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For weeks there were rumors about an upcoming round of layoffs at ESPN. The sports network is bleeding cable subscribers due to its radical leftwing agenda that rubbed mostly conservative sports fans the wrong way.

ESPN's layoffs were expected to bring surprises, as anchors and field personnel alike sweat bullets wondering whose head was on the chopping block.

First up is Sage Steele, the female ESPN host who didn't do herself any favors by speaking out against President Donald Trump's immigration order or the gender pay gap in sports.

The Washington Post reports that Steele, 44, will be replaced by Michelle Beadle as the host of “NBA Countdown” on ABC and ESPN. Beadle will host the pre game and halftime shows during the upcoming NBA Playoffs.

Beadle's job duties also include hosting the ESPN and ABC studio shows throughout the playoffs, as well as continuing to co-hosting “SportsNation” Monday through Friday.

But Steele isn't cleaning out her desk just yet.

She will continue to appear on “SportsCenter on the Road,” the Washington Post reports.

Steele's tenure at ESPN hasn't been without controversy.

She ruffled feathers in the executive suite when she complained bitterly about immigration protests delaying her flight at LAX in January.

"So THIS is why thousands of us dragged luggage nearly 2 miles to get to LAX, but still missed our flights," wrote in the caption of a photo of hundreds of demonstrators protesting Trump's 1st executive order banning travelers from terror-linked Muslim countries.

Social media users took offense to Steele complaining about protesters. Many critics noted that Steele, who lives a life of privilege as a biracial woman in sports, complained that she was forced to wait 7 hours to catch her flight, while immigrants were detained by customs officers for over 48 hours.

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    This some mess here.

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    Everytime I see Crunchy Black name, I think about, "she got gel and weave. gel and weave." lmao

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    The delays at the airport were Trumps fault. His foolery is what caused the protests.

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    She brought this on herself talking all that sh!t on twitter. If she never posted a pic, you would swear it was a white woman tweeting. Ehh well! She looks every bit a black woman. Chick basically identifies as white and talks slick about black folk... but wants to work an analyst job that covers a sport that is dominated by men who look like your own daddy.......dumb ass coon

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    *cues music* N!gga we made it!!!!

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    You can put a wig on a pig-a-lig
    Make her dance the jig-a-lig

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    Oh! I'm not losing any sleep over this High-stepper (thinks she is better than everyone else) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dd52726acd23666d3fc31bac830d8d3fbf325a79ba48953e52bcd9292037b6e1.gif . I wonder what my girl Miko Grimes (Brett Grimes' wife) have to say about Sage's exit. She can't stand her.

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    I was thinking the same thing!

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    "The sports network is bleeding cable subscribers due to its radical leftwing agenda that rubbed mostly conservative sports fans the wrong way."

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  • CrunchyBlack1

    nobody is loosing sleep. meanwhile a real black woman just won a national championship and deserves some shine!!

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    Congats on making the Big Leagues, Crunch! Ayeeee!


    Congrats to Dawn Staley!!!

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    Ayeeeee *pops a bottle of andre*

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    Big ups to that young lady!!

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    Dawn Staley? She is trying to secure her team a WH invite. So while one of my faves, I hope the light doesnt shine on her like ChrisetteMichelle

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    its gone be hard for her not to show up, knowing the backlash she gone get as coach down in south carolina.

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    I get this. However, she has not even been asked by Trump yet. So running around hinting at an invite is not a good look IMO. Roy has said today if he is asked the answer is he will think about it (no)

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    Oh WOW... That heffa was something serious!!! #smh

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    I'm waiting for Stephen A Smith to be let go!??

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    She will find a way to blame black ppl for this.

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    When cooning backfires

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    now her white husband will leave her

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    When you're in the public eye you can't say stupid ish in public or on social media. Pretty sure there was a stipulation in her contract that was to that effect.

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    +1 he screams too much and I miss skip bayless ?

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    I hate the fact that ESPN sponsors the women's tournament but they hardly ever speak about them on the sports shows i.e. Mike and Mike
    They pissed me off when they interviewed South Carolina men's coach the day after the women won

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    Oh well. There's always FUBU! lol

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    She'll be ok. All them people over paid. She can live off her bank account.

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    So I guess this means that ESPN fired her black half. But the other half can stay?

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    Is this the hybrid that let a white man rub her hair for luck on live tv?

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    Didn't hear about this, hopefully she not pushing for the visit tho. if she is then whatever im not a sc fan anyways

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    Yeah had it been UCONN it woulda been on fox news too lol...but they barely had any coverage for UNC either. tony romo took up all the spots on Tuesday.

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    She can "identify" as anything she wants, but in the US of A one drop means you're Black. Perhaps she'll wake up now, but I doubt it.

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    She'll be covering "The Masters" Golf Tournament so yes.

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    So having too many opinions is a problem??

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    I asked if she was too opinionated? I don't watch Espn. Gathering info.

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    I heard her husband don't work. Is this true?

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    Yes she was. Very much so. I personally found her fake and obnoxious.

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  • Michelle


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    Oh ok. Thank you....makes sense now then.

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    Celebrating a black women losing her job because you don't agree with her opinions. When did we join in on the lynch mobs?

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    She a successful respectable black woman so all that name calling ain't even necessary. She did nothing to justify the vitriol she got really but a hit dog will holler every time. Yall mad at all the wrong people.

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    The sports network is bleeding cable subscribers due to its radical
    leftwing agenda that rubbed mostly conservative sports fans the wrong
    I left bcz the bill was too dxmn high!!!

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    Can I touch your hair??? Dude, touch your own hair. Mygoodness!


    Wow police pull people over and detain them for much less... Cry Me A River...

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