Just days after dining with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, Hollywood playboy Nick Cannon and his former flame, singer Christina Milian met up for a dinner date at seafood restaurant Starfish in Studio City, CA.

The two platonic friends originally met on the set of his 2003 film, Drumline, which was filmed on the AUC campus right here in Atlanta. I doubt they're getting back together. Once the Dopamine has faded, it's gone forever. But a booty call doesn't need any chemistry to happen spontaneously.

Photos by AKM-GSI

  • V Dubb

    Uh ohhhh ok den

  • http://thedevereauxshow.com/ Ms.Devereaux

    She giving that man a church hug nothing to see here folks

  • Justlooknout

    glad he is not wearing the turban.

  • SpiceGirl

    nothing with friends out to eat...we ALL gotta eat...lol

  • SpiceGirl

    glad he is not either...I was starting to wonder if he has some skin problems with his scalp or something

  • Clopretty

    Nick Cannon is going through identity crisis lol i guess this outfit is his thug guy look.

  • Coy little wink

    Slow gossip day huh

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    That's what I said. She is barely leaning toward him.

  • A D N

    I am thinking they met before Drumline.

  • imright

    she better chill b4 Mariah whoop that head !! ???

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    He took "that" foolishness off his head.

  • Coy little wink

    Love don't cost a thing?

  • Coy little wink

    Mimi not the scrappy type...look how little effort she put into singing on NYE

  • klwbaby

    She has a young tenderoni knocking her down so this was just a meal between friends ??

  • datATLboi

    How do we know they were together? They were only in one photo together

  • Quitedeliteful

    He'll have it back on in no time. He loves that
    swami-o-rami look...

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    At least he ain't currently gay, so let us take this as a small blessing.

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Haven't they been friends forever. Like grew up together and whatnot?

  • Quitedeliteful


  • Tammie Reed

    I've met and been around him a million times but a sex throb I don't see at all. Nice guy though but I wouldn't take him serious and I don't care if he is paid LOL!

  • Quitedeliteful

    That's what I thought....

  • 2brefrank

    Naw she's giving the side friend hug. I"ll rule this one out...although i was rooting for them when they were together.

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Yeah they dated back in 2003- after that Love don't cost a thing movie.

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    They were cute together.....she gave him a bit of an edge.

  • 2brefrank

    Agreed. Then they both got out in the world and went all the way sideways. The Dream, Lil Wayne, Mariah, that one chick he just impregnated. I say they both downgraded.

  • AG

    Yup. Very cute couple.

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Yeah....but he upgraded financially. LOL.....her not as much

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    Speaking about real couples (even if they are dysfunctional):
    Tiny wanted to take Heiress on the Xscape tour with her, but her distracted hubby said no!! Um, why not? You ain't gonna keep her!

    It could NOT be me!!

  • 2brefrank

    Could not be me either. No ma'am no sir.

  • starbright9449

    I thought it was 'Love don't cost a thing'.

  • 2brefrank

    Werd! He has got his money up. She tried...with her reality show. I'm thinking this meeting was because he wants to "manage" her under his new company...maybe try to revive her "career" bless her heart.

  • Cunningham ?

    It was "Love don't cost a thing". Drumline came out in 2002.

  • KcoolMuziq

    It was, She never gets anything right.

  • NY_Chick

    she never played in Drumline. Wrong girl.

  • Renee26

    That slut finally put on some clothes...she shows up to dinner/booty calls fully clothed but when walking into red carpet events and parties she's got her nipples exposed....backwards

  • Renee26

    Which probably had waaaay less success than drumline

  • Renee26

    He has to find a way to keep her controlled....She should take her anyway and show him that this is the difference between a wife and a baby momma...only wife does what you say mf

  • Diva_woman

    Nick vowed that he would never marry again. Meeting with his ex's or having baby's with strippers is just apart of his life now.

  • Renee26

    They say he has that monster...that would make a big difference for me LOL but IDK

  • Renee26

    It's fair to assume that any man who comes in contact with her is gonna get the goodies (again in this case) LOL

  • Renee26

    LMAO...she's not doing any strenuous activities that's for sure

  • Renee26

    An athlete?? Do tell...I just want to know who took the bait that she's been displaying lately

  • Michelle

    She upgraded when she had the Dreams baby. He is a cash cow

  • Minx Mosaic

    They did not meet on Drumline Sandra. She was not in that movie. It was Zoe Saldana who played his love interest.

  • Liah

    SMH...Its call checking FACTS!!....She do too much!

  • Taylordanes

    Shes with a football player their just friends...

  • Tammie Reed

    Oh my clutching pearls, never knew that... LOL!

  • Hell_On_Heelz

    Don't care enough to comment, wait I just contradicted myself. ??? CTFU

  • SpiceGirl

    thank you....they say her new boo is NFL Brandon Wilids

  • imright


  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    True, but his financial gain came a bit before hers and other than Violet...she hasn't got much else.

  • klwbaby
  • darealQueenNefertiti

    They would have made some nice looking babies...wish they would've stayed together..

  • pure_rachet

    I thought it was intentional shade.

  • Chrys S.

    I never posted and just let you be negative but today I must be in a bad good cause Im tired of you getting stuff wrong. The place they are eating at is Sugarfish not Starfish and they did not meet on Drumline it ws Love Dont Cost a Thing.

    You copy all your pop news from TMZ the least you could do is copy it correctly. Come on now. In addition, stop being so down on the Black community, especially those doing better than you, its not a good look.

  • Daffany Rose-Gilbert

    Lol say it again

  • Real Name

    Nick looks good with the weight on him. He looks like a grown man for once, not just a boy who likes to dress up in grown men suits.

  • Minkie Babie

    Is he about to die why he meeting with all his meaningful exxes

  • Bee jaay Cee

    They both Libras. Libras usually get along with most ex's. I'm more surprised that he got in the restaurant in a wife beater.

  • Tea??

    He looks like he's stuck in year 2000 who goes to dinner looking like that ? And she's no better in the white t

  • reddfoxxy16

    sad 2 say, i was JUST THINKIN THAT...IT IS STRANGE THO..

  • Being bad is way more fun

    Im sorry .. i could never be just platonic friends with Nick Cannon .. Hell every pic they ever took of us with be xrated or hella close !!!!!

  • Being bad is way more fun

    I can fix that real quick !!!!

  • MsChocCookie

    cute couple....even though they are no longer

  • Crazy tee

    Drumline?....I thought it was Love don't cost a thing...but I could be wrong....

  • SehkmetGoddess

    Zoe Saldana was in Drumline.

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong


  • Doink_Ahanahue

    Behind him in the picture it appears the restaurant is Sugarfish.

  • Nataliegaye

    Exactlyyyy...Who styles him? Nick has absolutely no sense of style, its either all the way block hugger, all the way swami or all the way preacher for him. There is no variety

  • World’s Moistest Jheri Curl

    now you know damn well that Sandra doesn't deal with facts.