Sean Hannity

Well-respected radio and TV host Sean Hannity is the latest Fox News personality to be accused of sexual harassment.

Last week, Bill O'Reilly was unceremoniously fired after a handful of present and former Fox staffers complained that he sexually harassed them.

O'Reilly vigorously denied the claims, but he made matters worse by quietly paying out millions of dollars to his accusers.

Now Hannity, a noted author and political analyst, has come under fire for allegedly sexually harassing former Fox News contributor Debbie Schlussel.

Schlussel accused the 55-year-old, happily married father-of-2 of inviting her back to his hotel room. She claimed Fox News terminated her as on-air contributor after she turned down Hannity's invitation.

“He had some event at a bookstore where he signed his book for people standing in line. He asked me to come meet him at this book signing,” Schlussel said on a radio show on Friday.

“So I met him there and it was very awkward. He had me up there with him while he signed books and I felt very weird. These people don’t know me and they didn’t come for me to sign their books. Then I left to get ready for the show, and he said, ‘Why don’t you come back with me to my hotel?’ and I said no, I have to get ready for the show.”

Hannity disputed the accusations, saying Schlussel, a former Fox News on-air guest, has a history of harassing him over the last decade.

In a statement to the Daily Beast, Hannity wrote:

“LET ME BE CLEAR THE COMMENTS ABOUT ME ON A RADIO SHOW THIS WEEK by this individual ARE 100 percent false and a complete fabrication. This individual is a serial harasser who has been lying about me for well over a decade. The individual has a history of making provably false statements against me in an effort to slander, smear and besmirch my reputation.”

Hannity threatened to take legal action against Schlussel, who once accused him of running a scam charity for military families.

In 2007, Schlussel wrote a blog post accusing Hannity of "deliberately ripping off" an anti-Muslim column she wrote in the New York Post.

It should be noted that Fox News is now being run by Rupert Murdoch sons, Lachlan and James, both Democrats. James Murdoch's wife works for the Clinton Climate Initiative, and the couple contributed to the failed Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.

Hannity appears to be the latest victim of a witch-hunt to remove longtime conservative personalities at Fox News.

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  • SunRiseBlossom

    I AM NOT SURPRISED... There will be more! All these low life bastards will be exposed!!! My show Being Mary Jane gives inside scoop on how the Media team be cutting up!!!

  • Coy little wink

    Well respected? Victim of a witch hunt? These fools getting karma Sandra...why don't u call a thing what it really is?

  • KLo

    typical of their kind. he is one ugl* mutha******

  • Being bad is way more fun

    I know nobody is really shocked about this .. They are all such arrogant smucks on Fox Nonews ..

  • Soda

    What is with these men who think their high salaries excuse their vulgarity? People should be able work without being hassled, especially by meaty-faced men with shirt collars too small to contain their fat necks.

  • freelancepimp .

    While I don't find it hard to believe it is a witch hunt, I-don't-give-a fuuuuuuuck!!! About time they get some.

  • MissHarlem
  • Renee26

    That hair is also a harassment

  • 2telldatruth

    The world of politics is a very dirty game. So basically Clinton is taking down Fox news.

  • Renee26

    Their leader is running the country

  • Roderick2011

    I thought that Hannity liked dyck.

  • Jessica

    He looks too much like Frankenstein.

  • Roderick2011

    Trump just got elected with 52% of the white female vote after saying he wanted to grab a lady's kit kat so they have been validated.

  • Roderick2011

    You know Sandra has to protect her white boys.

  • Fire & Ice

    Exactly! Nothing but the good ole boys club over there. The things that they say, and their level of arrogance, makes this even more believable.

  • klwbaby

    How dare these women complain when all these men just wanted a little "slap and tickle"...?

  • Roderick2011

    Clinton couldn't get elected president but she has enough power to take down Fox News?
    You need to get some help with that paranoia.

  • Yardgirl


  • 2telldatruth

    Did you even read the article fool? The Murdoch's OWN Fox News. The Murdoch's are friends with the Clinton's and donated heavily to her campaign. After Trump took office Fox News is getting rid of the hosts and execs responsible for all the fake news about Hillary, all the while praising Trump and downplaying the serious problems about him. Fox News is one of the main reasons Trump is
    president. If you really think about it, the Clinton/Murdoch relationship also explains why Fox was so anti-Obama. However, since you have an obvious agenda you are prone to your one-sided view of the world of politics.

  • Yardgirl

    I work with these types, fat ugly frat boys who think their Ivy League school degree gives them a free pass in life. They gonna learn!! *sips coffee while cackling*

  • 2telldatruth

    The Murdoch/Clinton ties explains a lot about the anti-Obama rhetoric.

  • Yoni7

    Drain the swamp. #deplorable #thug #treathimjustliketheydidBillCosby

  • GuestSTAR

    He hangs from Trump's dyck. He's defended and made excuses for every dumb, ignorant thing Trump has said and Tweeted, I do mean EVERYTHING.

  • JV

    Their creation, really. Trump's "lie-deny-deflect" mantra of speaking (1. make something up 2. deny you said anything to begin with 3. blame the media for saying you made something up) originated on Fox.

  • jeniefrumdabloc™


  • Quitedeliteful

    Hannity appears to be the latest victim of a witch-hunt to remove longtime conservative personalities at Fox News.
    ================================================ I can't see where this privileged white man is a 'victim'... He still has his high paying job; he's still on television and he didn't get fired, she did... I hope he gets the boot just like his scandalous, slimy colleagues...

  • Luv Pitties

    I remember saying a couple weeks ago that I didn't think Hannity would be that stupid and that he isn't going anywhere, hmm I wonder if he is or if this will die down and if not who will they find to replace him? Fox is going to start having a significant drop in their ratings if too many of their idols leave.

  • Roderick2011

    Did you read what you wrote before you posted it because it is contradicts itself so many places and so many times.
    Fox abhorred Bill Clinton and made his life hell so exactly why would they be so close to Hillary that they would get rid of hosts who caused her to lose after the fact?
    None of what you said makes any sense.

  • Tammie Reed

    A lot of horny people over there!

  • JV

    I don't think anyone deserves to be sexually harassed. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. That said, Debbie Schlussel isn't a very sympathetic character ("Once a Muslim, always a Muslim" -- remember that?). She clarified today that she doesn't feel she was sexually harassed -- just treated very poorly -- although she stood by her version of events.

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    When you work in a white male dominated environment it can be daunting. Especially if they have a lot of money to throw around. Yall know that white men think they are gods gift and that they can write a check to make anything go away....

  • klwbaby

    Their homeboy said women don't care when u are a star, u can grab their meow meow, so birds of a feather flock together.

  • Mr. LeBrick James

    "Hannity appears to be the latest victim of a witch-hunt to remove longtime conservative personalities at Fox News."
    It's not a witch hunt if the allegations are true.
    ** cough ** Roger Ailes *** cough cough *** Bill O'Reilly. **

  • Keesh5000

    What is going on at Fox... Its either a bunch of azz watchers or a bunch of gold diggers... Now we see why most turned their heads the other way when Trump was heard on the tape talking about Women in that way. Like Trump said.....they all do it

  • Guess Who


    Nah, he ain't happily married. He's a lecherous, self-righteous, hypocrite who is reaping...much like that shart in a suit, Bill O'Reilly.

  • Keesh5000

    Yeah, this is the guy who lacefront hair pieces be on FLEEK!

  • Renee26


  • Cheese eggs

    Called it. Lol

  • Lucy

    I guess now anytime someone accuses a Republican of wrongdoing , it will be labeled a "witch-hunt". This man, along with O'Reilly and Limbaugh have been spewing hate on over the air waves for far too long. They need to go. I said it before and Ill say it again, any black or brown person that defends these hate-mongers needs to read the true history of who built this country. Trumps slogan, who they stand by, was "Make America Great Again".That slogan says it all.

  • Jahnée Gill Mr.Eddie Murphy

    Welcome to the age of Aquarius ?. No more lies or hidden things. All that is hidden will be exposed .

  • Wakando Shamar Taylor

    so irs a witch hunt because they want to stop people from beibg harassed? ok

  • Renee26

    Blog Logic! SMH

  • Renee26

    They all read from the same book

  • belizeanborn

    "Well respected"? Obviously Rose know nothing about this idiot. Faux news needed to clean house a very long time ago. Bye hannity!

  • 2brefrank

    So tv news peeps are the new thugs huh?

  • SuperScooper1


  • Keesh5000

    FOX out of control you say???? I said that shyt when I was watching the coverage about what happened in Baltimore. I made a mistake a turned on Fox news somehow and it was a straight comedy show. The hubby and I were laughing alllll night. They were interviewing people with mask on and everythang

  • SuperScooper1

    Aren't they the worst? But you know this system sets them up to coast through life as long as they take orders. Partners at the law firm of "Date Rape, Cokington, Cheeseball and Jag."

    AKA "Zero real world skills.

  • SugarFoot a.k.a Ty

    So Fox adopted Trump's quote as their new mission statement huh? Just grab them by the snatch

  • Lisa daniels

    It should be noted that Fox News is now being run by Rupert Murdoch sons, Lachlan and James, both Democrats. ....

    You would say anything to justify the behavior of these pervented ass rich white men and and shame the victims. Did no one believe you when you said your teacher molested you?

  • Mbailey

    Old men like Hannity were running a candy store for elderly men. They could talk recklessly without any facts, while performing tit and ball checks of all the young and lovely interns they wanted. Of course, he's losing it!

  • Lisa daniels

    I might need to put in an application. ?

  • Mbailey

    IT doesn't matter what political affiliation a predator is when he's closed up in a room with your young son or daughter. That's as stupid as checking on a pervert's astrological sign instead of putting his or her arse in jail or a mental institution. What difference does it make what color their socks are when they are making the lives of others miserable?

  • Mr. LeBrick James

    Probably not new.
    For every one of these incidents that gets reported, there's probably 50+ that are kept quiet. God only knows how many female anchors we see on TV had to have an "horizontal interview" to get or keep their jobs.

  • Mbailey

    FOX started out as the dirtiest network, and I always wondered what association that had to the inner workings of the place. On the one hand, they tried to act as pure as the driven snow, while making up "facts." While on the other hand they had some of the raunchiest shows of the time on their network.

  • Lisa daniels

    It's funny you say frat boys. They keep that mentality up long after the frat parties are over and the good boys after Fox with their casket ready looking asses are proof of that

  • Lisa daniels

    I did not write that first part. Direct your comment elsewhere

  • Lisa daniels
  • ??Tommys_Female_Doppelganger??

    Yeah - because the so called "witch hunters" are who told so called happily married men like Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes to sexually harass their female employees and to get sued for it!! SMH!!

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    It is surprise at all.

    What is refreshing is that Rupert's kids are trying their best to NOT be exactly like their father...that or they tired of paying out for these azzholes!!


    Alot of black women, put up with this kind stuff to keep a job. I know as a man Ive heard stories from Grandmothers who felt they had no choice but to give the boss a lil something . , just brushed it off and took care of home.Youd never know.

  • Elevated Soul

    The demonic and sneaky Alt-Left,sponsored by Soros & Company, are targeting any strong voices for President Trump. The accuser is already backtracking from the lies she tell.

    Those whiny left wing zombies, don't believe in free speech unless it is the rhetoric they repeat.

  • Mbailey

    No, dear. They remain directed at you.

  • Mr. LeBrick James

    Yup. I give the sons a lot of credit for that. It cost them a lot of money to get rid of Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly, but the wanted to clean house anyway.
    I think when the old man dies and the sons are running things fully, Fox News will be a lot more moderate than they are today.

  • Anunnaki

    How much is fox paying, My azz about to get in line to file a suit, I was standing outside waiting on my friend to come outside of the fox station in ATLANTA, in 2001, and this white man passed my car and said, do you know how to get the ihop on Cheshire bridge, I felt some kinda way, You know like, He wanted to put Eggs all over me and eat me, or some chyt. I was so Uncomfortable. Anybody got the number to the CFO....

    Might have a case

  • Blak

    She looks like a man, it didn't happen. I hope he takes legal action and the b goes to jail

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    My initial thought is that they are done with the mess and messy people and to them, their females employees peace of mind is worth more than the pay out. Good Job!!

  • Lisa daniels

    How about you enjoy a nice a cool glass of bleach

  • AllAroundTheWorldSameSong

    And clearly they believe him! SMDH

  • Dowoop


  • Roderick2011

    Yeah all of those women who worked at Fox News were Soros plants?
    You really do need serious mental help.

  • Truth

    While I am sensitive to respect of women being sexual harrassed at work, seems to me she'll need more to back this up. A guy asking a woman to come to the hotel room is not harassment.

  • Tamara Artis-Dawkins

    Hannity looks like Grand Pa Pa from the Munsters!!!! He is creepy and rude. Yuck!!!!

  • 2brefrank

    Very true. The fact that it is coming out more often now is exposing the mentality of those folks who aren't assumed to be foul. I love how it's all being exposed!

  • Mr. LeBrick James

    I was going to respond to him/her, but decided not to even bother.

    It's ironic that somebody with a name like Elevated Soul can be so full of anger and negativity. Depressed Soul would be more appropriate.

  • Mr. LeBrick James

    I agree to a certain extent. If it was just a one-to-one conversation, her case is pretty thin if she doesn't have anything else to back it up. It's just he said, she said at this point.

    But when a male boss invites a female employees or subordinates to their hotel room, in that context it's usually not too hard to know what his intentions are. Most bosses don't ask their female subordinates to come up to their hotel room so they can watch the playoffs on TV.

  • You already know ?

    They are nothing but some old racist perverts...???????

  • GuestSTAR

    Yeah, I can only imagine how it was for black women back in the day, SMH.

  • V Dubb

    Blank face!!! Not surprised and don't care anymore. They know they hired some fools.

  • GuestSTAR

    Insanity Hannity is the worst, very worst. He has an AM Hate radio show as well. Spews hate, misinformation and lies 20 hours a week.

  • MistaO

    I call B.S. I've personally witnessed females lying on men about harassment on 4 separate occasions. This is quite common because usually the accusations aren't challenged. When found to be false, every female kept her job!

  • LibraGirlonly

    What's going on over at Fox News? This is a witch hunt but ok carry on.

  • Shaun M

    Yes, this is true. My grandmother had to quit a job because of blatant sexual harassment.

  • GuestSTAR

    Hannity is friends with all the hate mongers, druggies and sexual deviates (Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and of course Bill O'Reilly)
    His buddy Alex Jones is a real LOON, who said on the radio a week or two ago that Jennifer Lopez needed to be raped, said Obama and Hillary smelled like sulfur. Said he literally saw flies flying around Obama, then when Obama left, the flies left.

  • nick c

    Alex pulls in crazy numbers, Im shocked how many people tune in. He definitely takes advantage of people who lost faith in the system.

  • nick c

    Ive seen people reassigned for YEARS like its some kinda murder investigation only to return like nothing happened, it really shakes up the work place.

  • nick c

    Agreed they use to be dirty and now are just another lame network, independent media has picked up the dirty work now.

  • nick c

    They just published our local former DA text messages to a staffer that finally got settled out of court. It was cringe worthy how the DA not know how to cover his tracks while creeping? lol.

  • Quitedeliteful

    LOLLOLLOL! For a small fee - you know... just a couple hunnert thousand... you can have me as a witness!!!

  • Glorious Sun

    Bunch of suppressed prevs over there at Fox huh? tumble tumble tumble

  • Ms Thang

    It's a bunch of racist freaks over at fox


    Fox needs a shake up but this is looking rather suspect..... lol the Darth Susans are striking again and again.
    Fox needs more diversity... .but I dont know about all this Sexual Harassment... A lot of women in Media only have a problem with this when they start getting old and not getting what they want.

  • stanhope

    What this proves is old white men can't get cat without pressure tactics..that is why they hate democrats like clinton and kennedy who were awash with kitty litter LMAO

  • stanhope

    Freak wannabes

  • Anunnaki

    I got you.... we gone get this money

  • dontgetblocked

    I don't believe it. The accuser is mad because he wouldn't allow her back on the show.

  • Faithz

    You are so on point, Thanks for that truth!!

  • Faithz

    It sure in the heck is, and they need a shake up.

  • Disqus_year4016

    Dam, how many talk show host is accused of sexual harasment? I wish one of them harass me so I can get a movie contract.

  • Jussjess25


  • Jussjess25

    I believe it hannity is a sick basterrd

  • Mrs. ??????????

    "Hannity appears to be the latest victim of a witch-hunt to remove longtime conservative personalities at Fox News." None of those old white perverts are angels.