Greg Gianforte

The Democrats just lost another Congressional seat.

Republican Greg Gianforte easily won the special election in Montana despite body slamming a pesky reporter on the eve of the special election.

The incident was captured on audio by a Fox News reporter (click here to hear audio).

The scuffle ensued after a pesky reporter from UK's The Guardian newspaper ambushed Gianforte in his office to ask a question about Trump's healthcare plan. Gianforte calmly told the reporter to ask his press person. But the reporter persisted.

After sounds of a body crashing to the floor, Gianforte yells "I'm sick and tired of you guys! Get the hell out of here!"

CNN's Don Lemon and others in the leftwing news media immediately blamed President Donald Trump for causing the assault on the reporter.

President Trump has repeatedly called CNN and other liberal media outlets "fake news".

During a tense exchange with GOP political commentator Paris Dennard on May 24, Lemon argued that Trump was to blame for the assault because of his continued verbal attacks on CNN (click here to watch video).

Gianforte was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault due to no visible injuries on the reporter. He later apologized to the reporter after winning the election.

The special election was held in Montana to fill a Congressional seat vacated by a member of the Trump administration. Gianforte's opponent was a Democrat.

Photo by Janie Osborne/Getty Images

  • Elevated Soul

    Donna Lemon has completely lost what little mind he has.These Alt-left nuts are as nutty as they can be......

  • Diva4lyfe

    I tell you all of this is sad is all I got on this today

  • JV

    "CNN’s Don Lemon and others in the leftwing news media immediately blamed President Donald Trump for causing the assault on the reporter."

    (smashes head on keyboard)

    Anyway, I guess this is news, but is the win really that surprising? Montana -- traditionally a deep red state -- is a state that allows all voters to vote via mail, meaning that 7 in 10 Montanians had already cast their ballot before election day. Most people voted before Giantforte Undertaker'd the guy. Democrats should be happy that hippie/poet/folk singer dude got 40-43% of the vote.

  • fRAktal Reality


  • Wile E. Coli

    SWEET! He likely got more votes than he would have had he not taken down that little snowflake! Go!

  • Wile E. Coli

    Don Lemon is an airhead.

  • V Dubb

    That's long as he body slams that settlement.....Ole dumb bih

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    Don Lemon blames Trump. If this statement is true, for once Don got it right.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Whelp I hope that pesky reporter files a nice, pesky lawsuite...

  • JV

    I like how Don Lemon identifies as a conservative (except when he doesn't) but no one seems to like him.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Dudeman won the election - no surprise there considering what state he was running in....

  • Justlooknout

    "If you beat up a protester at Trump’s rally, he’ll cover your legal fees.After receiving a notice from his security that someone might be planning to throw tomatoes at him (again), Trump told his supporters to “knock the crap out of them … I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.” The crowd vociferously cheered him on"

    Trump on rally protester: ‘Maybe he should have been roughed up’

    TRUMP preached violence all through his campaign.

  • KitKat

    Republican party ain't shit......

  • Cheese eggs

    I guess that the "Moral majority" is a thing of the past

  • Sayitreal

    Charge that ass with assault

  • Roderick2011

    Gianforte lost the governor's race in November but I guess it's nice when you can buy a seat.

  • A D N

    Some people love mess and responding to mess with more mess...All of this is just messy lol.

  • Roderick2011

    So assaulting someone asking you a policy question is a good thing in your mind,huh??


  • Elevated Soul

    LOL!!...The snowflakes better recognize!

    Do you see how rude he is to (Paris Dennard) simply because that man has the nerve to be a supporter of President Trump!

    These Alt-Left fools are losing it....Poor fools are desperate to control the Seth Rich narrative....

    #Seth Conrad Rich!

  • SunRiseBlossom

    I like Don Lemons... that is all!!! Lol

  • LeeSeeCee

    Montana is a HUGE early voting state. He pulled his nutty at the exact right time to get away with it. His problem will be how he will proceed from this point forward now that his constituents and his local press have seen that he has a complete lack of control and will get psychically violent when answering basic policy questions and then proceeded to LIE regardless of what was actually reported.
    A bunch of these conservatives who are lining up with DT are finding it difficult to support a man who behaves like a petulant child. Hopefully, they will be voted out in the mid terms if folks actually show up at the polls.

  • goat

    Trump is to blame.

  • Lucy

    Guess that's why he has his own show.

  • Alicia.Ashe

    Ummm. You're an idiot so never mind.

  • JV

    That's true, and his ratings are good. I'd watch him get drunk on New Years again. But likeability =/= ratings in some cases.

  • dontgetblocked

    When will the liberals get it? America is tired of them and that's why President Trump was elected. Conservatives vote and that's why we run Congress and hold the presidency. It's not a small group of racist people supporting President Trump as the media would have you believe. The majority of the country supports the GOP and their policies. You can thank BO's weak presidency for that.

  • Lucy

    Its not because Paris Dennard is a black man, its because Paris Dennard is ignorant. Speaking of dwelling, you can stop with the crazy right wing conspiracies concerning Seth Rich. Hannity already made himself look like an idiot for entertaining that nonsense. Let this man RIP, per his family's request.

  • Ryan

    The absentee ballots were already in. I will say that I'm surprised Fox news released the audio. Then again they are big on sensationalism.

  • CCW47

    You said it best.

  • BacktolurkingIgo

    He told Paris a thing or two yet again.

  • BacktolurkingIgo

    Thanks to faux news reporters he will be giving his salary up for a lawsuit. I hope he wins.

  • Roderick2011

    Why is blaming Trump out of the question?

    Trump proved last year that thuggish behavior is rewarded and maybe you missed it yesterday when Trump pushed his way past the leader of Montenegro.

    Giantforte lost the governor's race by 4 points last year while Trump won the state by 4 points so he wasn't unbeatable.

    Of course the GOP stole Quist's medical records and let everyone know that he had herpes.

    Instead of staying with the issues Republicans got after the personal attacks

  • Genia W-m

    Someone posted on another site that those people actually voted for him before the scuffle. What a jerk!

  • Genia W-m

    That's a lie. The majority of the country DOES NOT support the GOP. Both parties are run amok and I have no faith in either one of them. Trump won for two reasons and two reasons only, the economy and campaign lies of promises. Although Obama kept saying it was great, it wasn't 100%. It did improve under his watch but they also did some imaginary things with the jobless #s too.
    Americans have no patience and want everything yesterday. Look at all the coal miners who voted for Trump when coal was considered inefficient years ago. However, they wanted their jobs back and Trump promised that. He's now going to override the EPA to try and bring back an inefficient fossil fuel. That shows the state of mind this country is in. 1) Who votes for someone solely based on his career? If a person is desperate and that's the only career he has he's going to go for it. I saw a Black coal miner's wife saying she supported Trump because that's what he promised. 2) Who votes for someone with his racist, sexist track record?
    Many of the people who voted for Trump haven't followed him. They knew nothing about the man but what he was lying about. I've followed Trump for years and he has not changed his spots. I knew he wouldn't.
    Straight party ticket voters are the ones you're talking about. The poor, racist White people in the Appalachians who would vote for the GOP any time even though they don't have any teeth or healthcare. Or the Black conservatives who've had terrible childhood experiences that embittered them to the GOP like Allan West or Clarence Thomas. Or the Bobby Jindals or Nikki Haley's who gave up their cultural identities to join the GOP. To hear Jindal's family tell it they were not allowed to wear anything that looked like they were from India during his inauguration. Never mind their physical appearance. Never mind that his real name was Piyush.
    As far as 'liberals', which I hate that term, folks are tired of Democrats spending like there's no tomorrow yet their communities haven't improved. I really liked some of the ideas Bernie Sanders had but he wanted to give away everything in the store for free. Life doesn't work that way. Everything is not FREE!!! We must offer access to education and teaching people about financial literacy and survival.

  • Wile E. Coli

    So why was he killed? No burglary. Execution-style murder. Wikileaks claims they were in contact with him. But you must have some information that no one else has. We need people like you. Thank you so much

  • Wile E. Coli

    When in the last 20 years has Don Lemon identified as a conservative? I can almost not believe that you posted that.

  • Elevated Soul

    These zombies are too basic in the head. You can't even make up this brand of stupid.It's amazing how they NEVER have facts but seem desperate for people to take their spoon-fed opinions as fact....

    Now you know they have been brainwashed by Fake News to believe Wikileaks, is not a good source.They won't question why, but smart "thinking people" know Fake News discredit Wikileaks because they have exposed many of their secrets.....

    They are actually DUMB ENOUGH to believe the family don't want their family member death solved.Seth Rich was alive when he was taken to the hospital. Suddenly orders were given to staff that no one could enter the room where Seth was except for DNC officials. There is no telling what those DNC goons did to him...

    I believe all of these scandals lead back to Obama...

  • Elevated Soul

    Liberals lie as easily as they breathe....


    Well hopefully he will be tough with his solutions because America has huge domestic problems!


    They will keep on with their lies or turning a blind eye to the state of the country. Blaming everything on trump to keep the focus off all the crap they haven't done.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    To no one and yet he still has a job!
    It is baffling to say the least. He must be coasting on that "G" card.

  • JV

    Check out this video with Glenn Beck.
    He's said some things that have been all over the map, regardless of what he claims. It's certainly been insinuated by people other than myself.

  • Wile E. Coli

    Lemon is a gay, liberal nitwit.