If you're a Beyonce fan who lives in the New York area, you'll be happy to know that her wax figure is back on display at Madame Tussauds wax museum. It isn't clear why Beyonce's "BeyHive" were so upset in the first place.

Bey's wolfishly loyal fans took to to complain loudly about the wax dummy. Some of them argued that the dummy looked "different". Others said the difference may have been due to the lighting.

But visitors to the museum see nothing wrong with the dummy.

The wax figure was briefly removed from display after the furious backlash on social media. The newly updated dummy will be on display until September according to a tweet from the museum's spokesperson.

In the past, Beyonce's fans have complained about all of her wax figures at various Madame Tussauds Museums around the country. They complained that the wax figures look nothing like Beyonce.

They should blame Beyonce for spending so much money on plastic surgery and wigs. How is Madame Tussauds supposed to keep up with her new looks?

  • Keisha Hannah

    I mean this dont even kinda look like her.

  • Oxtailsngreens

    Looks more like Mariah than Beyonce.


    This dummy I mean wax figure looks more like a Latino or a wannabe Brittany Spears pop start more then Beyonce but hey I really don't care I just came in here to read and see the bey-hive peeps cut up over their idol Beyonce!

  • McKay

    I was going to type same thing. I love my oxtail, but with rice and peas.

  • Sarah7

    That statue looks like Shakira..Madame Tussaud is a beautiful liar.

  • BeUtFullSoul

    I thought this was Brittany does NOT look like Bey to me. ijs

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    ROFL at the end of the write up... ???

  • ER

    Now I'm not a stan but you know damn well that looks nothing like Beyoncé!! Mariah Carey or Britney Spears but Bey no ma'am no way at all!

  • jeniefrumdabloc™

    Sorry but I don't give a damn about some wax that can be melted... ?

    gn folks

  • Chicagowise

    Are you sure that's not Mariah Carey, prior to the boob-job?

  • GuestSTAR

    Was at Madame Tussauds at Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco a couple weeks ago and her wax figure closely resembled her, looked nothing like this. In fact, former President Obama and Serena's closely resembled them as well.

  • dontgetblocked

    It looks like the Becky she stays trying to look like.

  • Nessa

    It looks nothing like Beyoncé. No negro features what so ever!!

  • ~~eb

    I am not a Beyawnce fan, but that looks NOTHING like her.

  • bemetoo

    that aint no damn beyonce that is rita ora

  • Harley

    Girl Bye ! You know this looks nothing like Bey or a black woman for that matter. Entertainers wear costumes and wigs boo! She aint no different

  • VanillaCaramel2shotsExpresso

    I'm not a Beyoncé fan(atic) and although the putfitznd wig do remind me of Beyoncé , the wax figure barely looks like her. There is a resemblance but it also looks a bit like Lindsey Lohan , Brittney Spears and Beyoncé all mixed into one from a distance . I zoomed in and it's worse ! Usually Madam T does better on their wax figures.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    sooooooooooooo that's not Mariah in her skinny days?

  • mzwhang90210
  • mzwhang90210
  • Chassidy Jackson

    That is not Sasha Fierce, that is Susan Fierce?

  • Dahl

    I love it, and the shade is real. They made her the white woman she usually portrays *shrugs*

  • mzwhang90210

    I don't get the "she's trynna be white" vibe from Beyonce. I really don't. And I'm not a stan by any means. I think she just uses whatever to highlight her (natural) beauty.
    But I think she's a proud AA woman.

  • Jenny Monroe

    Oh stop got beyonce mixed up with lik kim...put yo petty on ice smh

  • Ni Ni

    Beyonce and repetitive use of the word dummy ???.

  • Becky

    That doesn't look like Beyoncé.

  • Kanyade

    They couldn't even get the lacefront on this one, right. It has no volume.

  • xenaD

    I love Sandra so much!! ?????

  • Quitedeliteful

    How is Madame Tussauds supposed to keep up with her new looks? -- LOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!

  • Quitedeliteful

    They need to get a new artist or wax figure maker because whoever did this is blind as a bat...

  • xenaD

    But that does not look like nowhere near beyonce!! At all.

  • Karen Brady

    But meanwhile Kylie Jenner's looks just like her cuz they both plastic. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's my it's almost time to clock out laugh. Seriously though, this is not Mrs. Carter.

  • Karen Brady

    I agree... i works nicely for her. She wars it well.

  • Karen Brady


  • Karen Brady

    Now this would make more sense

  • Platoon

    They're all fooling us. They majority them are trannies (MTF and FTM). I used to shun these kind of statements until I looked into it myself.

    Look at basic male and female anatomy.

    Bey, Jlo, Kardashians, Jenners, Joseline, Kevin's mistress, and more are trannies.

    Blu, north, Penelope, are boys.

    Twisted industry

  • TheOwley

    The people that made it got the vibe from Beyonce herself so don't blame them. It's probably back on display after Bea told them to leave it as is.

  • MsPam

    I'm sure Beyoncé likes it with her Creole and Alabama self!??????

  • Nita

    Looks more like Mariah Carey to me

  • ZRoJoTheLezBeyond

    This looks more like Shakira, not like Beyonce. Probably trying to morph them into one person in this wax figure...

  • minkyfinky

    I thought it was Brittany Spears!

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    I said the same thing!

  • Sid

    Who dat white lady is daddy????

  • Tawaii

    TMZ just posted the updated one. It is a bit more tanned.

  • Lisa daniels

    Chile, it does look like a white woman

  • Lisa daniels

    You know she did. She called said she loved it.

  • PlayerP

    It's not the just the coloring to me...the features look nothing like her. I don't get it.

  • Lisa daniels

    She said that she was Creole.

  • Lisa daniels

    No Jackson 5 nostrils

  • PlayerP

    Sad but true.

  • Anunnaki

    Its Wax.......smh

  • Harley

    And that is a mix of black and french. She is a black woman. I have family from Louisiana as well that are creole just fair skin..nonetheless African ancestry

  • Lady_Elle

    That does NOT look like Bey!
    That looks like a white woman!
    Skin color & hair color all off!!!

  • Lisa daniels

    There are white people are Creole too not just blacks in fact there any version of Creole and a lot of Creole blacks deny being black. I am not say she does but a lot do.

  • Lady Elle

    Britney Spears, not Beyonce.

  • Lady Elle

    Me too...????

  • Bam Bam Li

    ????? Suszie Fierce

  • Bam Bam Li

    Dat be Becky with the long hair ?? doesn't look anything like her

  • Oxtailsngreens

    Rice and pigeon peas!!!

  • Oxtailsngreens


  • 19awesomegrl97


  • Queen B

    That looks like Mariah Carey

  • stav

    If they can get Kim and Kylie accurate, and they have at least 4 million worth of surgery between the 2 of them, they can surely get Beyonce right. Looks like they put in no effort at all!

  • FallenOne

    Looks nothing like her

  • starbright9449

    Where's Beyonce's hips? This was figure looks awful. Kylie's is spot on but then again she is entirely fake lik her figure.

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    This looks like a skinty Mariah Carey?

    No stan, but Bey is way better bodied. This thing look pre-rexic... feed it!??????????

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


  • Itzgoingdown


  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    Right, but even Shakira non-lying hips are more pronounced than that, smh ...this the yt drag version of Bey, Lol!

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!


  • Ms.Devereaux

    They must have got Bey pictures mixed up with a tbt picture of Brittany Spears

  • Chaseboogie The Prince

    They are mad because the wax figure doesn't look like their idol.


    it's britney, b**** ?

  • OriginalGuestest

    "non lying hips" ??

  • OriginalGuestest


  • ReadingIsFundamental4Real

    Who dat white woman Harpo?

  • Missy

    Looks like Kimbella.?

  • hopeless?

    Looks nothing like her.

  • Lovely1

    Only thing they got right is that neck.

  • Enoughsaid2020

    This looks nothing like Beyonce, and they need to take it down. She looks like tghe Becky, down the street from me. LOL!

  • pure_rachet


  • kekeb

    The commenter who said this was figure looks like Kimbell was right!! Doesn't look like Beyonce in this picture

  • mzwhang90210
  • MistaO

    That looks more like an off brand Brittany Spears than Beyonce..

  • MythCalledLove

    Why do I feel Sandra just cracks up writing dummy? *laughing* saying "Should I use dummy again? I mean just one might slip by them..Hmm? Nah let me go drink me some tea and relax"

  • Jussjess25

    The newely updated dummy" aunties shade is unmatched ????. I believe beyonce is such a weirdo that she pays these people to make her look completely different. ?

  • Jen_no_juice

    I was thinking the same thing

  • the guest

    This wax figure of Beyoncé is no mishap or accident.

    Somebody at Madame Toussauds is facetious.

    Clearly this is a mockery of Beyoncé whitening her appearance.

    White folks are amused, not impressed, when black folks try to look like them. If you think about it, Beyoncé wears a full length blonde weave, why? She was talented and beautiful without it but she was not as famous or wealthy.

    This wax figure caused outrage because Madame Toussaud was making statements that although true they have no right making.

  • EntrepreneurialSpirit

    I don't understand what all the fuss is about. She works overtime rocking European standards of
    beauty and appealing to the masses. Until her husband pisses her off then she's all fuzzy cornrows and Texas drawl ?

  • lilred1

    What in the ytwashing hell...

  • ArDnAhC45

    Lies...that's Mariah Carey.

  • ShadesofEMPRESS


  • Renee26

    Ok! They recycled the mannequin ??

  • Renee26

    Or Jessica Simpson

  • Shira Harding-James

    My gosh it does look like Kimbella!

  • lQueenNefertiti

    That ish don't look like her.. that's a total slap in the face.. no matter how many blond wigs she wear she still will never be caucasian.

  • kennedy campbell

    you're probably right. but i see so many of the others that look like the person the was is modeled after

  • Yen Chantress

    Beyoncé will order it removed, if she is not okay with the rendering. If she is not back-lashing about it, then anyone else having a fit is just self-centered and zealous for no reason.

  • Justlooknout

    Harpo dis white gul.

  • Waya Hedia

    The wax is smarter than the real thing.

  • imasaneperson

    It doesn't look like Beyonce that's got to be why the BeyHive was upset. It looks kinda like country singer Carrie Underwoods face with Beyonce's hairstyle and body.

  • Sorry_Not_Sorry

    Exactly people forget how she photoshops her thighs and figure to look smaller on Instagram. She's been wearing blonde white version lace fronts forever

  • Brianna

    Everyone else who has a figure has their measurements taken and so on to get it as life like as possible. Apparently Beyonce didn't want to do that so this is what she got. She expected them to just "figure it out b/c I'm Beyonce. Whatever.

  • monique

    I thought it was Shakira.

  • Goodii2Shoes

    Looks as fake as b... *applause* (nicole kidman applause)

  • chris

    She said she rather be hispanic tho

  • Mrs. ??????????

    That looks nothing like Beyoncé.

  • Dora LaBelle

    Those are definitely the standard mannequin legs. Beyoncé's legs are not shaped like that!

  • Nancy Drew-Natural & Luv’n It!

    Who told you I had crab ? legs last night?!


    Her wax figure looks like the white chicks that chase around sports and Entertainers that use a ton of bronzer.... Why does her wax figure look like a white girl trying to look black.

  • Karen Brady

    break it down!!!! I love it, so true!!

  • TheWildChild

    Exactly ? Her stans should be upset that it looks nothing like her.?

  • SingleGalCrazyWorld

    They can do Kylie & Jason Derulo to perfection but cant get Bey right...where is the Aaliyah wax figure...

  • Monti Barz

    who ever wrote this story should retire. You know damn well that dont look like that women.. talking about we dont know why the beyhive so upset...

  • ShWa

    Sandra bye, u know doggone well that does not look like Beyoncé, stop being a hater....

  • SunRiseBlossom

    Who is that?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #LookingSideWays

  • Harley

    The commenter stated it as if she denied her black side which she NEVER has....

  • Lisa daniels

    Meh. Kanye shrug.


    ? ? ?

  • toni walker

    The blonde hair and skin tone matches Beyonce. And the sports and entertainment men chase the white chicks also!

  • toni walker

    Black girls can be Becky!

  • toni walker

    Hair color is spot on Beyonce sometimes does white girl blonde!

  • toni walker

    It's Creole mixed with Negro and Spanish not white!

  • toni walker

    Beyonce is Creole that is French and Spanish mix!


    Lol The wax figure looks like the white chicks with a black boyfriend. Awful Beyoncé rendition.

  • Enoughsaid2020

    Not the Becky down the street from me. LOL!