Chris did him a favor by trying to knock those deseased teeth out.

  • pure_rachet

    eww. We forgot.

  • Jen_no_juice


  • sunni_daze

    Drugs are about to ruin Chris' career. Poor tink needs to give up that crack meth combo.

  • Sexy CJ
  • millz
  • Renee Bee

    I got nothing for Cracky Wacky. But, I do know his backup dancers got their clothes from an "Anything that can fit in one bag $2 Rummage Sale".

  • KimJongTrill.

    TMZ got the video, you can clearly see Chris trying to get at dude and the Dj saying "chill Chris, let him up y'all, that's enough y'all" ?

  • KimJongTrill.

    Chris losing weight in his knees too. What kinda drugs are you on to lose knee girth?

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    WTF has happened to Chris Brown? Why is he up there with the sunken face looking like a light bright skeleton. DUDE! You're only 27 going on 28! Why do you look like you have the strength of a crack head at such a young age! goodness!

  • cherrypie

    Yes, he looks really bad and has been for a few years with all those lame ass tattoos. His appearance is definitely on the decline which is what drugs and alcohol will do to you. Chris, do better hun!!! Like for real!!!

  • Lolalao

    Strength of a crack head..? Seriously, is he sick?

  • SumthinSweeter

    JUST watched the Chappelle show throw back episodes for Charlie Murphy this weekend and we all know what Rick James said out his mouth verbatim about cocaine.

  • Cheese eggs

    I see rehab in his future

  • brooklyn23

    I'm weak ?

  • LibraGirlonly

    That was funnnnyyyyyy! ?

  • https://twitter.com/Chicagowise Chicagowise

    The victim's teeth look like fresh corn. Chris Brown's legs are gross. I can't stand a man with skinny legs and thighs! ?

  • Lorenzo Chaps

    His teeth. WOW.

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    Dirty teeth and dirty nails in his mouth smdh

  • Queen B

    Lol hey my man gotta skinny legs but that third leg is thick baby

  • Queen B

    Lmao ? That crack diet

  • KIm

    At this point I have no more sympathy for Chris Brown. I tried making excuses for him since the Rihanna incident because he was young but his behavior is just inexcusable.

  • Petty Patty Cakes

    OK! Thanks for saying it. Tyrese should be grateful someone hasn't outed his azz yet. FOHWTBS

  • Petty Patty Cakes

    Patterns don't lie

  • https://twitter.com/Chicagowise Chicagowise

    If it makes you happy.... ?

  • Hugga Bunch

    Stay in the house Chris.

  • MsPam

    I was going the same thing! He looks like a 50+ year old recovering crack head!

  • Judi Lauren

    He has a really bad booga suga problem

  • Being bad is way more fun

    Its amazing how people always try to go after Chris Brown and almost all of the time it is found to be fake news but yet they keep trying to get their payday just because of his rep. Im sure this will disappear and will never be heard from again. Do you Chris dont let the haters get to ya !!!

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    I hate when Chris goes through his crackhead phases...once the cheeks start looking sunken in you know he's not taking proper care of himself. Now as far as that photographer goes chile boo I get an injury like that if I bite my lip by accident...

  • Libra80sBaby


  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    I just looked at that "video proof"....and for anyone who says they can see Chris was attacking the guy....LIES!! You can't tell what was going on, only that CB fell backwards or may have been pulled backwards by someone. And it does not show why (If anything happened) there was an altercation.

    Imma call bs, just like the Becky who caused that commotion at his house. Let me find out that the photographer got close enough to get hit, but a process server can't even get close enough to get court papers to him. TUH

  • T Kenny

    somebody needs to give him those retraining order papers. he is on instagram posting pics of himself and five or six girls in bikinis but let him hear about karate out with ONE decent GENTLEMAN and he will lose his mind and who knows what else. that chile aint safe ?

  • sunni_daze

    I see a casket

  • 2brefrank

    Man...fame is a killer. He looks horrible.

  • 2brefrank


  • the guest

    Chris Brown looks...

    Gay and...

    like a Crackhead.

    Prison destroyed him.

    Wasn't right before but definitely hasn't been right since.


    Chris Brown Looks like he will punch somebody...
    Los Angeles was no good for Chris Brown... Los Angeles ruins black men.

  • Lolalao

    Thinner boobs suga..

  • Lolalao

    Autocorrect..Lol Booga

  • 2brefrank