She is special!!! And in her words ...... "I'm all the way here for it!" #40for40 ????

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Gospel singer Michelle Williams finally found a man to put a ring on it. Michelle's fiancé, Chad Johnson declared his love for the Destiny's Child background singer on on Sunday.

Michelle's fiancé is a man of the cloth who ministers to the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team and the LA Dodgers baseball team.

"She is special!!! And in her words ...... "I'm all the way here for it! #40for40," he wrote in the caption of a photo of the two of them on his 40th birthday.

"Unexpected, Unannounced, Unbelievable. #HIM" Michelle wrote in the caption of a photo taken by her man.

Her fans were happy for her. The 36-year-old spinster has a history of failed relationships with men.

"Love it let go Chelle I love it @michellewilliams treat her right @chadjohnson77," an IG user wrote in the comments. Another user wrote: "He seems so sweet and nice! Loving this! Michelle won!"

Very few fans mentioned Chad's race -- as if that matters in this day and age.

Unexpected, Unannounced, Unbelievable. #HIM ? ---- ?: @lizettetrent

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  • n1kk1a

    Yay for Michelle! She's still corny though! ?

  • Kim’s Original Face

    she deserves happiness...happy for her!

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Because love and respect is not about race!!!

  • ShelbyMoore

    Oh that's why she's been dressing better and doing all them Glamour Shot pics. Congrats on the new penus, Michelle.

  • Mbailey

    RACE and dack matters to you, Auntie. It matters to you.

  • Jen_no_juice

    Congrats and chit! Hope it last

  • Lady Chatterley’s Lover

    Well IMO this Chad fellow looks like a g0ood candidate for the one drop rule.

  • PLEASEDontTellMe

    You're not just shady, you're an entire eclipse LMAO


    Lunar at that!!!!


    Congrats girl!!!

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    Good for her...when BOTH parties are on board love is a beautiful thing!
    Wish someone would tell Robyn of RHOP that.

  • KeenReady.COM ?


  • SunnyChi

    Lol Robyn is pitiful and she can't be saved. Smh

  • Intellectual by Nature!

    Good for her. She waited on God, it seems, and met her suitable helpmate. I pray foe their success.

  • Faithz

    Good for her, and Michelle Preachers are
    not Always Saints, Just saying.

  • Evillene

    LMAO. Chiiile...y'all just gotta pray for your sister Robyn. God can do it.

  • Karen Brady

    "Destiny’s Child background singer". Smh Ms. Rose. Smh.

  • interestingconcept1

    If you don't give Michelle SOME credit Sandra. She is/was legit!!

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    She was not a background singer.
    You must be in a mood.

  • Skin Deep Beauty

    Race is a NMF!!

  • TheWildChild

    Hope she's happy and not just settling. ? Dude seems a little hyper, glad he's not looking for a come up. Love the body language they are giving. ?

  • toni walker

    Tell that to the annoying Black Lives Matter people who make everything about race!

  • Lisa daniels

    How do you be a spinister at 36? And what does that make you, Sandra?

  • Lovely1

    I love it... Love it, love it, love it.

  • Oxtailsngreens

    Ooh the shade! She is not just a background singer.....Congrats to Michelle and her man.

  • Vegas1989

    You saw that too...I busted out laughing. I had to put on my sunglasses to finish reading this so call article....LOL...Too much shade....

  • Miany

    Congrats to her!

  • Petty Rubble

    Yay Michelle!

  • Cici

    I'm very happy for her. Congrats!!!

  • Liah

    Congrats Michelle!

  • Coco

    I think what's more annoying is this thing of calling random black people, black lives matter.

  • Kanyade

    congrats to her :)

  • SummerBaby

    So he's the reason why Michelle been stepping up her fashion game. Congratulations!!

  • Staci Elle

    Is he not Black? I thought he was light skinned

  • I Run New York


  • ShadesofEMPRESS

    Haters in the background. LOL


  • Tena

    Congrats to Michelle!

  • bemetoo

    ooohhh POOR MICHELLE..

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    Keep your business off of social media celebs!! Congratulations!!

  • dontgetblocked

    It was a struggle but she finally got one. No time for a long engagement. She needs to run to the nearest Justice of Peace and lock him down so she can be pregnant by this time next month. Move fast Michelle. Move fast before he changes his mind.

  • dontgetblocked

    I didn't realize he was white. I have to say he is very cute. Good job Michelle. Good work, girl.

  • Rahab

    When Jesus says Yes, nobody can say No!

  • Dr.Rue

    Chad is fine!! gooo head Jesus says yes

  • Dr.Rue


  • Dr.Rue

    I take that back, he's not. Lol but he looks fione in the pic. ....went to the instagram.

  • ?Learning 2 Love Me?

    You mean "Mr. Rose."?

  • Allihave2say

    Did I miss the ring viewing?

  • MistaO

    Unless it's a Black man and with whom he is with, right?!.....

  • divainkpen

    They are giving me the McClure family. You tube couple with the cutest twins and one on the way.

  • Oretta Grace Smith

    Even more beautiful for a Black man, if he is happy!!! I can only speak for myself. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Yetunde

    This is not the first time she has dated outside of her race, she just likes a man who is a Christian. There were rumours about 10 years ago of her dating Tim Vincent. He was a British TV presenter and actor and quite popular in the 90s.

  • kennedy campbell

    lol background singer. i've always thought she had a better live voice than kelly. she doesn't sound as nervous when performing live. congrats to her!

  • Bossy704

    Beautiful Couple and she has a lovely figure!

  • Quitedeliteful

    Good for her!!! Looking at the picture I just assumed he was black. Seems to have a lot of swagger. I'm happy for her...

  • BeUtFullSoul

    congrat"U"lations Chelle!I'm so happy for the both of you. #Blessings

  • JewelThompson

    "Spinster"? Not nice.

  • SandraRose

    The definition of spinster is "unmarried woman".

  • Dahl

    I did the exact same ??

  • JewelThompson

    Yes, in a negative context - an old unmarried woman or one considered past her prime.

  • JewelThompson

    Right. An unmarried woman with the connotation that she is past her prime. The sentiments are not positive or celebratory.

  • Brazen Beauty

    I am so happy and elated to hear M. Williams is engaged. There will always be some negative comments, by negative people, but at least she waited on God to bless her with a man of God regardless of his race, creed or color. Its better to wait and be happy, than marry someone who will make your life miserable, and then you are left paying him spousal support,