Seth DeValve

Seth DeValve, who is married to a mixed race woman, became the first white NFL player to kneel during the pregame national anthem. The 2nd year tight end for the Cleveland Browns took a knee with his black teammates before Monday night’s preseason game against the New York Giants.

Nearly a dozen players on the Browns team kneeled down during the pregame anthem while their teammates put their arms around them.

DeValve joined the protests one week after Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett challenged white players to join their black teammates in protesting the national anthem.

In a statement to reporters after the game, DeValve explained why he joined the protest.

I love our national anthem. I’m very grateful to the men and women who have given their lives and give a lot every day to protect this country and to serve this country,” he said.

The Princeton graduate married Erica Harris in June 2017. He said he hopes their future children grow up in a better world.

“I wanted to support my African-American teammates today who wanted to take a knee. We wanted to draw attention to the fact that there are things in this country that still need to change. I, myself, will be raising children that don’t look like me and I want to do my part as well to do everything I can to raise them in a better environment than we have right now.”

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick was blacklisted for taking a knee during last season’s pregame anthem. Many believe Kaepernick’s protests were self-serving — as evidenced by the fact that he promised not to protest this season if a team signed him.

The NAACP, Black Caucus and other organizations have threatened to boycott the 2017-18 NFL season if Kaepernick is not signed.

Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images


    His wife doesn’t looked mixed to me but if u say so, she’s pretty and good for him. Standing along I mean kneeling with his team mates for the cause

  • Dr. P

    Awesome. Who cares if his wife is mixed, does tricks, or flips? I’m glad someone other than “us” are kneeling.

  • BeUtFullSoul

    So NOW that “they” are taking a knee during the anthem, What CHANGES?, will KAEPERNICK be back on some teams Roster, or is this just another STORY for the news?


    Is she mixed tho? ??

  • JV

    “Many believe Kaepernick’s protests were self-serving”

    I’ve never seen good evidence for this.

  • Blaque Mahogany

    Ummmm. Good for him. Congratulations? I am not exactly sure what my response should be. Should we commend someone for standing up for basic human rights? Idk.Particularly someone that has or plans to have biracial children? Idk.

  • TheOwley

    Mixed race people will look like one or the other parent or a mix of the two. Obama does not look like his mother yet he’s mixed race, not fully black genetically.

  • ?Royalty?

    Mixed can look like a variety of things, and I know some mixed people who look like ethnicity’s that have nothing to do with their actual bloodline but………… I’m glad someone other than “us” desires to see things made right.

  • You Could Never

    Seth DeValve

  • Me 215


  • Roderick2011


    He may have sacrificed his career by standing up for what he believed.

    We shall see.

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    Me neither. He took a huge risk financially and career-wise by protesting. His money and his career would have been “safer” if he had just kept quiet, but he chose not to. That takes courage.

  • Roderick2011

    Change is rarely instantaneous and it’s not always visible.

  • sunni_daze


  • Roderick2011

    True. I would have never guessed that President Obama was mixed race and his mom was milky white from Kansas no less.

    Ha, ha,ha!!!!

  • On the radar….

    Sandra you praising a white man for doing the same thing a black man did?!?

  • You Could Never

    they might not make it such a big deal as to who stands who takes a knee.

    they may eradicate the national anthem all together and just roll on out with America The Beautiful

    Kap might get a gig.

    (possible changes)

  • Kim’s Original Face

    Yes Seth!

  • Malcom Flex

    He married a beautiful sista.

  • dontgetblocked

    What are they protesting? America is the best country in the world. Is there racism? Yes. But with hard work and/or an education, this is the land of the milk and honey. Quit protesting and starting helping by donating money and time to those less fortunate. Disrespecting the national anthem is the easy way out and it’s STUPID!

  • tintin

    His parents must be pissed

  • tintin

    Sandra don’t like black ppl

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    There are other races that stand with us. You just wont see it on Fox or NBC..

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    The Browns finally win at something! Glad to see the movement in Cleveland. Ohio is one of thee most racist states in America, so for him to take a stance on this issue, he has my vote.

  • Lisa daniels

    They probably calling his wife all kinds of n words.?

  • JV

    I knew someone would make a Browns joke! There are racists everywhere you go, and other types of bad people everywhere you go, but personally I feel like Cleveland’s a good city in a lot of ways. Well, some ways. Then again, I just got done arguing with pro-Chief Wahoo person ..

  • stav

    What races is she mixed with? She looks good and black to me!

  • Wreckognize Game

    They should have listened to Ray Charles and changed the National Anthem to America, the beautiful. But they can’t get past God shed his grace on thee

  • Ain’t Misbehavin

    I did too, so I figured it might as well come from someone homegrown. Cleveland showed their “true” colors when Bron left, starting with Dan Gilbert. If that’s not good enough for you, how about when Albert Bell left the Indians to go to the White Sox for more money and when they played the Indians they threw fake money onto the field, but Jim Thome did the same thing no one said shht. Miss me with the the honky dorey “Cleveland is a good city” crap. Spare me the fairytales…. I KNOW about it!

  • the conscious one

    I’m more thankful for all the brothers that took a knee, who cares about him? This story is a distraction, mainstream media is always scheming.

  • JV

    That’s true, Thome left for Philly and people were pissed but that was it. Albert Belle I remember all too well as well, but he was a very divisive person himself, and this is when baseball just got into the big money era. The Gilbert letter, the fans reaction to LeBron.. yeah, that was all horrific, embarrassing, lots of ugliness.

  • Soda
  • Lorenzo Chaps

    Mixed Race. I think we do need to get to a point of referring to mixed people as mixed. You’re not black.

  • dontgetblocked

    That might be a stretch.

  • dontgetblocked

    I see what you’re saying but you need to spend some time down South. A week in rural Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, etc and you’ll learn what true overt racism is.

  • Evillene


  • TheOwley

    That’s OK. Still mixed race. Unfortunately the human race is stuck on skin color, the main distinction we see here.

  • PrettyBrown28

    It’s ok to say Black woman Sandra.

  • Disqus_year4016

    She look black. Them black genes strong.

  • On the radar….

    Sure seems that way. I mean, damn!

  • Noirluv45

    According to other sites, they list her as African-American.

  • starbright9449

    Sandra said mixed race, she didn’t specify. Hypothetically, what if she’s mixed with black and indian? Most indians look black to me but aren’t considered black. I’m just saying not all mixed race black people will look ‘half not black’. I don’t think I worded this right lol.

  • Noirluv45

    Lol! I gotcha. Yeah, a lot of Indians look Black, but don’t call them that. Many are racist too. You’re right. Not all mixed race people look mixed. I’ve seen enough in my hometown (the home of mixed couples/mixed people) and it’s hard to tell sometimes. Many of them look “full” Black.

  • Ryan

    The Midwest and Boston have gotten bad over the years. They’re everywhere like roaches.

  • MRiGOThim

    She must got that good good lmao!!!

  • Noirluv45

    Yes they do. They always have an angle that causes distractions.

  • kekeb

    Man to see those men kneeling and bowing their heads makes me feel so proud. It appears they’re praying, which makes me all the more proud!! Hopefully this circle will grow

  • BacktolurkingIgo

    Good for them hope something comes of it for Cap. I’m bummed about Kyrie ??? was hoping Tristian took his talents elsewhere.

  • Ryan

    I want to shake the hands of all the dudes who kneeled. As for the black folks who talk out the side downing this, well, the house negroes didn’t want to rock the boat on the plantation either because they were too brainwashed and desperate for white approval that at the end of the day they acted like they weren’t slaves like everybody else.

  • SandraRose

    They list everything that isn’t white, Asian or Indian as African American.

  • Solstice

    We all can do our part to promote change. I’m glad they are able to use their platform to bring exposure to the racial disparities ??

  • the guest

    This is not a distraction, this is an appropriation.

    White people need for things to be their idea.

    There is momentum behind Colin and the pending NFL boycott has the NFL concerned. So the NFL has no choice but to give in eventually but they will take credit for the cause.

    They will say not only blacks took the knee and give the credit for this movement to white players.

    The white player here is sincere but he’s being used as a pawn without even knowing it.

    This white player’s face on this movement will give the NFL the out clause it needs from their bigoted stance against Colin and black activism.

    Appropriation is the most conniving and covert and manipulative form of racism.

  • morenYAHdelsur



    black folks love love love white saviors lol. he’ll be at the BET awards next yr..

  • Chicagowise

    It’s not about being a “white savior.” It’s about being a good man… black, white or other. He’s married to a “black” woman. If he’s going to talk the talk, he’d better walk the walk.

  • Noirluv45

    Sandra, where did you find out she was mixed?

  • tintin

    Look at this bullcrap. I’m watching this Trump rally here in Toronto and look at this fool

  • Blak

    Let’s hope no one signs Kapernick.

  • hottlanta

    You know some chick is somewhere proud and saying my boo is on television chile.

  • Noirluv45

    I wonder if these people get paid to display their ignorant selves.

  • hottlanta

    Is he also protesting the non-signing of the voting rights act for black people. Because even though he is married to AA woman and she is an American citizen she won’t be able to vote. It is gonna be interesting to see how much of the white side of interracial couples gonna go to bat for their black mates.

  • hottlanta

    Betta know it.

  • hottlanta

    If people hadn’t taken the time to protest change would never come. You sound like one of those people Malcolm X complained about. You know it is a problem at the bank but yet you do nor say
    nothing. You see people protesting and complain about them protesting. But when protesting make things better your behind is the first one in line living off the benefit of the same people you complained about protesting The anthem is disrespectful and Colin has a right of his freedom of speech..

  • Dowoop

    Happy for Kyrie, he didnt want to be there, I’m more bummed about Thomas. Those two would have made a hell of a team. Thompson is a big dummy, hope he trips and breaks something.

  • Wayup!

    Not only black.. Blue black.. Kinda freaky looking actually..
    I hear there is a Caste system that’s keeps the African looking Indians in there place.. Alledegedly there is sone sort of political race going on there.. Where one of the candidates state that they are going to work hard to remove the Caste system from that society.. But…. eh. Yeah..?

  • free

    well…this is true.

  • Kay J

    Why is this even a story?? #SoWhat

  • ShWa

    Did Kap really say that he would stop protesting if he gets re-signed??


    He was with his team mates does it matter what color the player is really? Mixed race. You might as well say black nobody considers biracial people white at all or even mixed unless they have zero black feature . Maybe when she gets to Octoroon status but even he said his kids are not going to look like him.

  • Ryan

    I saw this and to me he looked like a white dude in blackface.

  • Ryan

    So tired of trump and his fellow racist, xenophobic flunkies whining about the media. If you don’t like it change the channel because when you screw up, yes, people are gonna call you out on it. Damned snowflakes.

  • the guest

    People do recognize biracial and multiracial people as other than black but when biracial and multiracial people are recognized as other than black it is resented by black people.

    Mixed race people no matter what color their skin can identify as mixed race. The racist one drop rule created by slavemasters does not define anyone. No one should define themselves according to any rule created by slavemasters.

    Biracial people are just as white as they are black regardless of white people being territorial over white privilege and resenting that biracial and multiracial do have access to white privilege.

    America’s views on color and race are intriguing.

  • the guest

    I have compassion for Colin. I wonder how long can her survive without income. He needs to organize his movement into a non profit so he can secure grants and people can donate and he can be salaried for his activism. There’s no half stepping, Colin has evolved to the level of professional activist.

  • the guest

    Exactly. Too often white parents secretly despise black in laws.

  • the guest

    Spitting image. Especially as a man, looks just like his grandfather.

  • tintin

    hahahahaha. he really does , look at his hair

  • Lucy

    Not that it matters but she identifies as being black. He see’s her black and he see’s his children as black. When she gets pulled over the cops will see her as black.

  • Lucy

    He is worth millions. I’m sure he will survive.

  • WutizaGRANNY!

    I read comments about bi-racial this and multi-cultural that.. I have a serious hypothetical question. If tomorrow a race war broke out and the so called white Americans said we are all gathering together at the football stadium tonight…whites only… Do you truuuully think they will let the bi-racial or multi-racial in? Or will they call them a N word and send them back to us? WE ALL KNOW THIS ANSWER!
    Here is what… we are people of COLOR.. stop dividing us up into groups.. this what they use to destroy us! No matter HOW MUCH MELANIN IS IN YOUR SKIN YOU ARE AN UUUUUUSSS!!!

    Now… for those who say I refuse to choose which I identify me they choose for you..Just like this white guy said..HE HAS CHILDREN WHO DON’T LOOK LIKE ME. HE separated his own kids from himself without being aware of it.. did he say I have brown skin white kids?
    Ill wait on the dumb responses like “Im stupid” etc because you have nothing else to say that has any validity..

  • You Could Never

    DAMN! Thanks for this. I never damn KNEW

  • You Could Never


  • Nonya Bizness

    This is the only site saying she’s “mixed race”. Every other site is calling her African American. I find it more interesting they both attended and met at Princeton.

  • Noirluv45

    Black people don’t resent mixed race/multiracial people for not being labeled Black. You act as if we have some motive to gain by including them, but we don’t. I, and many other Blacks, consider mixed people mixed. Now, there are some who choose to consider themselves Black, and I respect that.

    What the OP was saying is that regardless of how they identify, they will, more than likely, NOT be seen as White, if they are, indeed, mixed with White. That’s a fact, like it or not.

  • Noirluv45

    Exactly. SR is the only site claiming she’s mixed. I don’t know if she is, and I don’t even care, ya know?

  • Noirluv45

    BTW, I have no idea why the racial make up of mixed race people and their identity is so important to Black people anyway. We have our own issues. My concern is for OUR Black children and how THEY identify and creating self-esteem in them. I don’t have a dog in the mixed race fight so how they identify isn’t important to me.

  • Noirluv45

    I know, huh! Yes, there is a big time caste system in India. The ones you are talking about are called the Untouchables. I was watching a show called, “Body Bizarre,” and one of the stories was about a little baby girl born with two faces. Her family were considered Untouchables. They wanted to get a priest to visit and pray for her (she was very ill), but the priest was not allowed to because they were Untouchables. The baby ended up dying. It’s a trip.

  • Noirluv45

    Unfortunately, that’s what happens to freedom fighters. It’s a risk to go against the grain.

  • Noirluv45

    I don’t understand why so many of us are dead set on how mixed people identify. It’s like we have to prove something. OK, someone is mixed race…how does that help Black people? That’s my concern. I feel if a person is mixed and they are fighting for Black folks, more power to em. They are on my team. That goes for anyone regardless of their ethnicity. I just don’t understand why it’s so important for Black folks on how they identify. Maybe you can enlighten me. I agree. The human race is stuck on color. My concern is for Black children and how THEY identify. They have so much going against them, ya know?


    Anybody can identify as anything they want to in todays society…


    Ohhhh everybody is racist that doesn’t agree with the Democratic party. You guys have not come up with anything new…. Get some vocabulary words besides stealing Sean Hannitys terms for winning millennials “Snowflakes”…. It is funny when liberetards talking points try to mirror Republicans thats when you know you dont have anything relevant to say… Get an original thought.

  • Karen Brady

    Well said!!

  • Karen Brady

    Allll of this.

  • Karen Brady

    Allll of this too.

  • Noirluv45

    Thank you.

  • Ryan

    There wasn’t a single original literate thought in your whole post. Thanks for proving my point, SNOWFLAKE.

  • Noirluv45

    Thank you!

  • Lisa daniels



    Oh go away your just a gknat… with nothing important to say… You will no longer get my attention. #no Gknats

  • Ryan
  • ThisIsWhat40LooksLike

    Reading these comments like ??

  • Ms.Vanilla

    Being biracial, I think I’ll bypass this convo because I’m tired of discussing it.

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920


  • Look@m3

    I was hoping Tristan left too…I would rather him that Kyrie!

  • datATLboi


  • Bee jaay Cee

    They do not have kids yet. He said his future kids.

  • TheOwley

    Two words: Human nature. If we all wake up tomorrow with the same tone hot magenta skin color but with purple spots, there would be battles between people over those spots with society dictating if having more or less of them is good or not. The skin color thing is as old as dirt and not just here, but worldwide. Korean and Japanese folks go to great lengths to make their already white looking skin whiter. The industry is booming over there. We can’t accept who we are and live and let live. Maybe in 2000 years those future humans will be better than us. In the end, the maggots don’t care who’s in the ground do they.

  • Noirluv45

    Yes, human nature and White supremacy. That’s to the later, people of many nations, as you outlined, battle over who is better than the next. White supremacy has everyone, who have it in their grasp, to think more highly of others based on who close to White they look. However, you didn’t really answer my question. Why should Black people be so up in arms over someone being mixed or not. It’s like people have a fetish about mixed people. We’ll go to battle for how they identify (actually, some Black folks go to battle for everyone) instead of focusing on how WE identify.

  • TheOwley

    It’s a complicated answer. As individuals we all have different experiences when it comes to race and it’s hard to get into the other’s shoes to grasp the essence of where they’ve been. Individual experiences and current situation will guide how one thinks about the issue of race. I personally believe that people of mixed race or cultures should be able to claim both cultures fully, but they are often not allowed to and they are made to make a choice. It’s not for any of us to negate the make up of people. But going back to my thesis that one’s individual experience is their own and it’s not for us to dictate how one sees things. You can read all sorts of books by black authors who can enlighten in how cultural factors and barriers, and internal and external racism, interfere all contribute in how we see race. Internal racism is a huge factor and mixed race people are often victims of it.

  • BacktolurkingIgo

    Yes ???

  • Soon2BWife

    Why would bi racial people be forced to deny their mixed heritage? I will never forget I am black but I am not denying who I am for anyone.

  • Noirluv45

    You’re right. Individual experiences form the way we think and our believes, and I too, believe mixed race people should be able to claim both, all or one. What I’m saying is, I don’t care. That’s their issue. Black people have enough issues to deal with other than how mixed race people identify. In fact, sometimes I think we fetishize mixed people, especially children. It’s a sickness. Why do I care? I don’t have mixed children or close family members, so, eh. I will say I have noticed that mixed race people with Black mothers tend to lean more to the Black side vs. those with White mothers. That’s just my experience. I’m not making a scientific proclamation. You mentioned that mixed race people are often victims, but let’s look at the flip side. Those who are mixed with White are often the beneficiaries of White privilege. They can used their mixed heritage as a benefit because they aren’t “fully Black.” The media loves using mixed race people in advertising, movies, TV shows, etc. They are all over the place. They benefit from not being “Black.” While I sympathize with the path many have to go through, let’s not act as if they can’t jump to the White or Black side when convenient.

    P.S. I am not talking about all of them. I think there are some mixed people who fully get the Black experience and they are victims of racism (e.g. Colin K). Many of them are more militant than so-called “fully Black” people.

  • WutizaGRANNY!

    Didn’t say YOU will be forced.. but they will force you to see that THEY don’t see any difference between the purple black or the almost white..around them you will be considered black..If you don’t KNOW that go to your nearest white person on the streets and say what color am money they will say black or African american the “Politically correct” will say your Black..but I can tell you have something else in you.. Im shocked about your naivety.. To boot..the very side you try to not “Be so much of” accepts you..white people will never

  • Soon2BWife

    I am surprised at your assumption that I am naive and at your insistence at not wanting grown people to identify how they see fit. You let me and the rest of the mixed race people deal with any backlash from what people see or infer. This is not your rodeo, problem or business. Just because I am bi-racial doesn’t mean I don’t identify as a black woman but I will always state what I am in totality. My mom is white so I am just supposed to ignore that? GOH! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!!